Mobilo Card Review

Mobilo Card Review: Best Digital Business Card Solution or Not?

We live in a digital world where traditional paper business cards are becoming a thing of the past. Various companies have devised ways to digitize the age-old networking and contact-sharing practice.

One of the best examples is Mobilo Card. This cutting-edge digital business card platform is changing the way professionals network and connect.

In this Mobilo Card review, I’ll talk about the key features, products, and pricing options of Mobilo Card, as well as provide a comparison to other digital business card platforms. Whether you’re a seasoned networker or a professional looking to enhance your networking efforts, Mobilo Card may just be the solution you’ve been searching for.

Mobilo Card Overview

What Is Mobilo Card?

Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card is a digital business card platform that allows you to create and share your professional contact information electronically. The platform offers a modern and eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper business cards and enables easy exchange of contact details with others through smartphones or other digital devices.

Over 3 million people have experienced networking with Mobilo since its inception in 2019. Pieter, Nico, and Joey, the founders, came up with the idea to fix the hassle of carrying dozens of paper cards to and from networking events.

Mobilo Card works in more than 200 countries and serves both individuals and small or large teams. Big brands like Google, Target, and Tesla trust this networking card provider.

Mobilo Card provides a range of features for customization, user interface design, and integration with other platforms. In other words, it’s a convenient and efficient tool for networking and professional communication.

How Does Mobilo Card Work?

Mobilo Card works by providing users with a digital platform to create and share their professional contact information. Here’s how it typically works:

  • Creation: You simply sign up for a Mobilo Card account and input your contact details, including your name, job title, company, phone number, email address, and social media profiles.
  • Customization: Mobilo Card offers customization options that allow you to personalize your digital business card with a preferred design, color scheme, and branding elements.
  • Sharing: Once the digital business card is created, you can easily share it with others by simply sending a link via email, text message, or social media, or by using one of the QR code and NFC-enabled Mobilo cards to exchange contact information in person.
  • Accessing information: Recipients of the Mobilo Card can view the digital version of your business card on their smartphones, tablets, or computers, and save the contact details directly to their address book.
  • Updates: You’re able to update your contact information at any time, ensuring that your network always has access to the most current details.

Who Should Use Mobilo Card?

Mobilo Card is an ideal solution for professionals of all types who are looking to streamline their networking and communication processes. Here are some examples of individuals and groups who can benefit from using Mobilo Card:

  • Business owners: If you’re a business owner, Mobilo Card can help you present a professional image, promote your brand, and make it easy for potential clients or partners to contact you.
  • Sales and marketing professionals: Mobilo Card can be a valuable tool for sales and marketing professionals who need to exchange contact information frequently and make a lasting impression with their prospects.
  • Freelancers and independent contractors: Mobilo Card can help freelancers and independent contractors to showcase their skills and expertise, and make it easy for potential clients to contact them for work opportunities.
  • Job Seekers: Mobilo Card can be a great way for job seekers to stand out from the competition, and make it easy for potential employers to contact them for interviews.
  • Networking groups: Networking groups can rely on Mobilo Card to facilitate the exchange of contact information between members, and make it easy for individuals to connect outside of meetings.

Mobilo Card Features

1. 4 Modes for Networking

Mobilo Card Modes

Mobilo Card offers four distinct networking modes, each designed to cater to different networking and communication needs. These modes include:

  • Business Card: In this mode, you can easily share your contact details, website links, and social media pages with others. This mode is ideal for a quick and efficient exchange of professional information, allowing you to make a strong impression and connect with others seamlessly.
  • Landing Page: The Landing Page mode enables you to create your own personalized landing page where people can learn more about them. This feature provides an opportunity for users to showcase their skills, experience, and portfolio in a more comprehensive and visually appealing manner, making it an effective tool for personal branding and self-promotion.
  • Lead Generation: Mobilo Card’s Lead Generation mode is designed for capturing leads and their contact information, and automatically sending them to a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. This feature is particularly valuable for businesses and sales professionals looking to simplify their lead-generation process and manage prospective customer relationships more effectively.
  • Link to Any URL: This mode allows you to direct people to a specified link, making it a versatile tool for promoting specific content, products, or services. Whether it’s directing contacts to a portfolio, a promotional offer, or a specific webpage, this mode offers flexibility in guiding individuals to relevant online destinations.

2. NFC Chip

Mobilo Card’s NFC (Near Field Communication) chip on its cards offers a smooth and innovative networking experience known as “One Tap Magic.” With this feature, you simply need to tap your NFC-enabled Mobilo Card against an NFC-enabled smartphone or device.

Doing so instantly shares your card details like contact details, website links, or social media profiles. The NFC chip eliminates the need for manual data entry or the exchange of physical business cards to provide a modern and eco-friendly solution for networking.

This technology not only simplifies the process of sharing contact information but also leaves a lasting impression. It showcases your tech-savvy and forward-thinking approach to professional communication.

