Aragon AI Review

Aragon AI Headshots Review: Best Headshot App or Not?

Are you considering AI-generated headshots and want to know whether Aragon AI is the best fit?

We all know that getting professional-quality headshots is important for career and networking. However, scheduling a photo session with a photographer can be time-consuming and expensive.

Enter AI, where Aragon AI, one of the available tools, promises to provide high-quality headshots with just a smartphone. It does so to eliminate the need for an in-person photo session.

In this Aragon AI review, I will evaluate whether the platform delivers on its promise of providing professional-level headshots with ease and convenience. Specifically, I will assess the app’s key features and the quality and realism of generated photos.

I will also compare Aragon AI Headshots to other headshot apps on the market. So, read on to discover the details.

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Aragon AI Overview

Here’s an overview of Aragon AI.

What Is Aragon AI?

Aragon AI is an AI headshot generator tool that can help you turn your selfies into professional images. The company was founded in late 2022 and has since attracted more than 350K users, generating more than a million headshots monthly.

The AI company is trusted by leading professionals from organizations and brands like Harvard University, Tesla, and Google. What makes Aragon AI unique is its focus on realism, quick turnaround time, and overall user satisfaction.

How Does Aragon AI Work?

The Aragon AI headshot app uses what’s known as generative adversarial networks (GANs) to generate realistic portrait photos from a user’s selfie. A brief overview of how the tool works is as follows:

  • Data collection: The app was trained on a large dataset of real headshot photos showing a variety of poses, expressions, backgrounds, etc. This helps it understand what real headshots look like.
  • User upload: To get started, you upload a current photo of yourself, typically a selfie, as a starting reference point.
  • Customization options: You can customize factors like pose, backgrounds, and more.
  • Headshot generation: The app generates new portrait photos and incorporates your chosen style features into customized headshots.
  • Selection and sharing: You’re able to view the generated options and select the best headshots. It’s possible to export them as high-resolution images for use on websites, resumes, etc.

Who Should Use Aragon AI?

Here are some of the main types of people who would benefit most from using the Aragon AI headshot app:

  • Job seekers and professionals: High-quality headshots are essential for LinkedIn profiles, resumes, and professional networking. Aragon AI provides an affordable and easy way to get them.
  • Actors or models: Headshots are a must-have for acting resumes, auditions, and modeling portfolios. The app offers flexibility to experiment with different looks.
  • Students: Whether applying for college, scholarships, or internships, students need polished headshots too. Aragon AI makes it simple and low-cost.
  • Remote workers: For those who work remotely and can’t easily schedule a photo session, the app allows generating headshots from anywhere.
  • Budget-conscious users: Traditional headshot photography can be expensive. Aragon AI removes that barrier with an affordable unlimited option.
  • Busy schedules: Finding time for an in-person session may be difficult for you. The app only requires a few minutes to generate professional results.
  • Low confidence in photos: Some people feel uncomfortable getting photos taken. If you’re like that, this tool can empower you to get the perfect shot on their terms (using your best selfies).

So in summary, anyone seeking high-quality headshots easily and affordably would benefit from Aragon AI’s innovative AI-powered photography solution.

Aragon AI Features

Next up on this Aragon AI headshot review, we explore the features it comes with.

1. Realistic Headshots

Aragon AI’s headshot generation sets itself apart through its use of advanced generative adversarial networks trained on a massive dataset of real portrait photos. Rather than producing results through direct edits like other apps, Aragon AI can synthesize completely new and hyper-realistic headshots from scratch.

Aragon AI AI-Generated Headshots Examples

This generative approach allows for subtle textures, lighting effects, and fine details that avoid the artificial or low-quality look of simple edits. You can guide the generative process in advance through style selections to get the perfect shot, unlike static pre-edited outputs from other traditional editing apps.

2. Up to 100 Quality Headshots

Traditionally when getting headshots taken in a professional photography studio, the process involves booking a time slot for a photo session. During this limited session, the photographer will take multiple photos to get a couple of “good” headshots that meet the client’s needs.

With Aragon AI’s headshot generation tool, you have the unique ability to generate up to 100 high-quality, professional-level headshots in one sitting from the comfort of your own home or office.

This expanded variety gives you more flexibility to find shots that work best for different purposes or to have extra options on hand for future needs. It also removes the pressure to settle on just one or two shots, as is the case with a single photo session with a photographer.

3. 50 Outfits and Backgrounds

When getting traditional headshots, you’ll usually only have a limited selection of outfits to wear and backgrounds to pose in front of. This restricts the variety of looks that can be captured in a single session.

