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How to Make Money with Jasper (13 Ideas)

AI tools are growing in popularity and you can take advantage of them to make money on the side. Jasper AI, for instance, is an AI-powered writing software that has established itself quite well over the past few years.

You can use Jasper in many ways as an online business owner, whether a freelancer, marketer, or seller. This tool can generate not only textual content but also images with the new Jasper Art tool. You just input some text and it does the rest.

And, making money with Jasper AI is easier than you think! In this blog post, we’ll discuss different ways that you can start generating revenue with the help of Jasper. It covers a range of options, from online marketing to e-commerce to affiliate marketing. So whether you are just starting out or you are looking for new ways to earn money from AI, this blog post has something for you.

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Getting Started with Jasper

Note that you’ll need a Jasper account to implement any of the listed money-making ideas. It helps you learn more about the tool yourself and know how best to use it. It’s possible to try it for free as a first-time user.

You can then choose from Creator, Teams, and Business plans. Creator is $49 a month and offers the essential Jasper features.

Teams costs $125 per month and unlocks the limits you may find in Creator. It also has some more interesting features, as seen in this review of Jasper.

13 Ways to Make Money Using Jasper AI

You can use Jasper to make money online in the following ways.

1. Offer freelance content writing services

It’s possible to use Jasper AI to create content that is optimized for search engine ranking and appeals to readers. It also helps in saving time, as you can quickly generate content in a few clicks.

The thing is, you shouldn’t rely fully on an AI tool. You just need to let it guide you. You can even just use Jasper to generate blog post ideas and outlines and then do the rest.

Still, Jasper can write quality long-form content that people can read and find valuable. You just need to follow some best practices for using it effectively. These include editing your document to remove any unwanted text, checking the accuracy of any generated data, and adding a human touch and relevant keywords to the content.

Remember, you’ll still need some (or a lot of) knowledge of the topic you’re writing about as well as good writing skills. This way, you’ll be able to make sense of the whole document before submitting it for publication and not just do things blindly.

2. Create a blog

You can use Jasper to populate your blog with content that gets visitors from social media and even online searches. You could decide to start a niche blog and focus on one specific topic or write about a variety of things that are related. The latter option works best because you don’t want to be too specific and lack the opportunity to scale your blog when needed.

Either way, you’ll save time by using the AI-powered tool to create original content for each post. You’ll likely need to edit some of the generated text but you’ll still have an easier time doing it than manually writing everything.

You can monetize your blog through ads, selling products or services, or through affiliate marketing. Do this after you’ve established a blog that gets significant traffic.

3. Work as a copywriter

It’s true to say that Jasper has powerful copywriting capabilities too, besides blog content. Numerous copy templates are available to Jasper users. You can use it to write copy for yourself or other people.

It’s great for producing text for landing pages, emails, webpages, and other digital materials depending on the project brief. Furthermore, some features such as grammar checks and keyword optimization help you deliver quality work faster than if you were to write everything yourself.

4. Provide search engine optimization (SEO) services

You can use Jasper AI to help people optimize their web pages for greater organic traffic and better SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings. It does this by suggesting relevant titles and meta descriptions for various site pages, depending on the template you apply, to get maximum visibility.

As if that’s not enough, Jasper integrates with Surfer SEO, a well-known content creation and optimization tool. So, you’ll have two stones to kill one bird!

This is especially helpful for people who are not SEO experts but need to ensure their website can be found easily by potential customers. So, it’s a great way for you to make money with Jasper and increase your earning power as you’ll be offering an invaluable service to businesses looking to attract more visitors through visibility on SERPs.

5. Become a social media manager

Social media management means taking care of a social account for someone or a business and growing it. There are many instances in this kind of work where you’ll need to write, such as creating posts, interacting with followers, and building relationships with other brands.

Jasper comes with templates for writing social media content. You can as well generate marketing copy if the post involves a product or service from the brand you’re working for.

Your work becomes simpler because you won’t lack new post ideas or find it hard to write engaging content for a social media platform.

6. Manage ads for businesses

With Jasper AI, you can plan and manage ads easily. It includes creating content for the ad and optimizing it for search engine results. This goes for both Facebook and Google, the major platforms people use for digital ads.

