Preserve Gold Review

Preserve Gold Review: BBB, Ratings, Lawsuits, and Fees

Preserve Gold is a relatively newer player in the gold IRA industry. But that hasn’t stopped the precious metals company from making some waves.

Being a newer company, you may be skeptical about trusting it with your retirement savings for investment. So, you may be asking yourself, is Preserve Gold legit (so far) or it shouldn’t be trusted because it’s new?

Luckily, I’ve done the heavy research for you and have detailed all the information you need in this article. So, if you’re looking for Preserve Gold’s reviews, ratings, and any complaints, you’ve come to the right place for answers.

I’ll also highlight the company’s selection of precious metal products and services. On top of it all, you’ll discover the company’s fees and minimum investment amounts to determine how suitable it is for your investment goals.

Preserve Gold Overview

Here’s an overview of the company and what it does.

What Is Preserve Gold?

Preserve Gold

Preserve Gold is a privately held precious metals firm based in Woodland Hills, California. Founded in 2022, the company was started by a family with extensive interest in the gold and retirement industries.

Preserve Gold aims to help you as an investor to diversify your retirement portfolios by facilitating the purchase of physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium through self-directed IRAs. They offer a full-service solution for rolling over existing 401(k)s, 403(b)s, TSPs, and other qualified plans into a Gold IRA.

In addition to retirement account transfers, Preserve Gold can also deliver physical precious metals to your door. Their dedicated representatives guide you through the process of selecting and acquiring physical precious metals, whether for holding within a tax-advantaged gold IRA account or at home.

The company prides itself on providing a personalized approach and striving to make the IRA transfer process as smooth as possible. If you become a customer, you’ll have access to ongoing support for account maintenance, storage, and future transactions after the initial setup.

Who Is the Owner of Preserve Gold?

Daniel Boston is the founder of Preserve Gold. Before launching the company in 2022, he spent years helping customers diversify investments as a senior account executive at Lear Capital – one of the largest dealers in gold and silver IRAs.

He runs Preserve Gold with a team of hand-selected experts in precious metals. All this means that while working with Preserve Gold, you can be sure that you’re dealing with experts in gold matters.

How Does Preserve Gold Work?

The first step is to consult one of Preserve Gold’s dedicated account representatives. They will guide you in setting up a self-directed gold IRA and help determine the best options based on your financial goals and situation.

Once ready to proceed, the representative assists you with opening a new gold IRA account and facilitates a transfer from your existing 401k, 403b, etc. Preserve Gold works with trusted third-party precious metal custodians with a proven track record.

With funds now in your IRA, you’re able to purchase physical precious metals like gold and silver. Their representatives make it easy to select products from reputable dealers and mints.

All metals are securely stored in an IRS-approved depository on your behalf. This provides third-party verification of holdings.

For cash purchases outside of an IRA, you simply need to fund your Preserve Gold account using the payment instructions provided. Delivery of physical metals can then be made to your home or a select depository for secure storage.

From that point on, their customer support team is available to help with ongoing account maintenance, transaction requests, and any other IRA administration needs. Preserve Gold handles all the paperwork behind the scenes.

Preserve Gold BBB and Other Ratings

Preserve Gold, as much as it’s new, has already established a good BBB record. The company has been accredited since 2022 and has an A rating on BBB.

Now, this BBB rating isn’t based on customer reviews but rather on how long a company has been in business. And so, you may find that some older gold IRA companies with good reputations have a rating of A+ (the highest attainable).

Still, Preserve Gold has a customer rating of over 4.9 stars on BBB. This means that most of the users already have had great experiences with the company.

Here’s a full breakdown of Preserve Gold’s ratings and reviews across multiple trusted review platforms:

  • 4.94/5 stars on BBB and an average of 32 customer reviews
  • 4.8 rating and 55 reviews on Trustpilot
  • 5.0 rating and 42 reviews on ConsumerAffairs
  • 4.8 rating and 36 reviews on Google Business

You may notice that Preserve Gold’s rating on some of these platforms, like Trustpilot, is better than some competitors that have been in the market for longer. Also, the Consumer Affairs profile of Preserve Gold is impressive such that all the reviewers, as of this writing, have given it the full stars.