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3. QR Codes

In addition to its NFC chip, Mobilo Card also features a QR code that you can share with others. The QR code can be scanned by any smartphone camera, which will then direct the user to a landing page with your contact details, website links, and social media profiles.

This feature offers a convenient alternative for individuals who may not have an NFC-enabled device or prefer to scan a QR code instead. You’ll have more than one way to share your card!

It’s possible to customize your Mobilo Card’s QR code with your branding materials, such as a company logo or personal photo. This approach enables you to showcase your personal brand and make a lasting impression on those you network with.

4. Mobilo for Teams

Mobilo for teams is a powerful solution that offers a range of features designed to simplify the networking and communication processes within organizations. With Mobilo for teams, your company can efficiently manage its employees’ networking profiles.

The feature facilitates smooth onboarding and offboarding. You get a chance to save valuable time and resources.

Admin controls:

The platform provides robust admin controls, allowing designated administrators to oversee and manage the networking profiles of team members. This feature ensures consistency and professionalism across the entire organization’s networking efforts.

Ownership management:

Ownership management is another key aspect of Mobilo for teams, enabling companies to maintain control over the networking profiles of their employees. This ensures that the company’s branding and messaging remain consistent and aligned with the organization’s values and objectives.


By connecting with the company’s HR system, Mobilo can automate the onboarding and offboarding processes. This automation streamlines the process of adding new team members to the platform to ensure they have access to the necessary networking tools and resources from day one. Similarly, when employees leave the company, Mobilo facilitates the efficient removal of their networking profiles, saving time and reducing the risk of oversight.

Automating onboarding and offboarding allows companies to save money and time while also ensuring a smooth and professional experience for employees. This level of automation not only simplifies administrative tasks but also contributes to a positive and organized work environment.

5. CRM Integration

Mobilo Card Integrations

Mobilo Card’s CRM integration abilities present an efficient way to manage and nurture leads, contacts, and customer relationships. By integrating with popular CRM systems (such as HubSpot), Mobilo Card enables you to automatically sync your captured leads and contact information directly into your CRM platform.

This approach removes the need for manual data entry, something that may result in errors. It ensures that all valuable networking connections are effectively managed.

The CRM integration feature allows you to centralize and organize your networking efforts within your preferred CRM system to provide a holistic view of contacts and leads. It also ensures that potential customers and networking connections are effectively tracked and followed up on.

6. Analytics

Mobilo provides analytics with comprehensive insights into networking activities. It combines data from both online and offline interactions.

This powerful tool offers customizable dashboards and charts that allow individuals or teams to gain a deep understanding of their networking efforts and make data-driven decisions to enhance their professional relationships and business outcomes.

By aggregating data from various sources, including online interactions as well as offline interactions at in-person events, Mobilo’s analytics provides a holistic view of your networking performance. This comprehensive approach allows you to track and measure the effectiveness of your networking efforts across different channels and touchpoints.

The dashboards and charts within the analytics enable you to visualize key metrics and performance indicators, such as the number of interactions, engagement levels, geographic distribution of contacts, and conversion rates. It becomes easy to identify trends, measure the effectiveness of your and your team member’s networking efforts, and optimize your strategies and resource allocation accordingly.

7. Mobilo App

Mobilo App

Mobilo Card offers convenient mobile apps for both Android and iPhone. The apps empower you to create, customize, and share your digital business cards effortlessly, while also offering the convenience of managing your card details on the go.

One of the standout features of Mobilo Card is its user-friendly interface, which makes it simple to input and update contact information, add custom branding elements, and personalize the design of your digital business card.

A key advantage of Mobilo Cards is that recipients of the digital business card don’t need to have the Mobilo Card app installed on their devices to access the shared contact details. 

This frictionless experience ensures that recipients can easily scan or tap the digital business card using their device’s native capabilities. These are QR code scanning through the smartphone’s camera or NFC technology.

Mobilo Card Products

Mobilo provides cards in a variety of materials, as well as other accessory products for networking and sharing contacts through NFC.

Mobilo Card Options


Classic is one of Mobilo Card’s flagship products, offering a durable and recyclable plastic business card solution. The Classic card is designed to provide users with a tangible and long-lasting representation of their professional identity, combining the traditional appeal of a physical business card with the modern advantages of digital networking.

The Classic card is crafted from high-quality and durable plastic material, ensuring that it can withstand the rigors of everyday use and maintain its professional appearance over time. This durability makes it an ideal choice for individuals and businesses looking for a long-term networking solution that can withstand frequent handling and various environmental conditions.

In addition to its durability, the Classic card is also recyclable. This aligns with Mobilo Card’s commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.


The Wood card, available in birch (light) and Sapele (dark) is a unique and environmentally-friendly business card option offered by Mobilo Card. Crafted from carefully selected wood, this innovative product provides a distinctive and sustainable alternative to traditional paper or plastic business cards.

Each Mobilo Cards Wood business card is meticulously crafted to showcase the natural beauty and texture of the wood, resulting in a one-of-a-kind networking tool that stands out in professional settings. The unique grain patterns and organic warmth of the wood create a memorable and impactful impression.


