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7 Best AI Logo Generators (2023)

Are you looking to create a unique and eye-catching logo for your business? Maybe you want to become a freelance logo designer and make money. If so, you may want to consider an AI logo generator.

There are many benefits of using an AI-based logo creator. These tools allow you to create professional logos in minutes, which is ideal if you’re on a tight deadline.

Design experience isn’t necessary. You just use simple drag-and-drop tools and pre-made templates to make stunning designs.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore some of the best AI logo generators available on the Internet. I’ll also provide links to these logo makers so that you can get started creating your logo as soon as possible!

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What Is the Best AI Logo Generator?

Below are the top AI logo makers to use for your business.


This is one of the best AI logo creators available online and also the top recommendation.’s logo maker lets you design modern brand logos in a few minutes.

These are the steps:

  • Enter your company name
  • Choose your domain or industry
  • Select a category i.e. name, icon, or initials
  • Fill out your slogan if you have one
  • Pick a style from the pre-made designs
  • Choose the color tone

From there, you’ll see the generated designs and can select up to of them. Create your account and you’ll be able to edit or buy the design you chose. This brand builder can also help you in making videos, banners, and mockups. Features

  • 10,000+ icons
  • 15 million images and video clips
  • JPEG, PNG, SVG, and PDF logo file formats
  • Style guidelines
  • Export full brand identity kit Pricing allows you to either get a logo only for $49 or subscribe to a plan. Pricing

Basic ($29/month)

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited usage of images and video clips
  • 1 team member
  • 10 premium images per month
  • Standard license usage

Pro ($69/month)

  • Unlimited projects and usage of images and videos
  • 5 team members
  • 20 premium images per month
  • Standard license usage

Enterprise (Custom)

  • Unlimited projects and usage of images and videos
  • 15 team members
  • 200 premium images per month
  • Enterprise license usage

2. Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands AI Logo Maker

Tailor Brands’ logo maker offers a simple way to create a logo that’s unique to your brand. In just a few simple clicks, you can leverage the tool’s AI abilities to generate a custom design to use anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a website, paper or contactless business card, billboard, or something else.

To get started with this free AI-based logo maker, here’s what you do:

  • Share your brand information such as company name, type of business, and other descriptions
  • Select the type of logo, whether icon-based, name-based, or initial based
  • Pick a font, either something formal or more script-based and stylish

The Tailor Brands logo maker will then process the design according to your selections. You can customize it however needed by switching to different fonts and colors. You’ll then be able to save it to your device in a format of your choice.

Besides the logo maker, Tailor Brands also has all the tools you need to start a business. If you haven’t launched yet, you can use the platform to get your LLC, set up your site, and put your brand out there.

Tailor Brands Features

  • Hundreds of designs to choose from
  • High-resolution logos in Vector EPS, transparent SVG, or PNG formats
  • Social media formats where you get resized versions to use on all popular social networks

Tailor Brands Pricing

While its logo maker is free to use, Tailor Brands’ other features, such as starting an LLC, are priced. The cost will depend on the features you pick.

3. Brandmark Logo Maker

Brandmark Logo Maker

Brandmark is an AI-powered logo creator that can help you create professional business logos. The good thing is that it’s easy to use.

You just need to:

  • Type in a business name
  • Enter an optional slogan
  • Choose a few descriptive words
  • Pick the brand color style

The logo maker will create unique logos for you to choose from. You can get a custom logo by choosing from its wide range of fonts, colors, and icons. There’s the option to edit and even preview a design.

Once you find the perfect logo for your needs, you simply need to purchase it. There are options to save a specific logo for later or share it with others. As if that’s not enough, Brandmark can generate business cards, social media graphics, and more designs for you.

Brandmark Features

  • Logo generator with customization capabilities
  • Supports all major formats, including PNG, SVG, PDF, and EPS
  • Adjust text and image sizes
  • Create more designs such as business cards and social profiles

Brandmark Pricing

Brandmark Pricing

Basic ($25 one-time)

Get logos in PNG format.

Designer ($65 one-time)

  • Logo source files
  • Brand style guide
  • Business card designs
  • Facebook covers
  • Profile & app icons
  • Letterhead designs

Enterprise ($175 one-time)

  • Everything in Designer
  • Up to 10 fully original concepts created by our design team

4. is among the best AI logo generators to get logo ideas for free within minutes. It suits professionals, startups, and small businesses. And, you don’t need any graphic design skills to get started with it.

