Speedwrite Alternatives

Alternativas de Speedwrite: 9 principais ferramentas para escrita rápida e de qualidade

Speedwrite is a tool for rephrasing content quickly and coming up with new text. It works in such a way that you enter or paste a piece of content into its editor and then it produces another version for you.

But what if you’re not happy with the features offered by Speedwrite and want more? That’s where the top Speedwrite alternatives come in.

These tools offer similar benefits to Speedwrite, but with different features and options. So whether you’re looking for a tool that offers features like generating content from scratch or plagiarism checking, there’s sure to be an option in this list that meets your needs!

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What are Some Speedwrite Alternatives?

Check below to find the best tools like Speedwrite for creating new content.

1. Jaspe

Ferramenta para parafrasear Jasper

Jaspe is an AI-driven tool that not only helps you rewrite your content but also creates something new from scratch. It has a paraphraser that allows you to instantly generate a new version of any text. The tool also integrates with Grammarly for grammar checks and also has verificação de plágio capabilities, so you can be sure that your work is original.

The best of Jasper’s features is the ability to generate new text by simply entering an input. You just enter a topic and some keywords and Jasper will write the text for you, based on the information it has in its vast database. Whether you need product descriptions, social media posts, or even full-length articles, Jasper can produce something original and quality.

Preço: Starts at $49 a month for the Creator plan.

2. QuillBot

Robô de pena

QuillBot is a top-notch paraphrasing tool that can help you speed up the process of rewriting articles. It’s powered by advanced AI and natural language processing to generate new text quickly, accurately, and with lots of readability.

What makes QuillBot interesting is that it has several modes to choose from. You can easily select Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, or Creative mode depending on what kind of rewrite you need.

As an example, you can use the Simple mode to convert difficult-to-understand text into something anyone can read, regardless of their grammar skills. Also, two other modes, Shorten and Expand, can either help you reduce or increase the number of words in a particular piece of content.

Preço: There’s a free version and the premium costs $9.95 a month when billed monthly.

3. Copy.ai

Copy.ai Paraphrasing Tool

Copy.ai is another great tool for generating new content quickly. Copy.ai’s paraphrasing feature can help you come up with new sentence lengths and tones for your content, without changing the meanings. The tool not only helps you rewrite any existing text, but it also can generate something from a quick description using its AI-powered engines, just like Jasper.

Copy.ai is known for its Redação de IA ability to produce converting copy. It can also create blog content according to the user’s instructions. You just need to provide the topic or just a few keywords and Copy.ai will create well-optimized content that you can use right away.

Preço: Copy.ai offers a free plan and the Pro plan costs $49 a month.

4. Writesonic

Ferramenta de paráfrase Writesonic

Writesonic is an advanced content writing tool that focuses on creating quality, SEO-friendly content. It has a built-in AI rewriter that gives your content a new look and updates it with the latest and most relevant information.

The best part about Writesonic is it ensures the resulting content is free of plagiarism. You won’t find instances of duplicate lines or sentences.

You also get to enjoy the sentence expander and shortener, two tools that allow you to pass your message using the required text amount. Besides, it also has AI writing abilities to create blogs, emails, landing pages, and more from nothing but a simple description.

Preço: Has a free trial and pricing starts at $19 a month.

5. Rytr

Paráfraseador de texto Rytr

Need another Speedwrite alternative? Rytr is an AI-powered content creation tool that comes with several features for creating and rewriting content. It helps you create SEO-focused, high-converting copy using its AI capabilities.

With the text rewording feature, you can rewrite an existing article in a matter of seconds. There’s the option to change the tone and make your content sound different but retain the original concept. You can also make use of its text summarizer, a tool for extracting the main points from large chunks of text.

Preço: Rytr has a free plan and the paid plans start at $9 a month.

6. Frase

Frase Paraphrasing Tool

Frase is a Speedwrite alternative that serves as an AI-powered writing assistant for planning, optimizing, and creating content with ease. Frase’s paraphraser can assist you in rewriting sentences and paragraphs.

You just put in your text and get a few reworded variations from which you can choose. Copy your preferred one and you’re good to go. As if that’s not enough, Frase has a comprehensive set of tools to help you research topics, customize your documents, and write new content without any prior knowledge.

What separates Frase from many other text rewriting tools is its SEO optimization features. You won’t need to spend time on search engine results pages (SERP) research because Frase can curate content briefs in minutes. It becomes easier to add meta titles, meta descriptions, page titles, and other essential elements to your content for ranking purposes without having to hire an SEO specialist.

