AI Job Application Fillers

5 Best AI Job Application Fillers

As the competition for jobs continues to intensify, AI job application fillers have emerged as a promising way for job seekers to simplify their search process. I say this because filling out job applications can feel like a never-ending chore.

Crafting the perfect cover letter, tailoring your resume for each role, and answering those lengthy questionnaires, can eat up your time. Don’t even get me started on all the similar information you have to re-type over and over!

AI-powered resume builders come into play here to help you answer the same lengthy questions. An AI resume builder creates a tailored, optimized resume using information from your existing resume and the job description. It customizes the resume for the specific role by emphasizing relevant experiences and skills.

Even so, you want to be putting your best foot forward with each application and focusing your energy on the roles that fit. And that’s where AI job application assistants come in, using artificial intelligence to take some of the tedious tasks off your plate. 

In this review, you’ll discover some of the top AI job application tools currently available. By highlighting their key functionalities, my goal is to help you find the right solution to land more interviews.

So let’s dive into these tools and see how they can help lighten the load!

What Is the Best AI Job Application Filler?

Below is a list of the top tools that you can use to auto-apply for jobs online wherever you are.

1. LoopCV


First on this list of the top AI job application fillers is LoopCV. If you feel like you spend hours each day searching listings and filling out forms, this tool is for you.

It’s really simple to use. You just upload your resume and profile to their site. Then you select the types of jobs and locations you’re targeting.

From there, LoopCV will search continuously for new postings that match your criteria. The cool part is that it can apply to those jobs for you automatically, around the clock.

What’s even more, LoopCV proactively reaches out to hiring managers on your behalf. It finds recruiter contact info and sends personalized emails to introduce you as a candidate.

Another nice feature is that it tracks your application progress over time. You can see things like view rates, response rates, and which versions of your profile performed best. That data helps you optimize your search strategy and materials. 

Key Features

  • Enables you to autofill job application forms
  • Mass apply for jobs automatically and go with the best fit
  • Advanced search, filters, and company exclusions from applications
  • AI email writer for writing emails to recruiters


Loopcv Pricing
  • Basic Looper (Free): 1 job search and 10 applications monthly
  • Standard Looper (€4.99): 20 job searches and 100 applications monthly
  • Premium Looper (€14.99): 50 job searches and 300 applications monthly

2. LazyApply


LazyApply is a job application autofill Chrome extension that acts as your digital search assistant. It fills everything out for you based on the details you provide, so you don’t have to spend hours each day searching and applying manually.

To start, you just download the extension and link it to your Google account. Then you enter some basic info about your background and qualifications into their system to complete your resume. 

From there, LazyApply gets to work searching platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and ZipRecruiter around the clock for any openings that match your profile. Whenever it finds a potential fit, it will automatically generate and submit an application for you without any extra effort on your part.

The best part is it can do this all discreetly using advanced AI algorithms. So your profiles won’t get flagged or blocked from these sites for applying too frequently.

Key Features

  • Chrome extension that can locate jobs on numerous job sites online
  • JOBGPT (an automated job application bot)
  • Advanced AI job search algorithms that prevent spam detection and profile blocks


LazyApply Pricing
  • Basic Plan ($99/lifetime): 150 job applications daily, supports LinkedIn and Indeed jobs
  • Premium Plan ($129/lifetime): 750 job applications daily, supports LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Glassdoor jobs, among others
  • Unlimited Plan ($249/lifetime): Unlimited job applications daily, supports all available job search platforms

3. AIApply


AIApply aims to take a lot of the hassle out of applying for jobs. Although not necessarily applying on your behalf, you can automate a huge chunk of the process using its artificial intelligence. 

First, the AI can match you to international jobs. It then analyzes the job description and works to tailor all your application materials specifically for that role.

It’ll even write a first draft of your resume in seconds. Just input your work history and qualifications, and it takes it from there.

The fully customized cover letters it creates are top-notch too. The AI has been trained on thousands of successful examples, so it knows how to craft compelling letters that stand out.

AIApply can also craft follow-up emails for you based on the job. You can even generate mock interviews so you can practice answering common questions.

