Quillbot Premium: Is It Worth It?

QuillBot Premium : est-ce que ça vaut vraiment le coup ?

QuillBot is a trusted companion that writers, students, and professionals can use at no cost when it comes to writing. With QuillBot Premium, users can take their writing experience to the next level.

Just to note, I’ve published a comprehensive QuillBot review before that you can check out. It has more information about the tool in general.

Now, in this article, we’ll go through what QuillBot Premium is, its features, and pricing. If you’re wondering whether QuillBot Premium is worth it, you’re about to find out!

What Is QuillBot Premium?

QuillBot Premium

QuillBot Premium is an upgraded version of QuillBot that offers enhanced features and benefits beyond the capabilities of the free version. It provides a comprehensive set of advanced writing tools and resources to assist you in producing high-quality content.

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What Is the Difference Between QuillBot Free and Paid?

The difference between QuillBot Free and QuillBot Premium lies in the features you can access. While the free version does a lot in helping you write better articles, essays, and other texts, the paid option is something to consider.

For instance, there’s a limitation in terms of the number of words you can paraphrase using QuillBot for free. This limit isn’t there in QuillBot Premium.

Also, you can’t access some of QuillBot’s suite of tools if you’re a free user. One of these tools is the plagiarism checker.

QuillBot Premium Features

Let’s explore the features of QuillBot Premium.

1. Unlimited Words in the Paraphrasing Tool

QuillBot’s free version only allows you to paraphrase 125 words in one go. In other words, you can’t input words that exceed this count into the editor.

If you get QuillBot Premium, you unlock more words. And by more, I mean no limits. You can add text of any size into the editor and generate a paraphrased version of it in minutes.

2. Extra Paraphrasing Modes

QuillBot Free only offers two modes. These are Standard and Fluency.

Standard Mode is the default one that provides outputs that are of appreciable quality. Fluency Mode is the one you can use to make your text more fluent. In other words, this mode makes it seem as though your writing is written by a native person to the language involved, even if you aren’t.

QuillBot Premium offers 5 more modes. These are Formal, Simple, Creative, Expand and Shorten. These modes basically do exactly what they mean. Formal makes your text sound more professional, Simple simplifies it, Creative adds brilliant terms and expressions to it, and the latter two are for increasing or reducing the amount of text.

3. More Words in the Summarizer

Another thing you can unlock using QuillBot Premium is the number of words you’re able to summarize. Free users have a limit of 1,200 words. Simply put, you can only generate summaries for text not exceeding this amount of words.

With Premium, you get up to 6,000 words. This allows you to shorten any long-form content, essays, or in-depth research and extract the key points in no time.

4. Plagiarism Checker

If you need to maintain originality in your work, QuillBot Premium is what you need. You can’t access this feature on QuillBot Free.

Plagiarism, the act of using someone else’s work or ideas without proper attribution, is a serious concern in academic, professional, and creative writing. With QuillBot’s vérificateur de plagiat, you ensure that your writing is free from potential instances of plagiarism and upholds high standards of integrity.

The tool compares your text against a large database of Internet-based sources, academic papers, articles, and other published materials accessible to the public.

This plagiarism checker carefully examines the text to detect any matches or similarities with existing content and then provides a report. This report contains a score that shows how unique or unoriginal your text is. You’ll also see the sources and be able to access them for comparison.

5. Advanced Grammar Rewrites

If you use both the free and paid versions of QuillBot’s paraphrase, you’ll notice a few differences. The free tool gives you rewrites, but they aren’t as good as the ones in QuillBot Premium.

An advanced grammar rewrite delves deeper into the complexities of grammar and syntax. It goes beyond basic error correction to optimize sentence construction, eliminate redundancy, and create more engaging and polished text.

Let me give some quick examples of basic and advanced rewrites.

Example of a basic grammar rewrite:

  • Original sentence: She don’t go to school.
  • Rewritten sentence: She doesn’t go to school.

Example of an advanced grammar rewrite:

  • Original sentence: I went to the store, bought groceries, and then returned home.
  • Rewritten sentence: After a quick trip to the store, I purchased groceries before returning home.

As you can see, the advanced grammar rewrite rephrases the sentence and adds more variety to the sentence structure. It creates a smoother flow of information.

6. Tone Detection

Tone detection, in the context of a writing tool like QuillBot, is its capability of analyzing the tone or emotional expression conveyed in a piece of writing. It’s through tone detection that QuillBot Premium can provide suggestions or feedback to help you adjust your language, style, or choice of words. All this is to achieve the desired emotional impact.

7. Other Mentionable Features

There’s even more to QuillBot Premium. One of the extras is faster processing speed. You’ll get outputs faster using the paid version compared to the free one.

Also, there’s access to history. You’re able to check your previous paraphrased works as a paid user. This isn’t the case with free QuillBot membership.

How Much Is QuillBot Premium?

QuillBot Premium is priced on the basis of monthly, semi-annual, and annual subscriptions. The prices are as follows:

Plans tarifaires QuillBot - Mise à niveau vers Premium
  • Annuel: $4,17/mois
  • Semestriel : $6,66/mois
  • Mensuel: $9,95/mois

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Is QuillBot Premium Worth It?

I would say that QuillBot Premium is worth the price. In fact, you get to enjoy all features at a cost that’s quite lower compared to getting individual tools for various writing tasks. You get a paraphraser, summarizer, plagiarism checker, and proper grammar tool at once.

If you were thinking twice about upgrading, I suggest you do it to taste the other side of QuillBot. There’s nothing to worry about as you can always downgrade back to a free user at any time.

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