Preço: Starts at $14.99 per month.

7. Anyword

Anyword Paraphrasing Tool

Anyword’s paraphrasing tool can be a great Speedwrite alternative if you need to boost the quality of your marketing copy. What happens is that the tool rewords the text in your sales message and optimizes it for conversions and more sales.

You’re able to save time on copy optimization and even know which copy variation can perform the best. This happens with the help of Anyword’s predictive performance score feature.

Besides copy, this tool can also help you write and fine-tune blog content. It can generate your posts from the beginning to the end and allow you to tweak specific paragraphs without changing the original message. The difference will be that it improves what has already been written.

Preço: While you can start for free, Anyword’s plans, specifically the Starter plan, begin from $29 a month.

8. Hypotenuse AI

Hypotenuse AI Paraphrasing Tool

Hypotenuse AI is another tool that can help you generate fresh ideas for your projects. It can create unique and compelling titles, subheadings, and paragraphs with just a few clicks.

The AI-driven tool works by understanding the context of a given text or topic; it then uses its database to generate content that matches the context. What’s more, you can also use it for content rewriting so you can improve the writing you already have.

Unlike other paraphrasing tools that simply spin text, Hypotenuse AI enhances your old content using a specified tone. This means that you can quickly turn a formal and jargon-filled document into something more conversational.

Preço: Hypotenuse starts at $29 a month.

9. Paraphraser.io


Paráfrase.io is an online tool designed to help individuals and businesses rephrase text to make it more unique and readable. With the increasing importance of original and high-quality content, Paraphraser.io provides a solution for those who need to reword text quickly and effectively.

The tool uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to generate new, unique text that retains the original meaning of the source material. This makes it an ideal solution for students, writers, and content creators who need to avoid plagiarism or rewrite text for a different audience.

Paraphraser.io is easy to use and accessible from any device with an Internet connection. Simply paste your text into the tool, and it will generate a new version in a matter of seconds using your chosen mode, including Fluency, Standard, Creative, Smarter, and Shorten.

Another key advantage of Paraphraser.io is that it is free to use (up to 600 words), making it an accessible solution for individuals and businesses of all sizes. Additionally, the tool is designed to maintain the privacy of users, and all text processed through the tool is deleted immediately after use to ensure that sensitive information remains secure.

Preço: Paraphraser.io’s paid plans start at $20 a month.

Speedwrite Limitations

Speedwrite’s text editor offers a fast and convenient solution for individuals and businesses to rephrase text-based documents. However, like all tools, it has some limitations that users should be aware of.

Some of the limitations of Speedwrite at the moment include:

  • Limited formatting options: Speedwrite primarily focuses on providing a fast and efficient text editing experience, and as a result, it has limited formatting options compared to other text editors.
  • No file versioning: Speedwrite doesn’t have a file versioning system, which means that users can’t revert to a previous version of a document if they make a mistake or if the document is changed.
  • No collaboration features: Because there are no built-in collaboration features, it’s not possible to work on documents together in real time.
  • No mobile app: Speedwrite lacks a mobile app. And so, you aren’t able to readily access or edit documents on mobile devices.
  • Limited storage: Also, it has limitations on the amount of storage space available for users to store their documents, which could be a problem for individuals and businesses with large amounts of data.

While these limitations may be a drawback for some users, Speedwrite is still a great option for those who are looking for a fast and efficient way to create and edit text documents. Another option is to use Speedwrite alternatives instead for your content rewording and writing needs.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tool for Rephrasing

When choosing any tool for rephrasing besides Speedwrite, it’s essential to consider specific aspects of it.

  • Grammar quality: Ensure that the tool has a grammar checker to ensure that your content is free from typos and errors.
  • Tone: Look for a tool that can reword your content in different tones (formal, conversational, etc.)
  • Originality: The tool should provide original text and be able to detect any instance of plagiarism in the content, allowing you to avoid copyright infringement.
  • Velocidade: The rewritten content should be generated quickly and accurately, preferably in seconds.
  • Preço: Not all tools are expensive; some offer free versions or trial periods while others have affordable paid plans. Make sure to test the available features before you commit to a paid plan.


You should now have a good understanding of several content writing and rewriting tools that are great Speedwrite alternatives, some of which are AI-based. Each one offers something unique and will help you create more original and engaging content with ease.

So now the choice is yours. Choose your perfect tool and start creating amazing written works. After all most of them have free versions as well as affordable plans for starters!

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