On top of all that, it can supply you with CV-ready headshots. You won’t have to go for a studio shoot to get the poses right.

Key Features

  • AI resume builder and translator
  • AI cover letter writer
  • AI job interviews
  • Professional headshot generator
  • HR contact info finder
  • Support jobs in 20+ countries


AIApply Pricing

AIApply is among the most affordable options with a single plan of $19.93/month for all supported job-seeking features.



JobWizard is yet another AI assistant designed to be your copilot throughout your job search. This tool allows you to import info from LinkedIn automatically.

From there, it can fill out common application questions for you with just a click. No more retyping the same answers over and over.

It also analyzes each job description to help you highlight the most relevant parts of your background. If there are any gaps, it will even suggest ways to tweak your resume or cover letter for an even better fit.

JobWizard also generates custom responses to specific questions employers ask. So you don’t have to come up with everything from scratch each time. 

It provides keyword analytics too. For example, it can point out which job listing keywords match your experience the best. That helps optimize your applications and get them in front of the right hiring managers.

Key Features

  • Job search based on keywords
  • AI chat assistant
  • Smart resume improvement suggestions
  • Has a Chrome extension


Currently, the tool is still in its testing phase and is free to use.

5. Teal

Teal AutoFill Job Applications Tool

Teal is a personal career development platform that offers some really handy tools to smoothen the application process. One of their flagship features is application autofill. 

Through their Chrome extension, Teal can automatically detect job postings on over 50 of the major job boards. Once you save a role you’re interested in, their AI system kicks in. 

It analyzes your resume and LinkedIn profile, which you can easily import. Then with just one click, Teal can fill out the entire application for you.

It answers everything from basic info like name and contact details to more complex questions about your qualifications and interest in the role. You don’t have to come up with new responses each time as it generates personalized responses tailored specifically to your background and the job description. 

Key Features

  • AI Job application autofill Chrome extension
  • Job application tracker
  • Resume writer and scoring tool
  • Cover letter generator


Teal Pricing
  • Teal (Free): Limited AI usage
  • Teal+ ($9/week): Unlimited AI usage

What Is an AI Job Application Filler?

AI application fillers are tools that use artificial intelligence to automatically complete those repetitive job application forms for you. You can either connect your LinkedIn profile, enter your info, or upload your resume, and the AI learns all about your background and qualifications.

Then when it finds a job posting you’re looking for, the filler detects the application on the site. With just one click, it fills in all your contact details, employment history, education, and everything you would normally re-enter manually.

Some take it a notch further by providing help with things like resumes, cover letters, and interview questions. They can help you create job application materials from scratch or improve what you already have.

Is Using an AI Job Application Filler a Good Idea?

There are benefits to using an AI filler to autofill all those repetitive application forms. Lord knows how draining it is to re-enter your whole resume over and over.

Anything that saves time in the job search has to be worth considering, right?

At the same time, there may be a few concerns about fully automating your applications. For one, you might worry that generic, AI-generated answers might not truly reflect your unique qualifications and interest in the role.

Employers want to hear your voice and an algorithm might not capture that personality. The good thing is that most of these tools can be trained to fit your tone of voice and how you approach job application writing.

Still, if you want to maintain the human element, you can simply use these tools as a supplement, not a complete replacement for your effort.

For instance, you can let the AI hunt for jobs and provide it with a human-created resume, cover letter, or email. This way, it still auto-fills forms for you without generating the responses by itself.


All in all, these AI job application fillers are helpful tools for speeding up the process of applying for roles. If you ever felt like you were spinning your wheels, constantly applying for jobs but not hearing back, you have a solution!

In other words, you don’t have to lift a finger once you provide the necessary information to the AI you choose!

Can you imagine how much time you’d save not having to re-enter your info over and over? That’s hours back in your day you could spend on other important stuff.

Be sure to use them as a partner, not a total replacement. Let the AI take care of the boring data entry stuff to save your fingers. But provide enough information and do your customizing too so your applications sing about why you’d be perfect for the gig.

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