Bill Gates

Bill Gates darüber, wie KI in 5 Jahren den Alltag verändern wird

In a recent interview with CNN, technology pioneer Bill Gates weighed in on how artificial intelligence could change our lives in the next five years. This comes after the IMF report on how AI will disrupt jobs and cause inequality.

While some fear job losses, Gates believes history shows new technologies create new opportunities, as occurred during the agricultural revolution over 100 years ago.

Gates predicted AI would make everyone’s lives easier by helping with tasks like doctors’ paperwork, allowing them to spend more time on patient care. Since major hardware improvements aren’t needed, he said AI capabilities will be accessible via phones, PCs and existing Internet connections people already use.

Citing advances like ChatGPT-4’s reading and writing abilities, Gates explained AI could function as a “white collar worker” for tutoring, health advice, coding help, and customer support. He believes incorporating these technologies into sectors such as education and healthcare will have a “fantastic” impact.

As one of AI’s biggest proponents, Gates’ comments provide insight into how the technology may rapidly transform major aspects of work and daily life within the next half-decade through integration into existing digital systems and networks. Only time will tell if his vision of sweeping changes materializes.

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