You still need to ensure that other aspects such as demographic settings are as required. So, besides having a writing assistant, you need to know how ads work and the best strategies to leverage them for increased brand awareness.

7. Write quality product descriptions for items you’re selling

Another great way to use Jasper is to write product descriptions. You can use it to quickly generate compelling descriptions of items that you’re selling online without having to spend hours on the task.

You could sell a variety of things online. A few examples are used stuff like electronics and handmade goods. Both of these product types don’t require you to go through the tiring process of finding suppliers.

For each item, you just need to provide the features or facts about the product and let Jasper complete the work for you. It will come up with a well-crafted description that will draw people to the product.

8. Publish e-books

Did you know that Jasper can also work as an AI book writer? You can use it to get ideas for a book you could potentially write or use it to write some of the text.

What you do is consider the things you’re knowledgable about more than the average person, and describe the same to Jasper when generating ideas. Some quick non-fiction e-book ideas that come to mind are work-from-home jobs, TikTok growth, and healthy habits.

Make sure that you add practical tips that are either researched-backed or come from your experiences to ensure your e-book is valuable and not misleading. You could even write fictional stories that have never appeared elsewhere using Jasper.

9. Proofread and edit content

Editing and proofreading are some of the services you could offer with Jasper. You can use it, given its integration with Grammarly, to spot typos, incorrect grammar, and other mistakes.

It’s of help to content writers who don’t have enough time to go through a piece to look for errors because they’re constantly busy writing new articles.

You can even make use of the AI’s ability to rewrite content if you think a piece can do with some improvement. There’s a feature to re-phrase specific parts of a document within seconds. If you want to ensure that the content is original, Jasper has a checker for plagiarism.

10. Make YouTube videos

If you’ve ever wanted to start a YouTube channel, several worries may make you not go through with the plan. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the right equipment.

But keep in mind that many YouTubers you see nowadays started with mediocre video recording tools themselves. You just need a camera or phone camera that’s good enough and make upgrades later.

The other issue that may come to mind is that what if you run out of content ideas? Safe to say, there are countless ideas out there. Jasper can help you find these ideas and create videos that people would want to watch again and again.

Jasper has a video script template that can generate the words you need for your video. There’s also a video description template and several others to optimize your YouTube video for search. As for making money, you could earn from your channel with ads, sponsorships, and product sales.

11. Sell images on stock photography sites

You can use Jasper Art, the text-to-image tool from Jasper, to generate eye-catching images and then sell them on stock photography websites like Shutterstock.

The best part is that you don’t need any special design skills, as Jasper AI can handle the basics of creating attractive visuals. All you have to do is input your text and tweak the settings a bit, and Jasper’s AI-powered image generator will do the rest.

Once you’ve generated a few images that are attractive and have commercial potential, upload them to stock photography sites and start earning money from them.

In case you’re wondering, Jasper allows such commercial use because the images generated are copyright-free. At the moment, there aren’t any limitations.

12. Sell custom products

Jasper Art can help you create images for use on custom products with print-on-demand (POD). These include wears like t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies as well as accessories like phone covers.

You just need to find a proper POD platform, such as Redbubble, and upload your art on the products you like. It helps to have a wide variety of artwork and choose numerous products to which you can add them.

When someone buys something, the platform handles the printing and shipping. What you get are commissions from the sale minus the product and service costs.

13. Start an affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products or services from another company in exchange for a commission when someone purchases them through your affiliate link.

Jasper can help you with affiliate marketing by providing headlines and titles for blog posts, product pages, web pages, and more. You can also use the video script template to generate engaging content for your YouTube channel or other video hosting sites.

To top it all up, Jasper itself has an affiliate program. Qualified users with good social media presence or site owners can apply to promote the tool to others and earn a percentage from the sales. The commissions are recurring, so you earn every time a user renews their subscription.


Hope this article gave you some ideas on how to make money with Jasper. There are many other ways to monetize what you’re doing or aspiring to do with the tool’s help, but the ones mentioned above are just some of the most popular and easy ones.

You can also combine these ideas to maximize your earnings and get creative. All it takes is some work, dedication, and a bit of help from Jasper!

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