Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons

Augusta Precious Metals Pros and Cons (Things to Consider)

Augusta Precious Metals is one of the largest dealers of physical precious metals in the United States. Since its founding in 2012, the company has helped individual investors diversify their portfolios by purchasing gold and silver.

While buying precious metals directly from dealers like Augusta can be appealing for self-directed investors looking to add a hard asset component to their holdings, it helps to understand both the pros and cons involved.

This article objectively overviews the key advantages and disadvantages of purchasing gold and silver products from Augusta Precious Metals. We’ll examine pricing, fees, product selection, security, and customer service quality.

The aim is to help you decide whether Augusta is a suitable option based on your individual needs and investment goals. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to gold IRA companies or are knowledgeable and already have some investments in positions.

Augusta Precious Metals: Most Trusted Gold IRA Company

For over a decade, Augusta has maintained the highest standards for quality and security that you simply cannot find elsewhere. Contact Augusta today to add top-quality precious metals to your portfolio and rest easy knowing your assets are in the safest of hands. I give Augusta my highest recommendation!

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Pros of Augusta Precious Metals

Below are the advantages of working with Augusta Precious Metals.

1. Good Reviews, Ratings, and Reputation

Augusta has been in business since 2010 without any significant complaints or issues reported. This serves to demonstrate a consistent track record.

The company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with no unresolved complaints on file. This third-party endorsement indicates they operate ethically and resolve customer issues satisfactorily.

Online reviews on sites like Google and Trustpilot are largely positive. You’ll find current and former clients praising their customer service, transaction security, and product quality.

Also, Augusta Precious Metals is privately owned. So, it doesn’t face the same shareholder pressures as publicly traded companies to maximize short-term profits at the risk of reputation.

To top it all off, the company president and other key staff have long careers in the precious metals industry. This fact brings specialized product knowledge and relationships to customers.

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2. Education-Focused Approach to Gold IRA

Augusta Precious Metals provides a wealth of educational content on its website to help clients understand precious metals investing. This includes guides, videos, and a blog that discusses topics like gold IRA rules, storage options, and how metals fit into an overall investment portfolio.

Augusta even offers a free Gold IRA guide (use link) that you can access from its website. Also, Devlon Steele, Augusta’s director of education, is a Harvard-trained economic analyst who educates viewers on the company’s YouTube Channel.

In addition to online resources, Augusta Precious Metals representatives are available for phone or in-person consultations to answer questions and provide customized guidance. This personalized consulting approach helps ensure gold IRA investments are suitable for each client’s needs, risk tolerance, and investment goals.

3. Zero Fees for up to 10 Years

Augusta Precious Metals provides a distinctive benefit for those seeking to establish an individual self-directed retirement account containing gold or silver. The company takes care of 100 percent of the initial annual fees associated with the IRA.

This delivers immediate cost savings for new account holders. On top of that, Augusta Precious Metals may cover fees for an expanded time frame, potentially extending to 10 years.

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4. Endorsed by Big Names

Augusta Precious Metals has garnered endorsements from high-profile names like NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana. Montana publicly endorses the company and has invested in gold IRAs through them.

The story goes that Joe Montana asked his finance team to find the best gold IRA company in the US, and they landed on Augusta Precious Metals. His endorsement adds credibility given his financial success.

In addition to Montana, the company has been featured in major national media outlets like Forbes. Publications from these widely read sources help raise awareness of Augusta Precious Metals among the public as an established industry player.

5. Good Customer Service

Augusta Precious Metals assigns each client an individual account representative. This dedicated point of contact can offer customized guidance and support.

Through this assigned representative, clients can ask questions, seek advice, and receive help with their accounts whenever necessary. From initial paperwork to ongoing account management, these IRA experts provide confidence and simplify what can otherwise be a complex self-directed investment option.

The best part is that Augusta Precious Metals provides lifetime account support. This approach allows you as a client to depend on the company’s assistance team for aid and direction over the entire duration you hold an account with them.

6. A Variety of Gold and Silver Products

Augusta Precious Metals offers an extensive selection of physical gold and silver products including coins, bars, rounds, and bullion from government mints like the US Mint as well as private mints. This wide range of options gives clients flexibility to choose products that suit their budget, investment goals, and personal preferences.

In addition to bullion-grade metals, their inventory includes rare and collectible coins for clients interested in numismatic investments. One collectible gold coin example that can be slightly rare is the Gold Canadian Maple Leaf (specific dates and sizes).

