StoryChief Review

StoryChief Review 2024: Details, Features, Pricing

Managing content marketing on your own is no easy feat in today’s busy world. Between coming up with ideas, writing pieces, scheduling posts, and analyzing results, it can feel like a never-ending juggling act!

And that’s where having the right tool can make a big difference. Enter StoryChief, one of the established platforms in the content marketing space. 

StoryChief aims to take the grunt work out of content production so you can focus on the strategic and effortless stuff. And that’s the goal for most people — to free up your brainpower so you can spend it on more important things.

Now I know what you may be thinking, with so many options on the market these days, how do I know if StoryChief is right for me?

Fair question! This updated review will give you a good sense of what StoryChief can do. It breaks down the key features of the platform, the different price plans available, and more. 

By the end, you should feel confident knowing if StoryChief is a good fit for your content marketing needs or if you need to keep shopping around. Let’s dive in!

StoryChief Overview

What Is StoryChief?


StoryChief is a content marketing platform that helps marketing, editorial, and social media teams work better together to create and share content across multiple channels.

With StoryChief, all your content planning, publishing, and measuring is done in one centralized place. Editors, writers, and social media managers can collaborate easily – leaving the scattered emails and spreadsheets behind. You can draft, review, and schedule posts for all your networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

StoryChief also connects to the other systems you already use, like your CMS for websites, DAM for assets, and CRM for customers. This means you don’t have to jump around because everything is streamlined in one workspace.

Who Can Use StoryChief?

StoryChief is great for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’ve got a small social media manager or a huge team with different departments, StoryChief can help you all work seamlessly together.

Marketing agencies also love StoryChief because it allows them to easily oversee content for multiple clients from one dashboard. No more juggling spreadsheets or getting client work mixed up.

If you’re a non-profit, publisher, or association, StoryChief is an amazing tool for coordinating content creation and sharing across your website, newsletters, social channels, and more. It can simplify processes and free up time for your team.

Even freelance writers, consultants, or solopreneurs with their own brands can find StoryChief useful. You can plan and schedule out content for the weeks ahead, freeing you up to focus on the creative work.

No matter the size or type of organization, StoryChief provides a centralized hub for collaborating on content strategy, production, and distribution. It’s really flexible and scales to fit your specific needs. So whether you’ve got 2 people or 200, StoryChief could be a game-changer for your team.

StoryChief Features

Here’s how the StoryChief dashboard looks:

StoryChief Dashboard

1. Stories

Stories is a great feature that allows you to demonstrate your expertise and connect with others. With StoryChief’s story editor, you can easily craft engaging stories right from your dashboard. Whether you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry or collaborate with teammates, Stories makes it simple.

When you’re ready to create a new story, just click the green “+” button and select “Create story” from the menu. Then you’ll have a blank canvas to start adding your content.

You can include images, videos, and text to bring your story to life. Once your story is written, you can optimize it for search engines to increase visibility and reach more people.

StoryChief makes it easy to examine optimal word count and readability, and add key phrases in all the right places like titles, descriptions, and tags so readers and search engines understand what your story is about.

Publishing your stories is also seamless within the dashboard. You can activate channels where you need the story to go, like a personal website, content hub, email, or social networks.

2. Social Posts

With StoryChief’s Social Posts, you can develop a unified strategy to share your stories across all of your channels. It’s easy to use the feature for boosting your visibility online.

From your dashboard, start a new Social Post by clicking the green “+” button and selecting “Create social post“. Then you can choose which platforms you want to share on, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more. This is handy if you want to reach specific followers on certain networks. 

You have some great options for what to post too. You can promote an existing blog article, link to an image, or share a video. No matter the medium, StoryChief makes it simple to create consistent messaging with a master post that automatically populates each channel. 

Don’t forget you can tag other accounts like influencers or companies to increase your reach. UTM tags also allow you to track back to StoryChief to see what’s driving traffic. Once written, you can publish the post immediately or schedule it for later.

3. The William Blog

StoryChief Blog

The William blog feature included with StoryChief is an interesting one. For anyone looking to start publishing content online without any technical hassle, William is a great option.

