Revisión del motor de crecimiento de blogs

Revisión del motor de crecimiento de blogs 2024 (opinión real de los estudiantes)

As someone who has invested in online courses to grow my blogging business, I understand the importance of evaluating courses (like Blog Growth Engine) carefully before purchasing. I’ve tried numerous courses over the years claiming to hold the secrets to success, not only in blogging but also in other types of online business.

I’ll tell you right now that many e-courses online by self-proclaimed “gurus’ promise results but deliver little value. In fact, they just want your money and won’t hesitate to sell you as much basic information as they can.

I have made the mistake of not researching a “guru” before buying their course by being enticed by the sales messages they have on their landing pages. But it helps to get the perspective of a real user to understand how useful the course can be.

For this Blog Growth Engine review, I aim to provide an unbiased perspective based on my experience as a real student in the course since 2022. You’ll discover insight into what the course teaches, the structure of the lessons, pricing, and most importantly whether it delivers real value based on applying what I learned.

Blog Growth Engine - How to Make Your First $10k Online Blog Growth Engine - How to Make Your First $10k Online


  • 51+ videos
  • Access to a private community of 3,500+ bloggers
  • Link exchange Slack community
  • Unlimited support
  • Lifetime access to the course and updates

Adam Enfroy Course Overview

What Is Blog Growth Engine?


Blog Growth Engine (BGE) is a comprehensive online blogging course created by successful blogger Adam Enfroy. The course, launched in 2021, provides a step-by-step blueprint for building a profitable blog from scratch.

It is organized into over 10 phases, with each phase focusing on a different aspect of blogging. Key topics covered include niche selection, content creation, SEO optimization, email list building, monetization strategies, and more. 

Within each phase are multiple in-depth video lessons breaking down the material. The videos combine teachings from Adam, another expert ColinShipp, and a couple of successful students. Accompanying the videos are detailed templates, worksheets, and checklists to help you implement what they’re learning.

In total, the course offers over 30 hours of high-quality video content. Students gain the knowledge to strategically plan, launch, promote, and monetize their own blog. Real-world case studies from Adam’s profitable blog are also shared.

Blog Growth Engine equips aspiring bloggers with a proven blueprint for long-term success. By following the step-by-step framework, you learn how to build sustainable traffic, grow an engaged audience, and generate multiple streams of online income from your blog.

Who Is Adam Enfroy?

Adam Enfroy

Adam is a digital entrepreneur who found success through blogging and online courses. Starting in 2019, he launched his blog,, focused on software tools. Through diligent work and experimentation, Adam grew it into a major online publication in that niche.

Along the way, he discovered valuable lessons about content creation, promotion strategies, and monetization tactics. Eager to help others, Adam began sharing his blogging tips and tricks on his blog and newsletters. His channel took off as viewers appreciated his practical, no-nonsense advice.

Adam then decided to organize all he had learned into formal online courses. His flagship program, Blog Growth Engine, teaches aspiring bloggers how to plan, build, and scale their own profitable sites. It’s helped thousands of students achieve their blogging dreams.

In addition to blogging, Adam now runs successful YouTube and online course businesses as well. But at his core, he’s still passionate about helping people start and grow successful online ventures. His goal is to pass on the strategies that worked for him, to empower others to achieve financial freedom through digital entrepreneurship.

Why Should You Listen to Adam Enfroy?

As of the time of this writing, here are some of his achievements:

  • Build a blog that was attracting over 500k monthly visitors by 2020
  • Made over $800k from his blog in the same year of 2020
  • Boosted his domain authority (DA) to 79
  • Spent 0 on advertising his content
  • Grew a YouTube Channel to more than 170k subscribers in 2 years
  • BGE has over 3,500 happy and satisfied students enrolled

Who Is Blog Growth Engine for?

Blog Growth Engine is ideal for aspiring bloggers who are ready to take their sites to the next level. Some people who would benefit greatly from the course include:

  • Beginners just starting their first blog. The step-by-step system walks you through everything from choosing a niche to launching your site.
  • Bloggers with an existing site but struggling to get consistent traffic or sales. The content creation, promotion, and monetization strategies can supercharge your numbers.
  • Digital entrepreneurs who are interested in building a blog as a business or additional revenue stream. The course teaches you how to approach blogging as a serious money-making venture.
  • Anyone who learns better from video tutorials than ebooks or written guides. With over 30 hours of in-depth video lessons, your questions are likely addressed.
  • Busy professionals who want a proven roadmap they can follow without reinventing the wheel. The templates and checklists take the guesswork out of blogging.
  • People who thrive with community support. The private Facebook group allows you to connect with fellow students and get feedback.