Aragon AI vastly expands these options by allowing users to generate headshots across 50 different outfits and backgrounds without ever needing to change clothes or locations. This is made possible through the AI’s ability to smoothly composite the generated portrait onto a diverse range of virtual apparel and environmental backdrops.

Some of the included outfit categories cover business professional, business casual, creative professional, and more. The backgrounds range from office settings to outdoor scenery.

Rather than settling for a single standardized style, the 50 outfit and backdrop permutations let you walk away with a massive online portfolio of headshots showing different vibes.

4. Quick Turnaround Time

One of the major advantages that Aragon AI provides over traditional in-person headshot photography is its incredibly fast turnaround time. While booking and attending a photo studio session can take days or weeks to coordinate schedules and even more to get your photos.

Aragon AI allows you to go from starting the process to receiving finished headshots in about 30 minutes. The 30-minute turnaround time is available in 2 of Aragon’s top packages, while the most affordable one takes about an hour for results.

This lightning-fast speed is a huge benefit for anyone needing headshots urgently for an upcoming event, job application, or website profile picture. No longer is the headshot process a lengthy ordeal!

5. Free Redo

One of the advantages Aragon AI offers over traditional headshot photography is the ability to freely redo and regenerate shots with no additional costs. With in-person studio sessions, any changes or additional photos typically incur extra fees from the photographer.

If they’re not fully satisfied with Aragon’s initial results, you can simply request a new generation to find images you love. You get a chance to perfect the generated headshots and save both time and money.

How to Generate Headshots with Aragon AI

Generating headshots with Aragon AI is a breeze. Below are the steps to follow:

1. Go to the Aragon AI Official Website

You need to go to and find the option to get started.

Aragon AI

2. Create an Account

It’s possible to create an account using your Google or email credentials. Using a Google account for signing up is easier.

Aragon AI Sign up

3. Click to Try the Service

Upon account creation, you’ll be taken to a page that welcomes you to “AI Photoshoot.” You have to acknowledge Aragon’s terms of service by checking a box before proceeding to try the tool.

Aragon AI Welcome

4. Choose a Package

Aragon AI Has 3 packages to choose from, these are Starter, Basic, and Premium. Each Package selection depends on your budget and desired quality of service (more about Aragon pricing and packages later).

Basic is recommended, but I chose Starter for this tutorial.

Aragon AI Package Selection

5. Make Your Purchase

The next step is to enter your payment details in the Stripe checkout (supported payment methods are card, WeChat, and Alipay). On the same payment page, you can input an Aragon AI promo code, like this site’s special, “STUZZI” which gets you 10 percent off.

Aragon AI Stripe Checkout - Promo Code Applied

Upon completing payment, you’ll get a message about payment success and you’ll be able to start creating your headshots using Aragon.

6. Make Your Selections

You need to choose your gender, age, eye color, hair color, and ethnicity.

Aragon AI Selections

7. Upload Your Selfies

You can upload your selfies or regular photos of you taken at various locations during different times. When uploading, make sure you avoid:

  • Group photos
  • Mirror selfies
  • Heavily edited photos
  • Silly faces
  • Photos with obstructions to your face, such as long hair or sunglasses
  • Other AI-generated photos

The minimum number of uploads is 6. But it’s recommended to upload a maximum of 8 for the best results. Aragon AI verifies all your photos and shows you the accepted ones.


After uploading, there are additional selections to make. You can also select your use case, including your profession (architect, chef, civil engineer, etc) and headshot reason (artist portfolio, author bio, dating profile, etc).

For this tutorial, I selected “marketing specialist” as the profession and “LinkedIn Profile” as the reason. You’re able to confirm all your selections before you begin to generate.

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8. Wait for the Results

After confirming that your selections are correct, you just need to wait for Aragon AI to do its magic!

Aragon AI at Work

You can monitor the AI technicalities happening in the background from your profile page. Or, you can chill, go out, and come back later to see the results.

9. Download the Headshots

All I can say is that I was impressed by the results that Aragon AI created based on the original pictures. Check the screenshot below for some Aragon’s AI-generated headshot examples:


Aragon provided headshots with different clothing styles and backgrounds within an hour, as advertised. Even if there was no option to choose the colors, you can sure find numerous favorite ones from the results!

With such a library of headshots, you may just never step into the studio again for a long time. You’ll only need to update your professional photos once you’ve grown older.

Aragon AI Pricing

Aragon AI has 3 pricing packages that come with different benefits. All the purchases are one-time, such that you only need to repurchase in the future when you need more headshots for you or your team members.

Is Aragon AI Free?

No, Aragon AI isn’t free. The reason is that developing advanced AI technology for photorealistic image generation requires massive investments in research, data collection, model training, infrastructure, and customer support.