Here’s what to do:

  • Enter your company name
  • Pick a logo category
  • Choose a logo reference (3 of them) from a variety of options
  • Select the color
  • Input a slogan (optional)
  • Add an icon you like

The tool will generate designs for you and you’ll be able to see the results. You can buy the logo design that suits you best. Features

  • Instant logo-making tool
  • 100+ beautiful templates
  • Various file formats
  • Royalty-free logos Pricing Pricing

Basic ($15 one-time)

  • Normal-resolution logo files
  • White and transparent backgrounds only
  • Transparent PNG
  • Instant file access
  • Changes not allowed after purchase

Premium ($35 one-time)

  • High-resolution logo files
  • Custom background color
  • Transparent PNG
  • Instant file access
  • Resizable vector SVG files
  • Print-ready
  • Make changes and re-download

Enterprise ($55 one time)

  • Everything in Premium
  • Dark logo, white logo, and colored background logo are provided as logo variations
  • Create and keep up to 5 logo variations
  • Social media assets
  • Professional watermark
  • Real-world mockup images
  • Font names and color palette

5. LogoAI


LogoAI is another AI-powered logo maker that can make professional-looking logo designs. The tool has helped over 30,000 businesses in creating logos. Similar to the other tools, no special skill is required to use LogoAI.

Below are the easy steps:

  • Fill in your logo name and a slogan if applicable
  • Select your industry
  • Pick color schemes for your logo
  • Choose the fonts

When you hit the generate button, you’ll be able to view designs generated from the info you gave. You just need to select one of them, edit it if you want, and make a purchase. Besides logos, LogoAI can generate business cards, social media graphics like Facebook covers, and posters.

Logo AI Features

  • An AI tool that understands and turns logo data into beautiful designs
  • All design sizes and formats
  • Auto-generated logo animations as GIF and video files

LogoAI Pricing

LogoAI Pricing

Basic ($29)

  • 3-day unlimited change
  • 800*600 px logo download
  • Transparent PNG

Professional ($59)

  • 3-day unlimited change
  • High-resolution logo download
  • Transparent PNG
  • Vector files
  • Word and PPT templates
  • Brand identity

Brand ($99)

  • Everything in Professional
  • Logo animation
  • Brand center

6. DesignEvo


DesignEvo is a powerful advanced logo generator that lets you create stunning logos without any design skills. It has a variety of AI logo templates to choose from that allow you to turn your thought into a creative logo design for free. This means that it doesn’t matter whether you need a service logo, application logo, learning logo, or something else.

Below is how you can use DesignEvo quickly and easily:

  • Select a suitable template from the thousands of available ones
  • Add text and icon
  • Save your new design as JPG or PNG

As you can see, it’s nothing hard and only takes minutes. Everything is 100 percent customizable. You can add text, shapes, and symbols for more customization.

The user interface of DesignEvo is simple and intuitive. All the features are straightforward and easy to use, making it perfect for beginners.

DesignEvo Features

  • 10,000+ templates
  • Millions of icons
  • Hundreds of fonts

DesignEvo Pricing

DesignEvo Pricing

Free ($0)

  • Low-resolution files
  • High-resolution files up to 300 px
  • Limited edit and redownload

Basic ($24.99 One-Time)

  • High-resolution files up to 5,000 px
  • Transparent PNG
  • Unlimited edits and redownloading
  • Lifetime support
  • Print ready

Plus ($49.99 One-Time)

  • Everything in Basic
  • Vector files (PDF and SVG)
  • Download font files
  • Copyright ownership

7. Zyro by Hostinger

Zyro AI Logo Maker

Zyro AI logo maker is a free tool from Hostinger, a leading web hosting platform. This AI logo generator for YouTube, websites, and other products enables you to complete your brand’s identity creation. It takes seconds to use it!

What you do is enter the brand name, slogan, and industry and click on the button that says to start creating. The tool will analyze the information you provided and create some logo ideas for you so you can pick one. From there, you can change the colors, fonts, icons, size, and layout.

Zyro is not just a tool for making logos but also a website builder used by over 250,000 small businesses. And so, you can also use it to build a site by just applying any of its templates without the need for coding skills.

Zyro Features

  • Fast logo creation whereby you just fill out your brand details and let it process your request
  • Thousands of templates
  • Numerous customization options for fonts, text, colors, and more

Zyro Pricing

This is a 100 percent free AI logo generator without a watermark. But if you want to use other Zyro or Hostinger features, you’ll pay a fee depending on what solution you need.

Free vs Paid AI Logo Generators

Both free and paid options for AI logo generators are available online. But you have to know that they’re not equal.

Free AI logo generators are limited when it comes to features and are best suited for simple logos. You’ll find that they don’t offer the same design options, customization, file formats, and even quality as their paid counterparts.

The reason for such differences is that paid AI logo generators focus on giving you the best tool on the market and not just basic features. And so, if you need a high-quality and professional logo design and have the budget for it, it’s wise to go with a paid tool.

When investing in an AI-powered logo generator, remember to compare features and pricing to ensure you get the best design for a good price. You don’t want to pay a high price for something just average or above average.


Now that you have the best AI logo generators, why not get started with one of them? All of these tools are easy to use and don’t require any design experience.

Whether you need a free tool for a simple logo or a paid one for a more professional logo, you now have some great options. The good thing is that they all provide you with an affordable way to get a brand logo for all your online or physical assets and marketing materials.

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