Every StoryChief workspace comes with a fully functioning William blog ready for you to start posting to right away. There’s no setting anything up.

Simply log into StoryChief and you can begin writing. William removes all the difficulties of building and maintaining your own site. 

While William has a clean and neutral design that won’t require custom coding skills, you do have options to brand it as your own. You can upload your logo, add hero images, and call to action. 

It’s possible to organize your articles into categories that fit your topics. Or even use your own custom domain name if you want.

Best of all, William gives you a professional, responsive online home for your content with no IT involvement. It scores 100 percent on Google Lighthouse tests too, so you know your content will look great to readers and search engines.

4. Team Collaboration

If you’re partnering with in-house teams or freelancers, StoryChief allows everyone to work in the same environment. This saves time versus sharing files over email. 

Some key collaboration perks include approval flows for reviewing stories and social posts. This ensures quality control before publishing. 

Commenting lets your colleagues provide feedback directly on the text. No more unclear notes as all you do is just highlight an area and leave a comment.

You can also create editor briefs upfront to get external writers headed in the right direction from the start. And StoryChief allows sharing preview links, so clients or other stakeholders without accounts can still view drafts.

Plus, version history keeps a record of every change made. This includes restore points if you ever need to go back to a previous iteration.

5. Integration of Multiple Content Marketing Platforms

Whether you’re a solopreneur or a global brand, managing all your different publishing channels can become a real chore if you’re not set up efficiently. By centralizing your publishing workflow in StoryChief, you save loads of time versus managing each channel separately.

StoryChief has built-in integrations with many common platforms like WordPress, Webflow, and more. StoryChief can connect directly to these channels with just a few clicks. 

Once linked, you’ll be able to publish any story or social post to all of your connected channels simultaneously with one button. No more copying and pasting over multiple times!

StoryChief is also continuously expanding its list of supported platforms. So your favorite tools that you’re yet to see will likely be included. 

And if you have a custom site not on our list, don’t worry. You can ask your web developer to integrate it through our API instead.

6. Performance Analytics and Reports

With StoryChief, you can easily measure the performance of each individual story and social post. Just take a quick look to find stats like views, reads, shares, clicks, and more right from the dashboard.

Even better, the analytics are broken down by channel. So you can compare how content does on your website versus social platforms. This helps determine the best places to focus your efforts. 

For stories specifically, you’ll see additional metrics like average read time. This gives clues if readers are fully engaging or losing interest partway through.  

The analytics even track views and reads over time. So you can monitor an article’s lifespan and see growth patterns.

Armed with these detailed stats, you can make more informed content decisions. The right tools sometimes help you realize what content or channels really resonate with your audience.

Whether you want a high-level overview or a deep dive, StoryChief’s built-in reports save you from relying on separate analytics platforms. All the insights are centralized for your convenience.

StoryChief Pricing

StoryChief has two categories of subscriptions. These are Social Media Calendar and Content Marketing Suite.

Social Media Calendar

StoryChief Pricing (Social Media Calendar)
  • Individual: $40/month
  • Marketing Team: $60/month
  • Agency: $180/month

Content Marketing Suite

StoryChief Pricing (Content Marketing Suite)
  • Individual: $80/month
  • Marketing Team: $280/month
  • Agency: $500/month

StoryChief Pros and Cons


  • All-in-one content marketing platform to manage and distribute everything from a single place
  • Team collaboration features to enhance productivity
  • You get a free blog where you can distribute articles to your audience
  • Performance analysis and reports are available to track how you’re doing


  • No free version
  • No Chrome extension that brings all StoryChief’s functionalities anywhere online

Conclusion: StoryChief Review

In conclusion, StoryChief is a great all-in-one content platform with several useful features. Its integrated suite of tools allows teams to create, collaborate on, and distribute a variety of content like stories, social posts, and more.

While the learning curve may be a bit steep given its breadth of capabilities, StoryChief presents itself as a strong contender for any organization seeking to optimize and scale its content production in a centralized and team-based environment. 

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