Best AI Photo Generators

8 Best AI Photo Generators (Create Images of Anything)

AI photo generators have grown tremendously in popularity in recent years and changed how we visually communicate ideas online. You’re no longer constrained by poor Photoshop skills or limited photography abilities when you have a creative concept in mind.

These powerful tools allow anyone to easily bring visions to life through simple text prompts. While initially focused on generating fun and imaginative art, AI photo generation tools now have diverse applications for personal and business use cases.

Today, we’ll look at some of the best AI photo generators and discuss their suitability for different purposes. These include business or commercial use, professional headshots, and social media or dating profiles.

Best AI Photo Generators for Business and Commercial Use

Let’s begin with the best tools for creating images that you can use for business purposes.

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1. Jasper Art

Jasper Art

Jasper Art is an AI image generator created by Jasper AI that allows users to create artistic images through natural language prompts. The tool utilizes powerful machine learning models like DALL-E 2 to analyze text descriptions and generate original images that align with the provided details and settings.

You just need to describe the idea, scene, colors, and other details. Jasper Art can also generate new images inspired by an initial upload, changing styles while maintaining essence.

Speed and ease of use are hallmarks of Jasper Art. Requests take mere seconds to fulfill, avoiding the delays of traditional stock sites.

Customization is also possible. The tool lets you tweak the mood, medium, inspiration, and keywords to fine-tune results.

Top Features

  • Text and image-to-image generation
  • Supports over 30 languages
  • Customization options for mood (eg. calm), medium (eg. ink), inspiration (eg. Picasso), and more
  • Preset “templates” serve as starting points when you need to generate an industry-specific image
  • Unlimited image generation without quotas (no credits)


Jasper Art comes in all of Jasper AI’s pricing plans. In other words, you’ll also have access to Jasper’s AI writing abilities.

Jasper AI Pricing
  • Creator ($49/month)
  • Teams ($125/month)
  • Business (Custom pricing)

2. NightCafe Creator

NightCafe Creator

Need another tool that allows users to create images using artificial intelligence? If so, NightCafe Creator may interest you.

The platform allows you to generate artwork instantly by describing what you want to see and selecting a style.

I was impressed with how easy it was to get started on NightCafe. In just a few clicks, you’re able to able to describe an initial prompt and select a style to generate your first AI image.

The results came back surprisingly quickly. It just takes seconds to see your idea brought to life through the model’s interpretation.

With the tool, you can create and view art from any device via the Web or as apps. The site also has a community where users can explore, like, and comment on AI-generated images from daily challenges.

Top Features

  • Daily art challenges within its community
  • 40+ preset styles, such as Hyperreal, Anime, and CGI character
  • Utilizes multiple algorithms, including Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion
  • Face model to put yourself in your creations


Nightcafe Creator has a free generation mode with a basic lower-quality model that allows for 1 image and thumb resolution. To get full access, you’ll need a paid version, which comes with specified credits.

NightCafe Creator Pricing
  • AI Beginner ($4.99/month): 100 monthly credits at $0.06/credit
  • AI Hobbyist ($9.99/month): 200 monthly credits at $0.05/credit
  • AI Enthusiast ($19.99/month): 500 monthly credits at $0.04/credit
  • AI Artist ($49.99/month): 1,400 monthly credits at $0.036/credit

3. Midjourney


Arguably one of the most popular image generation platforms today is Midjourney. One of its key strengths is the ability to generate highly imaginative and artistic images.

You can describe fantastical concepts or characters and Midjourney incorporates a sense of creative interpretation. Its training methodology lends itself well to blending elements from different styles and genres.

For example, a prompt like “a steampunk wizard riding a robotic dragon through a futuristic city” would likely yield an image blending elements of steampunk, fantasy, and sci-fi in a cohesive composition. Midjourney excels at these types of imaginative hybrid concepts.

In addition, Midjourney has built a thriving online community where users can share, discuss, and get feedback on generated images. Subreddits and Discord servers allow for collaboration and building upon concepts, a social aspect that has helped propel Midjourney to popularity.

Top Features

  • Discord bot
  • Active online community
  • Varied output formats
  • Prompt engineering for experienced users to refine prompts for specific styles


It’s possible to use Midjourney for free. You get 25 minutes (or 25 generations). From there, you’ll require a paid plan.

Midjourney Pricing
  • Basic($10/month): 200 minutes monthly
  • Standard($30/month): 15 hours monthly
  • Corporate ($600/year): 120 hours yearly

Best AI Photo Generators for Professional Headshots

If you need tools to create professional images of yourself, all suited up, these are the ones you’ll need. It doesn’t matter whether you need headshots for LinkedIn, your online portfolio, CV, digital business cards, or anything else.

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4. Aragon AI

Aragon AI

Aragon AI is an AI tool that uses machine learning to generate professional-quality headshots from selfies. Millions of headshots have already been generated using the tool.

The process is straightforward. What you do is upload 6 clear photos of their face and select some details about yourself, such as age, gender, and ethnicity.

The tool uses your provided information to create headshots for you. That’s why it helps to only add high-quality selfies and choose the right demographics.

What I appreciate about Aragon AI is the variety of visual styles available. Your generated headshots will entail various poses, clothing (both formal and semi-casual), and colors.