Any free AI headshot generator will offer mediocre results at best. You can’t get realistic results from tools like Aragon and it’s likely to be your original photo just with background changes.

There aren’t any facial posture or clothing changes, as I’ve found to be the case with another free tool for headshots (no names mentioned!)

How Much Is Aragon AI?

Here are details on Aragon AI’s packages for individuals.

Aragon AI Pricing

Starter ($29)

This is the most affordable option.

  • 20 generated headshots
  • 5 outfits and backgrounds
  • 60-minute turnaround time

Basic ($39)

Basic is the recommended package, based on the fact that more than 70 percent of users pick it.

  • 40 generated headshots
  • 25 outfits and backgrounds
  • 30-minute turnaround time
  • 1 free redo

Premium ($69)

This is the highest package.

  • 100 generated headshots
  • 50 outfits and backgrounds
  • 30-minute turnaround time
  • 1 free redo

Aragon AI for Teams

If you have a team, you can get corporate headshots for everyone using Aragon AI! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a team of 3 or 250+.

The default prices, however, start at 25 users and the cost is $750. The service quality is that of the Premium package (100 headshots with 50 styles in 30 minutes).

Aragon AI Team Packages

I would recommend the team packages to save more money. For a 3-person team, you pay $117 and get the Premium package quality, worth $207 if it were purchased individually.

Aragon AI Refund Policy

Aragon AI can refund your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the results. And it’s not a complicated process.

You just need to request your money back within 30 days. However, as per the refund policy, low-quality uploads don’t qualify for a refund.

If you upload selfies of poor quality, you won’t get good results. But this has to do with your photos and not the service, meaning that you can’t claim your money back.

That’s why I recommend that you only add high-quality images to Aragon. This way, you can get great AI-generated headshots, and if they don’t please you, you won’t have to worry about a refund.

Aragon AI Pros and Cons

Here’s what I like and what I don’t like about Aragon AI.

What I Like about Aragon AI

  • Is affordable
  • High-quality headshots with different variations
  • Supports different ethnicities and you can make that selection
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Team packages that cut costs
  • Secure and automatic deletion of all your AI records within 30 days, with the option to do it manually at any time

What I Don’t Like about Aragon AI

  • No refunds for low-quality uploads
  • No unlimited redos
  • Has no free redo for the lowest package, Starter

Aragon AI Alternatives

When talking about the best AI headshot tools, a few Aragon AI alternatives come to mind.


Like Aragon, ProPhotos offers a fast 30-minute turnaround time for finished headshots. This speediness applies to its highest package, Professional.

ProPhotos’ automated studio uses AI to generate professional portraits quickly without the need for an in-person session. This makes ProPhotos a good option for anyone needing headshots in a hurry.

Secta Labs

Secta Labs stands out from Aragon in its massive output of over 300 professional headshots. Where Aragon offers around 100 generated options, Secta provides triple the variety so users are more likely to find just the right look.

The extensive options make Secta a better choice for those wanting maximum creativity and flexibility in their portraits.


For professionals needing headshots across various facial expressions and emotions, HeadshotPro may have the edge. It provides more than 40 poses, ranging from serious business looks to casual smiles.

HeadshotPro caters well to acting portfolios, senior executive profiles, or anyone wanting to showcase their full range of expressions digitally. The extensive pose library captures more facets of personal brand and style.

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Aragon AI FAQs

What is the tool Aragon used for in AI?

Aragon AI is a tool that lets you generate professional headshots for all your needs.

Who is the founder of Aragon AI?

Aragon AI’s founder is Wesley Tian, an ex-AI researcher.

Is Aragon AI legit?

Having used the tool myself, I can comfortably say that Aragon AI isn’t just legit but among the best apps for headshots at the moment. The quality is something you can easily find elsewhere.

Aragon AI Review: Conclusion

Aragon AI provides an innovative solution for professional-quality digital headshots without the hassle or cost of traditional photography. For those looking for an easy and affordable way to generate high-end portraits, Aragon is a service worth considering.

You have nothing to lose by giving Aragon a try. With the risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, you can experiment with the virtual studio to your heart’s content. If you end up unsatisfied for any reason, you can request a full refund within 30 days.

I would highly recommend taking advantage of this risk-free trial. As seen in this Aragon AI review, the AI system is capable of stunningly realistic results that rival and sometimes even surpass in-person photography.

What’s more, many customers have been impressed with how professionally Aragon transforms even amateur selfies into polished executive portraits. The convenience of generating high-quality headshots from anywhere in just 30 minutes can’t be beaten.

So, don’t just take my word for it – see for yourself!

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