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5 Best AI Interior Design Software and Apps

Who would have thought that AI interior design would be a thing? As you may know, interior design can be overwhelming, especially for those without a design background.

From envisioning layouts and selecting furniture, fixtures, and finishes, to staying within budget, there are many moving pieces to juggle. Thankfully, innovative AI-powered tools have emerged to simplify and automate key aspects of the home decoration process.

I did extensive research to put together a list of the best interior design apps and platforms currently available. Each utilizes machine learning and computer vision under the hood to take the guesswork out of tasks like virtual staging, style matching, object detection, and more.

The intelligent features of these tools allow you to focus on creativity rather than tedious legwork. Whether you’re designing a new home from scratch, remodeling an existing space, or just looking for inspiration, these AI-powered programs can effortlessly bring your vision to life in minutes.

What AI Tool Is the Best for Interior Design?

Below, you’ll find the top AI tools for interior design that you can easily use.

1.  Interior AI

Interior AI

First on this list of the best AI interior design tools is Interior AI. It boasts of being the first AI interior designer and has been featured in some of the world’s top publications, including The New York Times.

It all begins with you uploading a picture of your existing interior. This way, the AI can give you detailed and visually appealing ideas on how to add more life to your interior.

Interior AI also allows you to choose the type of room, mode, style, and number of renders. All these selections ensure that you get proper decoration inspiration (don’t upload a bedroom photo and select that it’s a living room in the pre-generation settings).

Now, this app also has sort of a “community where you can view other people’s generations or choose to share yours. You can download any of these images or mix them to make your own twists.

I found Interior AI to be quite fast. But the speed depends on how many renders you select before generating, such that 1 render produces faster results than 3, 6, or 9.

Here are some examples of AI-generated interior designs from Interior AI:

Interior AI - Generated Interior Designs

Interior AI Features

  • AI-generated interior design from photos
  • 50+ interior design styles to choose from, such as Vintage, Art deco, and Hot pink
  • Can generate multiple images at once (up to 9)
  • 35+ room types, including living room, study room, gaming room, and more
  • 4 modes (Virtual staging, Interior design, Freestyle, and 360-degree panorama)

Interior AI Pricing

Interior AI has a Pro version that you can subscribe to on a monthly ($39) or annual ($390) basis.

Interior AI Pricing

2. Dreamhouse AI

Dreamhouse AI

If you need another AI interior design app that provides ideas and inspiration, Dreamhouse AI may interest you. Trusted by designers, realtors, and homeowners, this platform provides you with quick home decor ideas for your space.

Similar to Interior AI, you need to upload a photo of your space. For the best result, ensure that the uploaded photo is upright and shows most parts of the room with the roof edges visible. 

Upon the upload, you need to select that you’re designing the interior and pick a room such as a bedroom, a design mode from one of the available options, and a style.

You can even choose how creative you want the AI designer to be, from a scale of 1 to 13. After that, you click on the button that says to generate.

Dreamhouse will take seconds or a few minutes (initial renders take longer than subsequent ones) to render and produce the result. You can even upscale the generated image to HD before downloading it to use as you wish.

Check out this before and after images:

Dreamhouse AI - Original Image
Original Image
Dreamhouse AI - Generated Image
Generated Image

Dreamhouse AI Features

  • Demo images available
  • Can generate both home spaces and professional spaces
  • 10+ home space types
  • 5+ professional space types
  • Multiple design modes, including inspiration, virtual staging, and custom decor
  • 20 classic styles to choose from, such as Modern, Minimalist, and Farmhouse plus 15 world styles like Mexican, Tuscan, and Indian
  • Themes such as Christmas, Halloween, and Easter
  • Editor with Poly Lasso, brush, and eraser

Dreamhouse AI Pricing

You get some free credits when signing up on Dreamhouse AI. From there, you can select one of its Pro plan options.

Dreamhouse AI Pricing
  • Pro: $39/month
  • Pro (Yearly): $390/year

3. ReRoom AI

ReRoom AI

If you need another AI interior planner, ReRoom AI can help you transform your space in ways you never imagined. It can do an entire remake of your room by suggesting alternative colors, furniture, and more interior elements.

ReRoom AI, besides having some of the most photorealistic results I’ve ever seen, does something that most other similar apps can’t do. It can turn your sketch into an actual fully furnished room. If you’re an architect or enthusiast home sketcher, you can benefit from this feature.

Check how the tool transformed my uploaded sketch into a beautiful design:

ReRoom AI Sketch to Generated AI Interior Design

As if that’s not enough, this tool can turn your floor plan drawing into a 2D colored model. It can also add life to 3D home interior designs to make them more realistic.

Besides sketches and floor plans, you can also upload real photos of your room and get decoration suggestions. You can also choose to preserve details or whether to add furniture.

ReRoom AI Features

  • Sketch to interior design
  • Floor plan to 2D model
  • 24 styles available, including Minimalist Haven, Modern Fusion, and Contemporary Elegance
  • Ability to select details such as lighting ( e.g. Ambient, Decorative, Natural), color theme (e.g. White, Black, Pink), and furniture texture (e.g. Wood, Glass, Marble)
  • Prompt control (text to design) whereby you can type in what your ideal output should look like!

ReRoom AI Pricing

ReRoom AI has a free plan, but it comes with basic image quality and watermarks. A Pro version is also available to remove these limitations.