So in short, Blog Growth Engine is perfect for motivated individuals seeking comprehensive blogging education from award-winning digital entrepreneurs. The step-by-step approach makes it suitable for all experience levels.

Blog Growth Engine Course in Details

BGE Course Curriculum

Phase 1: Your Niche


  • Niche selection
  • Brand building
  • Choosing a domain name

This is the first phase of the course and it teaches you all about niche selection. The first video, “1999 niche selection,” talks about outdated methods of picking your blog theme, aka niche sites, and what you need to do in this day and age.

Also in this phase, you learn how to build your brand. Adam doesn’t teach you which niche you need to select, but rather how you can scale your online influence and make money with what you decide to blog about.

Phase 2: Your Mindset


  • Beating imposter syndrome
  • Blogging pitfalls when starting out
  • Mindset shifts
  • Picking your blogging timeline

The second phase starts by covering imposter syndrome, which is the inability to believe in one’s abilities. You’ll also learn some of the pitfalls you’ll likely encounter while starting an online business because you won’t always be sure about everything but rather learn to adapt.

There’s a video that talks about changing your mindset, which is something important if you ever want to see any success. Lastly, you also learn about choosing a blog timeline, which is almost similar to goalsetting but now for your blog (such as how much time you’ll put in and how soon you need to see results).

Phase 3: Blogging Like a Startup


  • Having the right mentality
  • The history of blogging and how it’s different today
  • Flexibility in blogging
  • How to blog like a business

The whole point of this phase is to provide you with information on the right approach to blogging, which is blogging like a startup. You’ll learn why and how to treat your blog like a business, something crucial for success today.

There’s a video about how blogging looked like in the past. Simply put, it was easier to rank then than now, and Adam Enfroy provides insights on the matter.

You’ll discover what big brands do to survive harsh market changes. In this case, it means the changes that occur in the blogging world which you can’t control but rather tweak your approach to overcome (such as Google’s algorithms).

Phase 4: Decoding Search Intent


  • What search intent is and how to utilize it in blogging
  • Why search intent matters in the 2020s
  • Real examples of search intent

The truth is that you can write about anything you want. But Adam will teach you why you shouldn’t just write about anything if you want to make money from your blog.

In this phase, you’ll gather details on what search intent is and how to use it in blogging to ensure you get traffic.

There are also examples of how other blogs have utilized this intent in their content. Adam also shows you how these sites pick the right keywords and monetize the intent.

Phase 5: Minimum Viable Website


  • The tools you need to start a minimum viable website
  • How to design your site without help
  • The pages you must have on your site
  • Installing WordPress and setting up Google analytic tools
  • Tutorial of the Kadence theme for blogging
  • How to structure your WordPress post

Minimum Viable Website focuses on providing users with the basic tools and knowledge needed to launch a simple yet functional website. The phase introduces the minimum set of tools required to build a basic website such as hosting, a domain name, and a content management system like WordPress.

Guidance is provided on how to design the look and feel of the site without needing design expertise. Basic templates, themes, and page layouts are discussed.

What’s more, you get instructions specifying the essential pages that must be included to have a working site, such as your homepage.

You’ll also learn how to set up Google Analytics tools which help to track performance, a demo of using Kadence (a leading blog theme and builder), and recommendations for formatting your posts.

Phase 6: Keyword Monetization


  • Doing keyword research
  • Choosing highly monetizable keywords
  • How to analyze competitors and find keyword ideas
  • Transactional vs informational keywords
  • Planning your first keywords

Keyword research is one of the most important aspects of blogging. Unless money isn’t part of the goal, you can’t write blindly about anything.

Adam and Colin, in this phase, provide details on how to choose keywords that can make you money. You’ll also discover how to spy on other similar websites to find some keywords and phrases to target.

On top of that, you’ll know the differences between two of the most common two types of keywords. Transactional usually relate directly to purchases and have higher monetization potential through affiliate marketing or product links while informational keywords are less directly commercial.

To conclude, the module guides on selecting an initial group of target keywords to focus website content around based on the research. The eye is toward keywords most likely to generate traffic and revenue.

Phase 7: Blog Content Creation


  • Content Assembly Line
  • The only blog posts that matter
  • How to structure a blog post and do on-page SEO
  • Writing your first post
  • How to utilize Jaspe IA y SEO para surfistas para writing y optimizing posts
  • Creating a product review

This phase begins by covering the concept of Content Assembly Line, which is the art of “assembling” rather than writing content. You’ll discover the types of blog posts you need to write to generate traffic and income.

