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Jasper AI Free Trial 2023 (Get 10,000 Words at $0)

If you’ve ever wanted to see how AI can help you create new website content, you can now try Jasper AI’s free trial. How would you like 10,000 words at no cost?

Any blogger, marketer, or other online business owners could make good use of this.

In case you didn’t already know, Jasper is one of the best AI writing programs available online today. It has lots of templates for all sorts of online writing needs. The tool can produce a wide variety of text for you, from ads and product descriptions to landing pages and blog articles.

This guide is all about how to claim 10,000 words for free on Jasper. They should be enough to help you test out the tool yourself as a new user and see how it works for you.

As a side note, you can also check this full Jasper AI review that details the pros, cons, and more info about Jasper.

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How to Get the Jasper AI Free Trial and Claim 10,000 Words

You need to follow the right steps to sign up for Jasper’s trial period with free word credits to start. Here are the quick steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to the Jasper registration page (use our special link). You’ll see a message that says “Your friend gave you 10,000 words to try Jasper for FREE.”

Jasper AI Free Trial 10,000 Words

Step 2: Enter your email address in the box and click on the button that says to claim your free credits. You can create an account right away using your personal details.

Jasper AI Create Account

Step 3: You’ll get a verification email in your inbox. All new users must confirm their accounts before they can access their Jasper accounts.

Jasper AI Email Verification

Step 4: Tell Jasper about your business. You just have to fill out your brand name and website address, which is recommended if applicable.

Jasper AI- Business Details

Step 5: Say how you intend to use Jasper. You need to select all that apply, whether blog posts, social media posts, emails, website content, ads, or any other. This step helps Jasper know your expectations and serve you better.

Jasper AI Onboarding

Step 6: Choose a plan that suits your needs and click on the “Start Free Trial” button. You can select Starter, Boss Mode, or Business. The second is the most popular and recommended one.

Jasper AI Pricing

Remember, Jasper’s trial period is 5 days. You’ll need to submit your card details when signing up. When the 5 days end, your card will be charged the exact amount your selected plan costs, depending on whether you chose the annual billing or monthly billing option.

Now, as long as you finish the steps above, you’ll be able to access your new dashboard with the free words to begin your Jasper AI journey. There are numerous tutorials on the Jasper platform and it’s pretty straightforward to use. Here’s how you can write your first Jasper AI blog post.

Jasper AI’s Plans

When it comes to Jasper AI pricing, you may be wondering whether you need Starter or Boss Mode. Both plans are amazing but Boss Mode costs more and is more powerful.

Starter: This plan starts from $29 a month when billed monthly for 20,000 words. It’s best suited for beginners who don’t have huge content needs. It also suits you if you don’t own a website and just short pieces of copy for social media or your online store.

Boss Mode: This plan starts from $59 a month when billed monthly for 50,000 words. It’s suited for bloggers, marketers, and small teams that need more from Jasper. Boss Mode is the plan that allows you to write long-form content like blog posts and guides.

Business: This is the custom pricing option for larger brands. It comes with perks like a dedicated account manager, training sessions, and premium technical support.

Keep in mind that the prices above are starting prices for a specific number of words a month. If you need more words, you’ll need to adjust the price of the plan you choose.

I also mentioned that Jasper offers both annual and monthly billing options. If you choose to pay the entire year and not month after month, you save 17 percent in costs. So, with Boss Mode, for instance, you’ll pay $590 a year instead of $708 and keep your $118 for something else.

Why Choose Jasper AI?

Jasper is a creative content-writing tool with several benefits.

  • Create high-quality copies faster than ever before: You’ll not need hours but minutes to finish your drafts and get them ready for publishing. There’s no more writer’s block!
  • Reduce content creation costs: Jasper eliminates the need for a team of writers or an expensive copywriter. You won’t need as many freelancers as you needed before and it can also reduce the burden on the existing writing team.
  • Write content in different styles and voices: Jasper has numerous tones to choose from and can quickly adapt to different styles and write pieces in your brand’s voice. So, maintaining consistency throughout your website and other promotional materials won’t be a problem.
  • Easy-to-use interface: You don’t need previous tech experience or coding skills to use Jasper, as it has a simple and user-friendly platform.

Safe to say, Jasper AI lets you create high-quality and original content to use on your website or social media pages. Try it for free!

How to Cancel Jasper AI Free Trial

If for whatever reason, you no longer need services from Jasper, the tool allows you to cancel your membership. It’s all transparent and easy to do. Here’s how to cancel your Jasper account:

  • Open your Jasper account to access its settings.
  • Go to the billing area. It shows the available word credits you have remaining, including bonus and plan credits.
  • Scroll down and find the button that says “Cancel account.” If you chose to click on the button, your Jasper free trial or subscription will go away. You’ll also lose all previously saved documents as well as the earned credits.

Jasper has a refund policy whereby you can get back your money as long as it’s within 5 days from the purchase date. However, there’s also the condition that you haven’t used a completed free trial. You can directly contact the Jasper support team for this.

Jasper AI Free Trial FAQs

Does Jasper have a free trial?

Yes, you can use Jasper for free as a new user. You get 10,000 word credits that you can use any way you need on the Jasper platform depending on the projects you’re working on.

How long is Jasper’s free trial?

Jasper lets you use it freely for 5 days. You’ll readily access 10,000 word credits. After the trial period, you’ll be charged if you continue to use Jasper.

Can you cancel Jasper’s free trial?

In case you don’t want the AI-powered writing services anymore, Jasper allows you to cancel your account. Remember, cancellation results in the loss of saved documents and earned credits on your account.

How do I end my Jasper trial?

Jasper offers an easy way to cancel your account. Just access Settings, then Billing, and move to the Cancel account option. You’ll no longer be charged if you remove your membership.

Does Jasper have a money-back guarantee?

You can claim back your money using Jasper’s 5-day refund policy. It has to be from the day you made the purchase and haven’t used a completed free trial.

Is Jasper Art free?

Jasper Art, one of the top image generators from text, has a free trial too and then costs $20 a month per user.


Ultimately, Jasper AI helps people to generate content efficiently and save time as well as costs. It has a 5-day free trial with 10,000 word credits, which you can use in various tasks.

This period is great for checking out how Jasper can help your business. You can cancel your membership anytime and get your money back if it’s within the refund policy requirement.

Don’t wait any longer, get started today!

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