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5 Best HeadshotPro Alternatives for Professional Headshots

2022 and 2023 are two years that saw the rise of AI-generated headshots and the emergence of tools like HeadshotPro. This app, in particular, quickly became one of the top players in this space, supplying users with high-quality, professionally styled headshots of themselves.

However, HeadshotPro isn’t the only game in town. While it remains one of the premier options for AI headshots, some may prefer alternatives for various reasons.

Don’t get me wrong – HeadshotPro consistently ranks highly and has earned many positive reviews. But its style and features may not be the perfect fit for everyone.

In this article, you’ll discover some of the best HeadshotPro alternatives for creating professional headshots. Whether you’re looking for a different aesthetic, more customization options, or a tool that better suits your budget or needs, these alternatives deserve consideration.

So, read on to discover which of the listed AI headshot generators might be the right choice for you.

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What Is the Best HeadshotPro Alternative?

Below are the best tools like HeadshotPro that you can use to generate AI headshots.

1. Aragon AI

Aragon AI

The first HeadshotPro alternative is Aragon AI. This tool is one of my favorite ones and I’ve even reviewed and shared my experience with it.

One thing that makes Aragon AI stand out is how realistic the shots you get are. You won’t be able to distinguish the generated images from your real photos.

Aragon AI is good at what it does for a reason. Before it starts generating photos for you, you have to make some sections about yourself, including gender, age, ethnicity, and more.

When you upload your 6 selfies, the AI app will utilize the selections you made to generate headshots that look like you.

Aragon AI differs from HeadshotPro when it comes to turnaround time. It takes as little as 30 minutes, compared to HeadshotPro’s 2 hours.

Something else is that you can regenerate your headshots if you don’t like the first batch of results, which applies to some of its packages (although chances are high that you’ll like the results). On top of that, there’s a 30-day refund policy!


  • Up to 100 quality headshots
  • 100+ unique backgrounds and clothing styles to choose from
  • 30 to 60 minute turnaround time
  • Free redos for some of the packages


There are two types of packages on Aragon AI. One for individuals and another for teams.

The individual packages are as follows:

Aragon AI Pricing
  • Starter ($29/person): 20 headshots in 60 minutes
  • Basic ($39/person): 40 headshots in 30 minutes
  • Premium ($69/person): 100 headshots in 30 minutes

If you want headshots for teams (which saves money), the price starts at $750 for 25 users (Premium features).

2. ProPhotos


Need another quality app like HeadshotPro for headshots? ProPhotos may interest you.

This tool is quite similar to Aragon AI as well. It focuses on realism in its generated headshots to ensure you’re satisfied as a user.

With ProPhotos, you can get almost various professional backgrounds and clothing options that you may need. It doesn’t matter whether you want a colored background or a corporate-style one, and need to wear a suit or blazer.

All you need to do to transform your casual photos into headshots is upload a few of them into the tool. ProPhoto will then craft the images for you based on your customization settings.

ProPhotos, similar to Aragon AI, can create headshots within 30 minutes. But it offers more options by generating up to 160 different photos to choose from.


  • Up to 160 unique headshots
  • Up to 8 clothing styles and 12 backgrounds
  • 30 to 90 minutes turnaround time


The packages are as shown below:

ProPhotos Pricing
  • Basic ($25): 40 headshots and 3 backgrounds in 90 minutes
  • Premium ($55): 80 headshots and 8 backgrounds in 45 minutes
  • Professional ($155): 160 headshots and 12 backgrounds in 30 minutes

3. Secta Labs

Secta Labs

Secta Labs is an app like HeadshotPro that can help you maintain authenticity in your AI-generated headshots. You don’t need to buy new clothes, wear makeup, or visit a studio or any other location to get quality professional portraits.

Secta Labs can serve both teams and individual professionals working in various fields. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business person, freelancer, or working a career.

With this tool, you just have to upload 25 images from your phone to create headshots from them. The tool can do the work in an hour or two.

After all is done, you just need to visit your private gallery on Secta Labs to export the headshots you like (Secta Labs understands that not each and all will be to your liking). But you’ll have hundreds of them to pick the best from!