Also in this phase, there’s information on how to write and format your first blog post in an SEO-friendly way, utilizing tools like Jaspe y SEO para surfistas.

Phase 8: Link Building


  • What link building is and why it matters in blogging
  • The tools for building links
  • Step-by-step link-building tutorial
  • How to use HARO
  • Evaluating link types and understanding the most helpful ones
  • Choosing anchor texts

This is one of my favorite modules from Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy. I know how valuable website authority is and how links can help boost the same.

The thing is, only sites with good authority can rank on Google. Unless you have zero or few competitors, you can’t appear in the top positions of Google search results without having backlinks (other sites linking to you, passing their “authoritativeness” to you).

Also, not all backlinks are equal. Adam Enfroy teaches you how to understand the best links that will boost your website’s visibility.

You’ll discover the tools you can use to speed up the link-building process and other resources like HARO, which help build links. There’s also a video on anchor text best practices, which are the hyperlinked and clickable words or phrases that bring users to your site from another.

Phase 9: Affiliate Marketing


  • The right time and methods to monetize your blog
  • How to do affiliate marketing through blogging
  • Advance affiliate marketing tips and tricks
  • Other ways to monetize your blog

Adam Enfroy was once an affiliate manager for a top company, and that’s why he teaches affiliate marketing as one of the top ways to make money from a blog. You’ll learn why and how through the videos in this phase of the course.

In the context of blogging, affiliate marketing simply means promoting a product or service in your posts and earning a commission when someone clicks the link and makes a purchase. Sometimes, it could just be the user taking a simple action like clicking or signing up, even without buying anything.

Adam also covers the top tips and techniques to implement as an affiliate and get more out of both your blog readers and the programs you promote. There are also details on other mindblowing ways to monetize besides affiliate marketing.

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Phase 10: Scaling and Outsourcing


  • How to scale up your blogging business
  • Hiring the top workers
  • The components of your scaling team
  • Day-to-day operations of a blogging startup
  • Scaling to 7 figures with your team

This phase starts with a video by Colin explaining how you can scale. He explains what scaling would look like for you, the right time to do it, and more.

You’ll learn how to select the top players to help grow your business. The details include where to find these workers online, how to spot them, and ways to get them to work with you.

Colin also covers who should be included in your scaling team. The truth is that you don’t need a whole team of social media managers, editors, marketing strategists, and web developers to scale up.

You can begin with the essential personnel needed first and add more team members if needed over time. You’ll learn how to train your team the right way so they can handle various aspects of your blog, such as writing, outreach, and general stuff.

Also, the course provides insights into the activities that matter in blogging. You want to utilize the time, resources, and hands you have as much as possible to get results faster.

Phase 11: Monetizing Skills and Services


  • The best services to offer on the side as a blogger
  • How to propose your offer
  • Pricing your services
  • Contract and billing
  • Outsourcing your blogging services

This phase teaches bloggers how to turn their skills and expertise into additional income streams. It first discusses the types of services bloggers are uniquely qualified to offer, such as content creation.

Pricing strategy is another important topic. It looks at factors to consider like experience, overhead costs, market rates, and package deals, with the goal being to set prices that favor both you and the client.

From there, the module moves into contracts and invoicing best practices. You’ll receive tools and guidance for drawing up service agreements and collecting payments.

Also, there’s content about how to create a system for scaling your blogging services. You’ll discover where to spend time and the things that you can outsource to free up your time and earn more

Blog Growth Engine Perks and Bonuses

Besides detailed and valuable content, BGE also offers:

  • Mastermind Facebook Group: All members gain access to a private Facebook group for connecting with other BGE students. Here, bloggers can share updates on their progress, ask questions, get feedback, and find accountability partners.
  • Slack Workspaces: You can interact with other students on Slack and collaborate. It could be content writing help, guest posting opportunities, exchanging links, and more.
  • 1-on-1 coaching calls: In these mentoring opportunities, you as a student can get direct guidance tailored to your specific blog and goals. Adam’s team will help you optimize strategies, overcome roadblocks, and accelerate growth.
  • Continued Support: The BGE program provides lifelong access to the course library and community group. Even after completing the curriculum, you can return for refresher lessons, ask follow-up questions, and benefit from Adam’s ongoing involvement to ensure long-term success.

Precios del motor de crecimiento del blog

Is Blog Growth Engine Free?

No, BGE is a paid course that covers everything you need to know about blogging.

How Much Does BGE Cost?

BGE usually costs $1,497. However, this price is currently discounted and you only have to pay $997.