ReRoom AI Pricing
  • Free: $0/month
  • Monthly Pro Plan: $25/month
  • Yearly Pro Plan: $250/year

4. Planner 5D

Planner 5D AI for Room Design

Planner 5D is one of the well-established house design tools that have been around for years. Since then, it has helped over 60 million people create more than 300 million interior design projects.

Planner 5D is known for using advanced 2D and 3D technology. The tool, although older than the more recent generative AI design tools, still comes with AI superpowers that you don’t see very much.

Its AI room design features can do lots of magic. The tool can create stunning 3D models out of simple floor plans. It can incorporate a wide variety of furniture and objects into your project.

There’s an AI feature called Smart Wizard on Planner 5D that I particularly find interesting. This tool can suggest how you place the furniture and provide visually striking layout options.

Another tool, Design Generator, can create multiple design variations to choose from. And with AI floor plan recognition, Planner 5D can automatically come up with floor plans based on your space’s structure and size.

Planner 5D Features

  • AI-powered tools, including Design Generator, Smart Wizard, and AI floor plan
  • Floor plan to realistic 3D models
  • Huge library and varieties of furniture and objects, such as armchairs
  • Immersive 3D and VR walkthroughs that allow you to virtually explore the result
  • 30+ interior and exterior design use cases, including Home Design Software, Floor Plan Software, and Landscape Design Software

Planner 5D Pricing

Planner 5D allows you to create a free account and access the home design software. Premium membership unlocks the full features of the tool (has a 7-day free trial).

Planner 5D Pricing
  • Monthly plan: $49.99/month
  • Pay annually: $399.99/year

5. AI Room Planner

AI Room Planner

Next up, we have AI Room Planner. The tool does exactly what it says — plan your room!

Whether you need ideas for your kitchen, living room, or any other space, AI Room Planner can generate numerous of them for you. Using the tool is a straightforward process.

All you need to do is set up an account using Google, upload the space, pick the room type and style, and render new ideas.

Note that this tool is still in beta testing. So, the results it produces aren’t as detailed and you may get basic additions to your original photo such as plants and shelves.

AI Room Planner Features

  • Minimalist AI designs
  • 25 room types
  • 25+ styles, such as Tropical, Maximalist, and Rustic

AI Room Planner Pricing

Because it’s still in beta testing, the tool is free to use at the moment.

Can You Use AI to Design a House?

Yes, you can use AI to design a house. If you didn’t know, AI models learn by being trained on large datasets.

This means that AI interior design tools have access to uncountable designs from real images and videos. As a result, AI tools for such purposes can suggest design elements to add to your dull interior spaces, such as furniture, floor coverings, lights, and wall hangings.

You can choose how minimal or maximized you want the details to be by choosing any of the styles that a particular tool provides. Still, while AI is helpful, many argue that it can’t replace human creativity and decision-making.

What Is an AI Interior Designer?

An AI interior designer is a software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist with and automate certain aspects of the interior design process. Powered by vast databases of design styles, materials, and floor plans, an AI interior designer can generate customized design concepts and recommendations.

These tools are unlike older design software applications that use 2D and 3D techniques whereby you drag and drop items. AI interior design tools can automatically create realistic furnished images out of photos of empty spaces!

Why Do You Need an AI Interior Design App?

There are several reasons, including:

  • Cost-effective option (less than $50 a month)
  • Quick turnaround times (minutes)
  • Easy to operate even for beginners with no design experience
  • Generate multiple variations for a single space (scalability)
  • You have control over various attributes of the resulting design (e.g. objects, styles, colors, lighting)

Ways to Use AI for Interior Design

Some key things an AI interior designer can help you accomplish are:

  • Floor plan creation: It analyzes factors like room dimensions to automatically generate optimized floor plans.
  • Design inspiration: By understanding a homeowner’s preferences in color and style, the AI can present visually appealing interior designs for inspiration.
  • Materials selection: With knowledge of material properties and trends, AI interior design apps can recommend finishing options for floors, walls, and fixtures tailored to the design.
  • 3D modeling: The AI can utilize your sketches and drawings to build realistic 3D scenes of the desired design that can be viewed from any angle.
  • Shopping lists: Using the generated designs, you’re able to know which furnishings, decor, and hardware are required to bring the design to life.
  • Remodeling guidance: For renovations, you can use AI to assess the existing structure and get recommendations on efficient layout, furniture, and object changes.

Best Practices for Using AI Interior Design Tools

Since these software apps rely on the images you upload to provide inspirational design ideas, you need to do the following about the images you upload:

  • Avoid close-up photos
  • Don’t take photos with humans or even animals in them
  • Steer clear of bad angles and camera tilting
  • Use well-lit images
  • Take a picture of the full room, better done by standing at the edges or a corner


AI for interior design is no longer about creating 3D models by dragging and adding various items. You can upload a picture of an empty space and get design ideas for furniture and other objects.

These tools can also turn your sketches into realistic designs effortlessly. If you want to start automating interior design tasks, your time is now.

Feel free to pick any of the tools I’ve listed. Most of them have free trials that you can use to test the features and decide whether to continue using them or not.

Remember that the photos you upload for the AI’s reference influence the results. That’s what you need to take high-quality images that show as much of the room as possible.

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