Digifeel Review

Digifeel Review: Can It Boost Your Online Business Reviews?

If you’re a business looking to enhance your reputation online, you may have heard about Digifeel. It’s a platform that promises to help you boost your online presence and attract more customers.

The struggle of getting reviews is real. You pour your heart and soul into providing top-notch products and services, but when it comes to getting customers to leave reviews, it feels like pulling teeth.

Often, you may send countless emails and messages, begging customers to take a few minutes to share their thoughts, but the response is underwhelming. And let’s not even talk about the dreaded negative reviews that can feel like a punch to the gut.

Digifeel claims to offer the solution to your business struggles. In this Digifeel review, we’ll explore its product offerings, prices, and most importantly, whether it can actually make your business more trustworthy among Internet users.

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What Is Digifeel?


迪吉菲尔 is a platform that’s all about helping businesses like yours get more positive reviews. It has more than 25,000 customers worldwide, comprising both local businesses and big brands (like McDonald’s and Land Rover). 

Digifeel provides a wide variety of review cards and plates that allow for quick and easy customer feedback. With Digifeel, it becomes super easy to set up these awesome review cards that you can share with your customers.

And get this – your customers can leave a review in as little as 3 seconds. With Digifeel, there are no more complicated sign-ups or awkward conversations.

And it’s not just Google reviews that Digifeel can help with. They’ve got review cards and plates for Yelp, Facebook, and Instagram.

So it doesn’t matter where your customers like to leave their feedback. Digifeel’s got you covered!

Digifeel Products

Digifeel offers quite several products that can help make your brand more reputable.

1. Google Review Cards

价钱: Starts at $35.90

Digifeel Google Review Cards

Let’s talk about Digifeel’s flagship product — Google review cards.

So the way it works is, that Digifeel creates these sleek, professional-looking cards that are white with the Google logo right on them. There’s a prompt on the card that asks your customers to leave a review on Google.

These review cards are made of plastic and are about the same size as a credit card. This means they can fit in your wallet with your other cards and help you collect reviews on the go wherever you are.

The cards also come equipped with a QR code. Customers just need to scan it using their mobile device.

Besides QR codes, these cards are powered by NFC (a technology that simply requires two compatible devices to be brought close together to transmit information). Now, any modern smartphone, either Android or iPhone, is compatible with the NFC technology.

All your customers have to do is take a look at the card, and with just a single tap, they’re redirected straight to the Google review page for your business. Your customers won’t have to hunt around for the right link (something that greatly discourages reviews) because Digifeel handles all of that for you.

2. Google Review Plates

价钱: Starts at $39.90

Digifeel Google Review Plates

Digifeel’s Google review plates are a great choice and a cool alternative to the standard review cards. The main difference with the plates is that they don’t need to be physically picked up or handed out to customers.

Instead, they’re designed to be displayed right on your counter, desk, or any other surface in your place of business. This makes them super convenient and easy to use.

Now, the plates are made of durable plexiglass, with a nice heft to them. The size is a compact 4.7″ x 4.7″ (or 12 x 12 cm), and they’re just 0.1″ (3mm) thick. This makes them the perfect size to display prominently on a surface without taking up too much space.

And the best part? They come with a strong adhesive backing already attached, so you can just peel and stick them right where you want them.

Your customers can simply glance at the plate, see the prompt to leave a Google review and scan (QR), or bring their smartphone closer (NFC) to be taken straight to your Google review page. You don’t need to hand them any card (or tap it yourself on their phone) and they won’t have to remember to share their feedback later.

3. Facebook Review Plates

价钱: $39.90

Digifeel Facebook Review Plates

Digifeel’s Facebook review plates are a handy tool for businesses looking to get more reviews on the Facebook platform. They have a color combination of white and blue (Facebook brand identity) with the Facebook logo.

They’re similar in size to the Google review plates. Also, just like the Google review plates, the Facebook versions are designed to be displayed right on any surface in your place of business.

This way, it becomes simple for your customers to interact with the plate without any extra effort on your part. When customers see the Facebook review plate and tap it, they can navigate straight to your Facebook page and share their thoughts.

4. Yelp Review Plates

价钱: $39.90

Digifeel Yelp Review Plates

Yelp review plates from Digifeel are such a valuable tool, especially compared to the other review platforms. Yelp is truly a unique beast in the world of online reviews.

It’s one of the most influential and widely-used review sites, with a massive user base that local businesses simply can’t afford to ignore. The challenge, however, is that Yelp can be notoriously difficult to navigate when it comes to actually getting customers to leave reviews.

Their filtering algorithms are complex, and they have strict policies around soliciting reviews that many businesses struggle to work within. The good thing is that Digifeel’s Yelp review plates can be stuck on any surface within your business premises to easily let users leave their experience with you on the good old Yelp platform.

4. Other Digifeel Products

Besides Google, Facebook, and Yelp review cards and plates, Digifeel also offers Instagram plates. These plates are dedicated to this highly visual platform where businesses like restaurants, stores of any kind, and other service-based brands can blossom.

All you do is provide your Instagram page URL. From there, Digifeel will configure everything for your order and your plates will come ready to use.

Now, the Instagram palates aren’t directly designed for customer feedback but rather boosting your follower count and engagement rates. Still, in the long run, most previous buyers can talk about their positive experiences with your business in your posts’ comments, thus boosting your reputation.

