About Mike Stuzzi

Hello there! Thanks for coming to my blog.

I’m Mike Stuzzi, someone in his early 20’s who is passionate about online businesses. It started when I discovered that people can actually get paid on the Internet.

Finally, there was a way around the hassle of finding a well-paying job as a young person without much experience. I decided to research ways to achieve my income goals on the Web and ended up trying several online side hustles. I currently own a couple of other blogs that help people make money online at home and manage their finances properly.

What’s more, my articles and advice have appeared in top online business/marketing/finance publications as well as SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms.

There are a lot of resources online that anyone can use to learn about online businesses. However, doing so could lead you to outdated information or merely listed ideas with no way of executing them.

This blog aims to help you find practical strategies along with the tools you need to make your dream come true. So, keep exploring the site to learn even more.


Mike Stuzzi