Most of the users praise its highly educative representatives, their understanding of your needs, and the ease of setup. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner with no previous knowledge about gold investing.

All in all, Preserve Gold won’t play games or mess with your retirement money. The company is trustworthy, given the great ratings on platforms like BBB, and can handle all your precious metals investment matters with expertise.

Preserve Gold Complaints

Now, the thing that I liked the most about Preserve Gold is that they have no complaints on their BBB page (as of the time of this writing). Most of the users there have rated it 5 stars.

Preserve Gold BBB
Preserve Gold on BBB

Still, no company is perfect. Upon visiting Preserve Gold’s Trustpilot page, you’ll find a couple of 4 stars.

One is a user who had a good experience with getting started. But then, the only issue was that the delivery person simply dropped off their shipment without a signature, and the user wanted the next order to be more securely handled.

Preserve Gold Trustpilot Review

The other complaint I found was a 1-star review on Google Business concerning a delivery that was never done. However, as per the company’s response, the user who left the review wasn’t even their customer.

Preserve Gold Google Review

Another 2-star review on the same platform (Google) had no details as to why the user gave them such a rating. Also, it appeared that the user wasn’t a customer of Preserve Gold as well.

These two bad reviews on Google looked like spammy accounts. They were also the first two to ever appear on Preserve Gold’s Google Business profile.

Preserve Gold Lawsuit

Upon researching Preserve Gold, I did not find any record of significant lawsuits against the company. However, as with any financial services provider, smaller client disputes may have occurred over the years that did not rise to the level of a publicly reported lawsuit.

When I searched Google and legal databases like UniCort and Justia, no litigation came up involving Preserve Gold. This is reassuring as large class action suits or regulatory actions would certainly be documented if they had taken place.

Preserve Gold Search UniCourt

The lack of visible lawsuits is a positive sign for Preserve Gold’s operations and client relationships. Still, as with any financial decision, you have to thoroughly review agreements, disclosures, and potential risks before deciding if they are the right partner based on your individual needs and risk tolerance.

Preserve Gold Products and Services

Preserve Gold provides a wide selection of precious metals investment options to suit different needs and budgets. Their product line includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium in various forms.


Preserve Gold sources their bars from top-tier refiners like Credit Suisse, allowing customers to confidently invest in precious metals. Their bar selection covers gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Gold bars are available in a wide range of sizes to suit different budgets. For those just starting, 1-gram bars keep the entry cost low. Larger 100-gram and 1-kilogram units give more seasoned investors flexibility.

Silver bars span 1 to 10 ounces, providing options for building position size over time. The 1-10 oz range is a sweet spot in terms of liquidity and premiums for silver bars.

Platinum is offered primarily in 1-ounce bars, which have become a standard size for the precious metal. The 1 oz denomination strikes a good balance of size, value, and marketability for platinum investors.

Palladium bars are available as small as 1 gram, mirroring the affordable starter size offered for gold. This helps make palladium accessible despite its higher per-ounce price compared to other precious metals.


In addition to bars, Preserve Gold provides a selection of government-issued bullion coins. These allow for smaller precious metal purchases starting at 1/10 oz denominations.

Their gold coin selection includes staples like American Gold Eagles and Canadian Gold Maples. The US and Canadian gold coins are renowned for their purity, security features, and universal market recognition.

Silver coin options span American Silver Eagles and Canadian Silver Maples. These are among the most liquid silver bullion coins worldwide that offer reliable value and exchangeability.

In addition to gold and silver, Preserve Gold also carries palladium Maple Leaf coins from the Royal Canadian Mint. This provides an alternative way to add palladium exposure in 1 oz or smaller increments.

For platinum, they offer Australian Platinum Kangaroos. The Kangaroo is a well-regarded series that helps platinum investors diversify outside of bars.