With Secta Labs, there’s also a money-back guarantee for extra protection. Just make sure you haven’t downloaded any of the results yet.


  • 300+ professional headshots
  • 2 hours turnaround time
  • Remix feature to generate headshot variations and tweak them as you like


As mentioned before, you can use the tool as an individual user or a team. The cost is $49 for each user and custom prices for team members.

Secta Labs Pricing

4. HeadshotGenerator.io


This is yet another HeadshotPro alternative that offers something unique. HeadshotGenerator.io is a platform where you can create multiple headshots using just one upload.

In other words, you don’t have to upload multiple selfies of regular photos as is the case with other apps. Still, there’s a bit of a downside to the one-input model.

You’ll only get a single posture, similar to the one in the original photo, for your generated headshots. The reason for this is that the AI only referenced one of your images to do its job.

However, the tool allows you to generate and regenerate as much as you need. You can upload different photos singularly and get headshots for them.


  • Single input and up to 16 headshots for each generation
  • Unlimited generations
  • Supports both professional (formal) styles and fun (informal) styles of clothing
  • Has hairstyle and color selections


HeadshotGenerator.io works based on credits. Each headshot generated equals a credit from your balance.

HeadshotGenerator.io Pricing
  • Classic($19): 50 headshots and 18+ styles
  • Classic & Fun ($29): 100 headshots and 50+ styles
  • Bulk ($299): 1,500 headshots and 50+ styles

5. Photo AI

Photo AI - AI Profile Photo Generator

Photo AI is an AI photo generator that can create photos of you in almost any type of scene. It’s the HeadshotPro alternative you could use for not only formal but also casual pictures of yourself.

How the app works is simple. What you do is add 30 of your regular photos to train its AI.

The AI will create an avatar of you. It can then use this avatar to put you in a variety of scenes that you may need.

With Photo AI, you can even have yourself wearing some nice clothes you found and fell in love with online! It doesn’t matter whether that’s a professional or street-style outfit.

You’ll have generated photos of you for your career life and also personal interests outside the professional sphere. This could be a dating profile, social media, or something else.


  • Generates AI photos of you from prompts (text to image)
  • 40+ photo packs, including Virtual suits try on
  • Magic Editor for photo enhancement
  • 120+ avatar styles


There are 3 plans to choose from on Photo AI:

Photo AI Pricing
  • Pro ($39/month)
  • Premium ($99/month)
  • Business ($299/month)

What to Consider when Choosing a HeadshotPro Alternative

Not every HeadshotPro alternative you see will give you quality results. Here are some things to look for when choosing a headshot app:

  • Realism: Check out whether the tool has shared samples on its website, or whether users have shared headshots generated by it online (social media, etc.)
  • The number of generated headshots: The majority of AI headshot generators produce dozens if not hundreds of results. You need to have a wide variety of options to choose from, keeping in mind things like your favorite outfit and colors.
  • Selections and customizations: You need a tool that allows you to choose things like your gender, preferred styles, and more. Such customizations make sure you don’t get just any result solely based on the AI’s decisions.
  • Pricing: Most of the tools cost less than $50 to access the lowest-priced packages. I wouldn’t advise free tools because they don’t have the quality in most cases.
  • Refund policy: AI is a work in progress and sometimes doesn’t give you the quality results you need. So, check whether the app can give refunds to unsatisfied users.


As you can see, HeadshotPro isn’t the only tool that can provide headshots for your needs. Numerous HeadshotPro alternatives can offer you similar or different features.

Based on this list and the comparisons I made, I would say that choosing the right alternative shouldn’t be a problem for you.

So, go ahead and select one of the tools to get started. Aragon AI ranks high among the AI headshot apps I recommend because it has the needed quality, speed, and buyer protection.

Still, you can pick any other depending on the unique aspects they have that you’ve fallen for. Also, most of these apps have money-back guarantees and refund policies.

This means that you’re free to experiment if you like. Try multiple options and tell your friends or coworkers about the one you liked the most!

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