5. Digifeel Review Card Bundles

Digifeel Plate Bundles

One of the things I appreciate about Digifeel is that they understand businesses often need a multi-pronged approach when it comes to generating online reviews. That’s why they’ve put together some compelling bundle deals that allow you to cover multiple review platforms at once (or get one product type in bulk).

For example, they offer bundles of Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Instagram review cards and plates. By purchasing the bundle, you’re able to save a decent chunk of change compared to buying the plates individually or at different times.

How to Set Up Your Digifeel Review Card

Here’s how to set up your Digifeel review card:

  • 步骤1: Scan the QR code or tap the NFC chip on your Digifeel review card. This initial scan will redirect you to the Digifeel activation interface, either on your phone or computer.
  • 第2步: Activate your card. Once you’re on the Digifeel interface, simply enter the activation code printed on your card. This quick activation process only takes a few seconds.
  • 步骤3: Begin sharing! After activating your card, it’s ready to start collecting reviews. Keep the card with you at all times, so you can easily share it with customers (for plates, position them at a prominent and easy-to-reach place).

You can also configure your Digifeel displays by creating a Digifeel account on app.digifeel.co. Just click the “Add” + button in your account and enter the code displayed on the back or under the QR code of your product.

And that’s it! With just a few simple steps, your Digifeel review card is activated and ready to use.

Digifeel Features and Benefits

Next up in this Digifeel review, let’s look at its features and benefits.

1. Multiple Ways to Share

One thing about Digifeel’s review cards and plates is the multiple ways they provide for customers to share and engage with your online reviews. It’s a level of flexibility and convenience that I think sets them apart from a lot of other review display solutions out there.

As we discussed earlier, each of Digifeel’s plates comes equipped with both a QR code and an NFC chip. This dual functionality is so smart because it caters to customers with all different levels of tech savviness.

Some people will prefer the simplicity of just tapping their phone on the NFC-enabled card, while others may find the QR code route more intuitive. Having those two options ensures that everyone can access your reviews with minimal friction and also provides security in the case where one sharing method fails to work.

2. Free Shipping

In this Amzon-dominated world, we all know how quickly those shipping costs can add up, especially when you’re ordering multiple items. It can eat into your marketing budget and make it harder to justify the investment.

But with Digifeel, you don’t have to worry about that at all. Their free shipping applies to all orders, no matter the size or value.

Whether you’re just buying a single review plate or investing in a full bundle of products, the shipping is always complimentary. It’s such a refreshing change of pace from a lot of other companies that nickel and dime you on those extra fees.

3. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial

With their 30-day trial, you can essentially “try before you own” when it comes to their review-boosting tools. Whether it’s their Google Review Booster, their Yelp review plates, or any of their other products, you have a full month to put them to the test (after purchase) in your own business.

If the items don’t work as required, you can return them without any questions asked. The return is simple and free.

4. Money-Back Guarantee

Digifeel does something that many other similar platforms don’t offer. It’s not just a standard “satisfaction guaranteed” type of deal.

With Digifeel’s card packages, they’re making a bold promise: if you don’t see at least a 20-percent review increase on your Google listing within the first 30 days of using their product, they’ll give you a full refund. That’s an incredibly strong statement of confidence in their ability to deliver results.

Shortcomings of Digifeel

As much as I’m a big fan of Digifeel and its review display products, I do have to acknowledge that there are a few areas where they could potentially improve. One of the top shortcomings, in my opinion, is the lack of a fully customizable option for their review cards and plates.

Digifeel doesn’t offer a way to add your business logo, brand colors, and other visual elements to its standard designs. You also can’t create a completely custom card or plate from scratch with your unique branding and artwork.

For a lot of businesses, that level of customization is really important. We’ve worked hard to build our brand identity, and we want our customer-facing materials to reflect that cohesively. Having to work within the confines of Digifeel’s existing templates can sometimes feel a bit limiting.

Digifeel Alternative

V1CE 评论卡



As much as Digifeel is great, it also has its alternatives. If, for whatever reason, you prefer a different platform, my top recommendation is V1CE.

Now, V1CE is a relatively older player in the digital card space. One of the impressive things is that they offer review cards for multiple platforms, including Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

And the way they’ve designed these cards is slick, with both QR codes and NFC capabilities built-in. They’re also printed on high-quality materials that feel almost like a credit card to give a premium, polished look that I think does a great job of elevating the customer experience.

Conclusion: Is Digifeel Legit?

After taking a deep dive into Digifeel and its review display products, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed in general. While there are a few areas where they could potentially improve, Digifeel is still a legitimate option for businesses looking to get some control over their online reputation.

The setup process is refreshingly simple, with clear instructions to get your review cards or displays up and running in no time. And the quality of the physical products is top-notch, with a premium feel that enhances the customer experience.

More importantly, Digifeel appears to deliver on its core promise of helping businesses collect, showcase, and leverage customer reviews in an effective and compliant way. Most of the customer reviews listed on the Digifeel site praise its quality of products and services.

Plus, the fact that they back products with a money-back guarantee just adds to the overall sense of confidence. It shows that the Digifeel team stands behind its offerings and is willing to put its money where its mouth is.