IRA-Approved Coins and Bars

Preserve Gold has various gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins that meet the fineness requirements to be held in an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). These include top coins like American Gold and Silver Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and Australian Kangaroos.

In bars, their Credit Suisse and other refinery-produced bars are fully IRA-compliant as well. Investors can choose from bars in a variety of weights, knowing they qualify for tax-advantaged retirement holdings.

Having IRA-eligible precious metals gives you the ability to diversify your self-directed IRAs with physical gold, silver, and other hard assets. This can help balance out other investments in an all-in-one retirement solution.

Also, with tax-free purchases, storage, and withdrawals, a gold IRA allows accumulating bullion without current tax obligations.

Preserve Gold Minimum Investment and Fees

Minimum Investment

The minimum investment to get started with Preserve Gold is $10,000. While $10,000 may seem like a high minimum investment for some new investors in the game, it’s quite reasonable for precious metals.

This is a much lower barrier to entry compared to many other gold dealers. Some companies require upwards of $25,000 to start investing through their gold IRA services.


Preserve Gold has no account setup fees for new customers. This removes a major hurdle that some competitors charge just to open an account.

However, there’s an annual fee of $100 for custodial services and another $100 (approximately) for storage. The custodial fee goes to Equity Trust, one of the largest and most reputable custodians to cover important administrative functions like document storage, tax reporting compliance, and acting as the legal IRA holder.

The approximate $100 vaulting fee helps offset the high-security costs for facilities like the Delaware Depository. This world-class depository ensures metals are insured and accessible if you ever need them.

Together, the two $100s come out to just $200 per year to maintain an IRA, which is minimal considering there is no percentage of assets charged. Some companies charge 1% or more annually.

What’s more, qualifying customers can benefit from zero fees for up to 5 years. This can be a powerful boost to get your precious metals portfolio established without worrying about the associated costs.

Preserve Gold Refund and Buyback Policy

Preserve Gold offers a generous 24-hour price satisfaction policy. Within one day of any purchase, you have the right to cancel your order with no questions asked.

In addition to the 24-hour cancellation window, Preserve Gold maintains a buyback program for investors at any time. Through this, you’re free to liquidate your physical gold or silver holdings by selling back to Preserve Gold.

Best of all, there are no commissions or fees charged on the transaction. Preserve Gold simply pays the current spot market price per ounce.

And so, you won’t need to find your own new buyer if wanting to sell. Preserve Gold handles all aspects of arranging pickup from you as an investor and processing the transaction.

Preserve Gold Pros and Cons

Next in this Preserve Gold review are the pros and cons of the gold IRA company.

Preserve Gold Pros

  • An affordable minimum investment of $10,000 for investors
  • Access to precious metal specialists who can guide you from A to Z about getting started and everything else
  • Buyback program with no fees and you can live with the peace of mind that you’ll get good prices when you feel like selling in the future
  • Great ratings and reviews on major review sites, with a total 5-star rating by all users specifically on ConsumerAffairs

Preserve Gold Cons

  • You have to reach out to them for the current pricing of their products
  • The cancellation window of 24 hours, as much as it exists, is still tiny, compared to some alternatives that give you several days to change your mind if needed

Preserve Gold Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, Preserve Gold is an excellent option for those looking to diversify into physical precious metals.

As a self-directed IRA provider, they have a relatively low minimum investment threshold of just $10,000. This allows more individuals to take advantage of the tax benefits of a retirement account while gaining exposure to gold and silver.

Their buyback program further enhances accessibility by providing an easy way to liquidate holdings without commissions or fees. The program is also very investor-friendly.

By purchasing metals back at current spot prices, Preserve Gold removes execution risk that might otherwise exist in finding a private buyer. Their handling of the entire transaction process from pickup to payment also spares customers unnecessary hassle.

For new investors testing the precious metals asset class, the added protections of the 24-hour refund window and buyback program offer strong reassurance.

While a newer company, Preserve Gold has earned many positive reviews highlighting its customer service, education resources, and ease of doing business. This shows they may be a newcomer in name only, as they have demonstrated the trustworthiness and reliability of more established providers.

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