BGE Price

Your payment for BGE gives you full access to the course. Unlike some other course online, BGE has no “packages” that give you partial access to some of the course contents.

Also, there’s only a one-time pricing option and no monthly or quarterly tiers. The good thing is that you’ll be a member for the entire existence of the course and access its upcoming updates and versions.

Blog Growth Engine Vs. Other Blogging Courses

Blog Growth Engine by Adam Enfroy stands out from other blogging courses online in several ways:

  • Focus on business and profit: BGE emphasizes blogging as a business and teaches monetization strategies like affiliate marketing. Many other courses focus more on just creating the blog and technicalities that matter little in a course.
  • Up-to-date strategies: BGE covers modern tactics and growth hacks. Some older courses teach strategies that don’t work as well now.
  • Hands-on mentorship: Adam Enfroy provides personal coaching to students and answers questions directly. Most other courses are self-paced videos without direct support.
  • Case studies of success: Students can see how BGE strategies have made Adam (and his other students) money through the blogging business. Not all instructors prove the methods with real results.
  • Comprehensive approach: BGE teaches content, technical, marketing, and monetization tactics as a complete system. Other programs may focus on only one aspect of blogging.
  • Calidad sobre cantidad: BGE dives deeper into fewer strategies that actually work versus skimming the surface of many ideas.
  • Multiple blog coaches: You can be sure of getting ongoing support and also at any time of need, given the number of experts BGE provides.

Blog Growth Engine Pros and Cons

What I Like about BGE

  • The creator, Adam Enfroy, is a successful online entrepreneur and blogger
  • The course is in-depth and covers the most important things you need to know without a focus on basics or boring stuff
  • Adam delivers the content with other blogging experts (in specific videos)
  • BGE gives you a chance to collaborate with other like-minded people in blogging to grow further and faster
  • Hay una constant update to the content and new videos appear from time to time, unlike those abandoned courses with outdated strategies
  • People have made money within insane timeframes after taking the course!

What I Don’t Like about BGE

  • The course is quite expensive and requires significant upfront investment (someone just starting out may struggle to cover the expense)
  • No monthly or quarterly payment plans that some courses offer so you don’t pay everything at once
  • The 1:1 coaching calls, although hosted by top voices, would be better if Adam was directly involved in them

My Experience with Adam Enfroy’s Blogging Course

As an actual student of the BGE course, I wanted to share my first-hand experience. Many reviews online are written by people who have not taken the course, so their perspectives are based on speculation rather than practical experience.

Here’s my student dashboard:

BGE - My Dasboard

As you can see, I haven’t completed the entire course. But I’ve already seen and experienced the value as it is (skipped some videos I already know about).

One of the most valuable aspects of BGE for me has been the community of fellow students. Blogging can feel isolating, but connecting with others pursuing similar goals has been hugely motivating and productive.

The course facilitated meeting amazing people building online brands, just like me. As many successful people acknowledge, going far requires the help of others.

Collaborating with my BGE network on content, advice, and backlinking has significantly helped grow my blog. In under a year using the strategies from the course, I’ve increased my domain authority to over 40, attracted targeted traffic, and earned good affiliate commissions.

Adam Enfroy provides both theoretical knowledge and real-world case studies to demonstrate how these tactics can translate to measurable success. The hands-on, actionable approach has allowed me to learn by doing alongside a supportive community.

I’m grateful for both the business education and relationships formed through the Blog Growth Engine. For those serious about blogging as a career, I highly recommend evaluating it based on results from students like myself rather than outside speculation.

Blog Growth Engine Review: Conclusion

I would highly recommend the Blog Growth Engine course to bloggers who are serious about growing their audience and revenue through their site. The investment may seem steep initially.

Still, the extensive and high-quality training provided far surpasses what is available for free online. When implemented properly, the strategies, templates, and ongoing support from the BGE community can truly help elevate your blog to the next level.

The important thing to note is that you need to play your part, as with any type of learning. Simply consuming the course content is not enough.

You must be prepared to put in consistent work applying what you learn. Real results only come from taking real action.

The course provides all the tools needed for success, but it is up to you as an individual to execute the strategies and recommendations. Only enroll if you are fully committed to dedicating the time and effort required.

For those with limited budgets or competing priorities that may prohibit full engagement, free or lower-cost alternatives found online may be better options for the time being. But for serious bloggers seeking proven methods to accelerate growth, the value proposition of BGE far outweighs the upfront investment.

Just be prepared to supplement the training with diligent implementation on your end to achieve your blogging goals!

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