Tarifs Anyword

Tarification Anyword : combien ça coûte d’utiliser ?

Anyword is a great writing tool for businesses of all sizes. It can help you improve your website’s search engine ranking with quality content, and it makes it easy to create high-quality content that will engage your audience.

But how much does it cost to use Anyword? In this blog post, I’ll discuss the different Anyword pricing options that are available, and help you choose the plan that is best suited to your needs.

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What Is Anyword and How Does It work?

N'importe quel mot

N'importe quel mot is an AI-powered content creation platform that can help you produce website copy, blog posts, and other types of written content quickly and easily. It has an intuitive interface that makes it easy to create quality content with minimal effort.

The platform uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to generate comprehensive topics and ideas for your content, and it can also optimize your content for SEO. All you need to do is describe what you need to be written and Anyword will provide it for you in minutes. So, it can work for you as a writer, blogger, marketer, or another type of online business owner.

Découvrez l'intégralité Examen de n'importe quel mot for more details.

Anyword Pricing Plans

Anyword offers two sets of plans: Plans for Everyone and Plans for Business.

Plans for Everyone:

Tarifs Anyword

Starter (Starts at $29/month)

This is the first and most affordable Anyword plan that can help you write professional copy in no time. It’s great for someone that doesn’t have a lot of content requirements and just wants to see what the tool can do.


  • 20 000 mots par mois
  • Plus de 100 outils d'écriture d'IA
  • Plus de 200 outils de rédaction basés sur les données
  • Assistant de publication de blog
  • 30 languages to write in
  • Plusieurs sièges


  • Affordable
  • More than one person can work on projects
  • Able to write copy and blog posts as well

Les inconvénients

You need to pay more for additional words in the Starter plan.

Who is Starter good for? Starter suits regular Internet users that are curious about AI, beginner and part-time copywriters, and social media managers.

Data-Driven (Starts at $99/month)

This is the popular plan on Anyword that lets you access numerous copy variations to know what can work best for you before you even publish.


  • 30,000 words a month
  • Plus de 100 outils d'écriture d'IA
  • Plus de 200 outils de rédaction basés sur les données
  • Assistant de publication de blog
  • Performance scores
  • 30 languages to write in
  • Plusieurs sièges


  • Offers predictions on performance using scores
  • Allows you to work with a variation that has the best score
  • Collaborate on projects with team members

Les inconvénients

Data-Driven’s main difference from Starter is its predictive performance score and not much, given that it’s also more costly. It just offers 30,000 words, unlike other Outils d'écriture d'IA that give better credits for lower prices.

Who is Data-Driven good for? This Anyword pricing plan suits more advanced online business owners that performance scores and analytics, bloggers, marketers, and full-time copywriters.

Plans for Business:


This plan offers everything in Data-Driven and the following.


  • Integration with third-party platforms for enhanced productivity
  • Leveraging advanced copy algorithms and better copy generations
  • Access to workspaces for every brand or pod in an organization
  • Réductions sur les crédits de mots

Who is Professional good for? Agencies, larger businesses, and bigger teams.


The Website plan is meant for linking a website or online store with Anyword and giving customers personalized messages based on the intent.


  • Copy generation at scale
  • Copy optimization across your website
  • Ability to test numerous copy variations at the same time
  • Data-Driven copy tools

Who is Website good for? E-commerce business owners, digital product sellers, and SaaS platforms.

Remember, you can try out Anyword’s free trial on either of the plans for everyone. You get 5,000 words for 7 days and don’t need to enter your credit card details beforehand. When the trial ends, you can continue with a paid plan.

The Starter and Data-Driven plans allow you to select more words. If you do so, the price increases depending on the number of additional credits you need.

Benefits of Anyword

Anyword offers numerous benefits that include:

  • AI-powered writing capabilities: Automatically generate relevant content in minutes, whether short copy for ads or something longer like a blog post.
  • Advanced copy generation: Never miss an important detail with AI-driven copywriting tools. You get to test different copy variations and even optimize them for various visitors on your site.
  • Predictive performance scores: Know which text generation will work best for your audience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re targeting website visitors or people on social media.
  • Intégrations : Connect Anyword with other platforms for workflow efficiency.
  • Collaboration: Work with other team members and even have workspaces for every brand or pod in your organization.

How to Save Money on Anyword Costs

Anyword pricing plans come with different word credits so you can find the right plan for your budget. However, there are still ways to save money on Anyword costs:

  • Take advantage of the free trial and choose the right plan: Test Anyword out for yourself before you commit to any plan. Consider your needs and pick a plan that suits them. If you don’t need all the features of a Professional plan, opt for Data-Driven or Starter instead.
  • Pay yearly rather than monthly: This is one of the best ways to spend less when using Anyword or any other tool. For instance, you’ll be parting with $24 monthly rather than $29 if you choose annual billing instead of monthly on Starter. That’s $60 for you to do something else with.
  • Look out for discounts and offers: Keep an eye out for discounts and offers. Anyword often provides seasonal deals or discounts for individuals, students, and educators.

FAQs on Anyword Prices

How much does it cost to use Anyword?

Anyword’s most affordable plan is Starter and the cost starts from $29 a month. If you need more features, you can select Data-Driven and pay $99 monthly.

Is Anyword free? Can you use Anyword for free?

You can try Anyword’s free trial which doesn’t require your credit card information. But you’ll need to upgrade as soon as the trial period of 7 days ends to continue enjoying Anyword’s features.

Which is the best Anyword pricing plan?

The plan you choose fully depends on your needs and budget. If you need something more affordable, Starter is the best pick. In case you have a flexible business budget, Anyword’s Data-Driven plan might suit you.


No matter which Anyword pricing plan you choose, the tool can help you boost your content creation process and get professional results.

So, check out the free trial ici and see how Anyword can help you create compelling content quickly and efficiently!

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