Gold Canadian Maple Leaf-1oz-BU Random Year

Clients can customize product selection by metal type, weight, and mint origin to place one-time or recurring orders tailored to their individual portfolio allocation strategies.

What’s more, Augusta Precious Metals is continuously acquiring new product releases and limited mintage items to maintain a fresh selection for clients. This keeps client engagement and ensures they don’t miss out on opportunities in a fast-moving market.

7. Satisfactory Refund Policy

Augusta Precious Metals has a 7-day return policy for initial clients who acquire premium gold and silver coins through their first transaction. Specifically, this return window provides the opportunity for new clients to return the coins and receive a full refund if, after receipt and review, they aren’t fully satisfied with their premium item selection.

What’s more, there’s a buyback policy in place where the company can, although not entitled to, repurchase your gold and silver products. Chances are high that Augusta won’t refuse your buyback request, given their good history of not doing so.

Cons of Augusta Precious Metals

Since no company is perfect, here are the few disadvantages of using Augusta Precious Metals for gold IRA.

1. High Minimum Investment of $50,000

The minimum investment requirement of $50,000 to open an IRA with Augusta Precious Metals may limit their appeal for some smaller investors. Having such a sizable minimum upfront could put them out of reach for those just starting to save and invest for retirement.

However, it’s important to note that this minimum was established with a specific clientele in mind – individuals and families who already have $100,000 or more saved up for retirement. So while the high minimum could be viewed as a potential downside, it fits well with Augusta’s targeting of established investors and those with substantial existing retirement funds to manage.

2. Limited Product Listing to Only Gold and Silver

While gold and silver are tried-and-true precious metals investments, Augusta Precious Metals only lists these two asset classes within its IRA product catalog. Some investors may prefer more diversification by also including other commodities like platinum or palladium.

The narrow product selection of exclusively gold and silver bars, coins, and bullion could be viewed as a constraint on portfolio optimization. It may not appeal to clients seeking precious metals exposure across a wider range of assets beyond just the two most popular precious metals.

However, it should be noted that by focusing solely on these two metals, Augusta has the opportunity to develop deep expertise specifically in the gold and silver markets. Also, according to our inquiries with the gold IRA company, they can access any metal, having established good connections with private and government mints (all you have to do is ask your representative about it for more information).

3. Lack of Upfront Gold and Silver Prices on Its Website

Unlike some competitors, Augusta Precious Metals does not list the specific prices for their gold and silver coins, bars, and bullion products directly on their website. You as an investor have to request a quote to obtain current pricing.

This could be viewed negatively by some as it provides less pricing transparency than seeing live prices online. It also requires prospective clients to engage a representative before understanding the actual costs.

Still, precious metals prices can fluctuate daily based on market movements. By not posting live prices, Augusta avoids the risk of its quotes becoming outdated or misaligned with real-time market values.

Another possibility is that Augusta focuses more on educational consultation than self-directed online transactions. Not having prices listed may simply reflect their business model of personal service over unassisted online research.

Pros and Cons of Gold and Silver IRAs

Now, let’s look at the benefits and downsides of gold and silver IRA investments:

 Here are some potential pros and cons of gold IRAs:


  • Portfolio diversification: Gold and silver provide diversification from traditional stocks and bonds to help you balance risk.
  • Inflation hedge: Gold, especially, has historically maintained its value and even increased during high inflation periods. 
  • Tangible assets: Precious metals are tangible assets, unlike paper currencies which can lose value. They serve as a hedge against currency debasement which can occur with time.
  • Tax advantages: Gold IRAs bring to the table the same tax benefits as traditional IRAs and thus enable tax-deferred growth and qualified withdrawals.


  • Price volatility: As a commodity, the price of gold (or silver) can fluctuate significantly depending on market forces. This introduces price risk.
  • Storage and security: Precious metals require that you have secure and insured storage in place, unlike other paper assets. This involves additional costs and responsibilities.
  • Liquidity limitations: Gold IRAs have rules around withdrawals and transactions to maintain the IRA’s tax advantages, which can impact liquidity compared to regular brokerage accounts.
  • Administration fees: There are annual fees involved with the custody and administration of physical gold and silver assets held in an IRA.


As you’ve seen, there are many benefits to investing in a gold or silver IRA with Augusta Precious Metals. If you ask me, the good outweighs the bad.

The major concern for me and most others is the minimum investment amount of $50,000. But if you have significant savings in place for retiring, it would be a wise move to taste (and test) what Augusta has to offer.

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