The Metal card offered by Mobilo Card represents a premium and sophisticated business card solution that exudes elegance and professionalism. Available in sleek black, classic silver, and luxurious golden finishes, the Metal card is designed to make a lasting impression in professional networking settings.

Whether aiming for a modern and understated aesthetic with black or silver or seeking to make a bold and opulent statement with the golden finish, the Metal card offers versatile options to suit diverse professional preferences.

In addition to its premium appearance, the Metal card can be customized with engraved branding elements. These include artwork, contact information, and a QR code that links to the user’s digital business card.

Other Mentionable Mobilo Card Products

  • NFC Key Fob: This is an electronic accessory that you can connect to your keys and never worry about forgetting your card at home.
  • NFC Smart Button: The smart button is a tag that you can attach to the back of your phone for easy tapping and sharing of contact info.

Mobilo Card Pricing

Mobilo Card offers a Mobilo-branded and custom card. The price varies depending on the type of card (or material) you choose, and whether you want one for yourself or a team.

Type of CardPersonalTeam
Mobilo Branded$4.99N/A
Custom Classic$19.50$10
Custom Wood$29.50$20
Custom Metal$69.50$50
User LicenseFree$39
Mobilo Card Pricing

All these are one-time purchases.

You can use Mobilo Card for free as an individual without paying any monthly subscription. It gives you unlimited taps and a digital QR code along with lead generation and landing page modes.

Mobilo Card Pros and Cons

What I Like about Mobilo Card

  • Suitable for online (digital business card) and offline (QR and NFC-enabled business card) networking activities
  • NFC technology makes contact-sharing a breeze
  • Custom card allows you to reinforce your brand identity through them
  • Individuals can enjoy the free personal version of Mobilo without monthly subscriptions

What I Don’t Like about Mobilo Card

  • Doesn’t have a solid gold (or gold-filled card) for committed luxury buyers
  • There isn’t a wide variety of products (some of what they miss are wristbands, badges, and table display stands
  • You must purchase one of its cards to get a digital business card profile for online contact sharing

Mobilo Card Alternatives

Mobilo Card, like any other platform, isn’t without alternatives.


This alternative to Mobilo Card offers a wide variety of products beyond just business cards. With options such as stickers, badges, wristbands, and bundled products, Popl provides users with a diverse selection to cater to their specific networking needs.

This range of products allows individuals and businesses to choose the format that best aligns with their branding and networking objectives, providing flexibility and customization options.


V1CE doesn’t fully specialize in luxury networking solutions but still offers the 24k Gold Card alongside its other more affordable card options. This luxurious card caters to individuals and businesses seeking high-end and exclusive networking options.

The use of premium materials and the luxurious appeal of the 24k Gold Card positions V1CE as an ideal choice for those looking to make a sophisticated and memorable impression in professional networking environments.


This alternative provides a free plan for creating digital cards online, making it an accessible option for users seeking digital networking solutions without upfront costs.  For a small additional monthly cost, you can access more than the free features of HiHello.

However, HiHello lacks NFC product offerings. That’s something that may limit the connectivity options for users who require convenient digital networking capabilities even in the real world.

Mobilo Card FAQs

How Do I Set up Mobilo?

It all starts with ordering your card, where you have the option to design it as you like, review the design, and have it printed and the card shipped to you. Now, to use Mobilo, you have to do a card configuration.

Upon receiving your card, you need to scan it or tap it with your smartphone. This opens up a page for setting up your profile.

From there, you can create a digital version of your business card. You can include your brand details and contact information, and switch between the modes Mobilo provides

How Do I Customize a Mobilo Card?

To customize your NFC card from Mobilo, you need to do it during the ordering process. All of the customizations can occur on your dashboard if you go to

Just select the option to start a design and pick the card type. You can choose to add your logo, artwork, customized QR code in different shapes and colors, and other details on the card (if you have employees, you can bulk upload their details).

The thing about Mobilo is that you can review the design before shipment. This means that what you get is what you see (before it has been shipped)!

How Long Does It Take to Get a Mobilo Card?

The time taken depends on where you’re located in the world. Production time also matters.

Some of the cards take longer to produce than others. But safe to say, expect your card with 5 days to 3 weeks, based on the card type.

Mobilo Card Review: Conclusion

As you can see, Mobilo Card offers a unique approach to business card solutions. It caters to the needs of individuals and businesses seeking to make a sustainable and visually impactful impression in professional settings.

The company’s commitment to using eco-friendly materials such as wood sets it apart from traditional paper or plastic business card options. Customization options such as engraved branding elements and QR codes that link to digital business cards also come in handy.

Moreover, Mobilo Cards’ range of products, including recyclable Plastic, Wood, and Metal cards, offers users a premium and sophisticated networking solution that reflects their personal or corporate identity.

While there are other alternatives available in the market, such as Popl, V1CE, and HiHello, Mobilo Cards’ unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern digital networking capabilities positions it as a standout choice for those seeking a sustainable and visually distinctive business card solution.

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