Top Features

  • 100+ unique pose, clothing, and background styles for headshots
  • 30 to 60 minutes turnaround time
  • Upto 100 generated headshots


There are packages for individual users and teams of people. Here are the individual plans:

Aragon AI Pricing
  • Starter ($29/person): 20 headshots in 60 minutes
  • Basic ($39/person): 40 headshots in 30 minutes
  • Premium ($69/person): 100 headshots in 30 minutes

As for teams, the default price is set at $750 for 25 members.

5. ProPhotos


ProPhotos is an alternative to Aragon AI that also focuses on quality and speed. If you need realistic headshots, ProPhotos would make a great choice.

Similar to Aragon AI, you can put a suit or other formal wear on yourself using ProPhotos. It doesn’t matter if it’s a blazer, turtleneck, or long coat. There’s also a variety of colors on the results you get, meaning that you’ll surely find several favorites.

I found that ProPhotos doesn’t have as many background options as Aragon AI. Still, the tool gives you more headshots and you’ll have various headshot options at your disposal.

Top Features

  • Up to 8 clothing styles
  • 12 backgrounds to choose from
  • 30 to 90 minutes turnaround time
  • Up to 160 generated headshots


ProPhotos is affordable for anyone, with prices shown below:

ProPhotos Pricing
  • Basic ($25): 40 headshots and 3 backgrounds in 90 minutes
  • Premium ($55): 80 headshots and 8 backgrounds in 45 minutes
  • Professional ($155): 160 headshots and 12 backgrounds in 30 minute

6. HeadshotPro


This is yet another quality headshot generator app that you can use to turn your close-up photos into professional profile pictures. HeadshotPro is trusted by more than 40,000 users across the globe and has created over 7 million headshots.

The downside of this tool compared to others, including Aragon AI, is limitations in terms of headshot styles. You only get 6 different backgrounds for your photos and the same number of clothing styles.

Also, HeadshotPro takes longer to produce results. You’ll have to find something to do for a couple of hours as you wait for the tool to process your headshot images.

The good thing is that HeadshotPro will give you a couple hundred images to choose from. This is double the number of tools like Aragon AI.

Top Features

  • Up to 6 backgrounds and clothing styles for each shoot
  • 2 hours turnaround time
  • Up to 240 generated headshots


For individuals, HeadshotPro’s pricing is as shown below.

HeadshotPro Pricing
  • Small ($29/shoot): 40 headshots and 1 background
  • Normal ($39/shoot): 120 headshots and 3 backgrounds
  • Premium ($49/shoot): 240 headshots and 6 backgrounds

When it comes to teams, the cost begins from $39/person.

Best AI Photo Generators for Social Media and Dating Profiles

Need a good display photo for Instagram, Tinder, or another online profile? Check out the options I’ll list below.

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7. Photo AI

Photo AI

Photo AI is an AI tool that allows you to generate profile pictures without actually taking photos. It works by training an AI character model using 30 selfies of you in different situations.

It takes less than an hour to train and develop a photorealistic AI representation of yourself with Photo AI. Once trained, you can then design any scene they want your AI character to appear in using Photo AI’s image generation model.

Ever thought about how you would look wearing something? This tool can make that a reality for you.

You can import clothes from the Internet and have Photo AI generate pictures of your character wearing those outfits. Photo AI also includes an advanced editor.

If you aren’t happy with any aspect of a generated photo, you can use the editor to make corrections by describing what you want to change in a text prompt. This allows you to refine the images until you’re satisfied, all without taking any new photos!

Top Features

  • AI prompts to profile photo generator
  • 120+ avatar styles
  • 40+ photo packs available (ready-made templates that can have you standing on a neon street, at a bar, in the desert, and more)
  • AI video clips from photos


There are 3 plans to choose from on Photo AI.

Photo AI Pricing
  • Pro ($39/month): 5 AI characters per month
  • Premium ($99/month): 25 AI characters per month
  • Business ($299/month): 100 AI characters per month

8. Profile Picture AI

Profile Picture AI

For users seeking an imaginative or stylized portrait beyond realism, Profile Picture AI is an ideal option. Rather than replicating actual photography, this tool emphasizes artistic interpretation and expression.

Profile Picture AI trains on a diverse collection of digital artworks, sketches, illustrations, and other creatively rendered portraits. It uses this artistic database to conceptualize your uploaded photos in a visually interesting style.

Now, not all generated portraits have a distinct hand-drawn or illustrated quality perfect for unconventional social profiles seeking an imaginative aesthetic. You can also create a photo of you in a cafe, in a suit, or something else more realistic.

Top Features

  • 375+ styles, such as Business, Painting, and Anime
  • Generates up to 900 profile photos
  • Provides 4K quality


Below are the pricing options available on Profile Picture AI.

Profile Picture AI Pricing
  • Small ($6.40): 12 styles, 96 photos, small format
  • XL ($11.80): 35 styles, 280 photos, 4K format
  • All ($19.80): All styles, 900+ photos, 4K format


Whether you’re a marketer creating a visual marketing strategy, a professional updating your LinkedIn profile, or an individual crafting the perfect dating profile, AI image generation unlocks new possibilities.

For business and commercial applications, AI photo generators that produce high-quality, realistic images are ideal for tasks like marketing visuals. When it comes to networking platforms like LinkedIn, headshot generators are useful for quickly making professional profile pictures.

On the personal side, social media and dating profiles benefit from imaginative and artistic portrait generators. You’re able to experiment with different visual concepts and craft the best possible representation of yourself online.

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