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5 Best AI Story Generators & Book Writers Online of 2023

In the age of AI, it’s no surprise that many people are turning to computer systems for help with their writing. After all, who wouldn’t want a computer to take care of all the heavy lifting?

When it comes to generating stories or writing books, there are several AI-based services that can get the job done. These online tools allow you to create your very own short story or even a novel with the help of AI algorithms that generate plotlines and characters for you. You can also use them for just improving the grammar and writing style of your work.

In this blog post, I’ll introduce you to some of the best AI story generators and book writers online. Remember, many AI software tools are still a work in progress. You need to learn how a particular one works to get the best results.

Now, let’s get started!

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What Is an AI story Generator?

An AI story generator is a type of software that uses computer systems to generate story ideas, plots, or actual stories. The concept is quite new and many of such tools are still being polished.

What Is the Best AI Story Generator?

If you want to write a short story or a book with the help of AI writing software, here are the top picks:

1. Jasper

Jasper AI

Jasper is among the best AI book writers to use. The reason is that it has a feature that allows users to write long-form content without much effort.

If you’re staring at a blank page and don’t know what to write, Jasper AI can give you a headstart. Once you describe the kind of writing you want, this AI story generator will write the text for you. You can simply remove the text you don’t want and command it to generate more sentences and paragraphs for you.

Books written with the help of Jasper AI are already available. You too can use it to create a book to sell on Amazon or any other online platform. Also, it can help you with your grammar and sentence structure.

Key Features

  • Long-form writing assistant
  • Easily integrable with Grammarly for grammar checking
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Various voice tone choices to suit your text


Jasper AI Pricing

Boss Mode: Starting at $59/month

Business: Comes at a custom price


Jasper AI is a useful tool for writing lengthy texts like guides as well as books. You can use it to generate content for your story if you instruct it well.

2. Rytr

Rytr AI Story Generator

Rytr is another AI story writer that can help you write faster. It’s helpful when it comes to generating creative stories and plots quickly.

You simply need to select the language of your writing, choose the tone, pick the use case or content type (e.g. story plot), and enter the story idea. The input can be titles, phrases, or keywords based on what you want to write. Rytr will then generate text for you instantly.

Key Features

  • Over 30 use cases or content types
  • Over 20 voice tone choices
  • Over 30 languages to choose from


Rytr Pricing

Free: $0/month

Saver: $9/month

Unlimited: $29/month


Rytr can help you create story plots and stories within a short time.

3. NovelAI


NovelAI is another option if you need an AI novel writer. It enables you to come up with a unique story, whether you’re aiming for a thriller, romance, war, or anything else. Experimental writers are also free to use it.

This AI-assisted authorship and storytelling tool comes with modules to emulate the writers you like. You can create a universe depending on your liking and write quality literature. NovelAI also has several other upcoming features.

Key Features

  • AI storyteller
  • Editor customization
  • Access your writing anywhere
  • Secure writing platform
  • AI modules with various styles and themes
  • Experimental features are available


NovelAI Pricing

Paper: Free trial

Tablet: $10/month

Scroll: $15/month

Opus: $25/month


NovelAI is best for authors and experimental story writers looking to generate ideas and content for their stories.

4. Plot Generator

Plot Generator

Wondering what’s another great AI story generator to use? Plot Generator may interest you.

It’s a useful artificial intelligence writing assistant that can generate story ideas, short stories, and more.

If you need romance, crime, or fantasy plots, Plot Generator can be your online assistant. You can use it to inspire your next novel or even a movie script.

To write a custom story, you just need to fill out some details about it. Simply choose a style, opening and ending, character name, and some adjectives. Plot Generator will write the story based on the information you provide.

Key Features

  • Short story generator
  • Movie script generator
  • Story idea generator
  • Opening line generator
  • Twist generator


At the moment, Plot Generator is free to use.


If you need plots, opening lines, or ideas for your next story or script, Plot Generator is for you.

5. DeepStory


DeepStory is another AI story generator and scriptwriter tool worth checking out. You can use DeepStory for AI-driven content as well as screenplays. And so, it can work for storytellers, scriptwriters, and even content creators.

Key Features

  • Short and long-form writing
  • PDF download
  • Social media sharing


DeepStory Pricing

Free account: €0

Premium: €12.99(or $13.30)/month

DeepStory API: For commercial use


DeepStory is a newer tool with a few features but can be great for generating story and script ideas.

Can AI Write Stories?

Yes, AI can write stories for you. Remember, you won’t just sit and do nothing while an AI story-writing software does the job.

It won’t think for you. You have to actively describe what you want to the software and get rid of the texts you don’t need.

You’ll still need to put in that human touch to ensure the story can attract readers. Other than that, you can also use AI tools to just generate story ideas and plots.


These are some of the best AI story generators and book writers online of the year. Many of these AI tools for writing are still adding more features to work better for users. Some give you a chance to try the latest features before anyone else depending on the plan you’re in.

Have you found a favorite yet? Go ahead and do so!

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