Content Harmony Free Trial

Content Harmony Free Trial: How to Get It?

Does Content Harmony offer a free trial? This is one of the questions that arise when talking about this established content marketing and SEO optimization software.

The tool helps businesses create better content quicker using AI-powered algorithms. Content Harmony can analyze content topics, perform keyword research, generate headlines and summaries, and provide style guidance.

As with any other software, you should test out the platform before making a purchasing decision. A free trial allows potential users to experience the actual user experience and functionality without an upfront commitment.

This is particularly valuable for a content marketing solution since the quality and usefulness of the tools may not be fully understood just from marketing materials or online reviews alone. For that reason, this article will explore whether Content Harmony offers a free trial and if so, what it includes.

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Does Content Harmony Offer a Free Trial?

The good news is that yes, Content Harmony does offer a free trial option for their content marketing software. However, there is a $10 charge for the trial.

The $10 Content Harmony free trial gives you full access to the tool’s features, but you’ll be limited in terms of how much content you can create and optimize. You get 10 Content Workflow credits to use on the platform ($80 value).

Why charge for a free trial?

In the company’s defense, they charge a nominal trial fee for some reason. They fetch nearly 100 API calls for each Keyword Report and Content Workflow they produce.

Providing these reports and workflows for customers during the trial period requires significant resources on their end. In addition, they want customers during the trial period to have full access to their product so they can properly evaluate its features and capabilities.

An unlimited free trial with this level of access opens the door for potential spam or fraudulent trials that don’t represent real customers sincerely evaluating the product.

The good thing is that your free trial won’t be limited in terms of time. The credits can last for a year.

Also, there is no automatic billing. You won’t have to worry about waking up to a notification that Content Harmony has charged you for a subscription.

What this means is that you’re the one in control. You can only decide about purchasing new credits once you’ve explored the platform’s functionalities and need more credits.

Now, there’s something else you can do if you’re part of a team but not the one holding the credit card. What you do is request a personalized demo from the Content Harmony sales team to get a more comprehensive look at how the platform works.

What’s Included in the Content Harmony Trial?

Content Harmony’s trial of $10 gives you 10 Content Workflow credits. Each Content Workflow comes with the following:

  • Keyword Report
  • Content Brief
  • Content Grader

In other words, you get everything you need to research topics and optimize your content for search engines. I’ll go into detail about the features of Content Harmony later in the article.

How to Get Started with Content Harmony’s Free Trial

It’s quite easy to start using Content Harmony at a fraction of its usual cost.

Step 1. Go to the Content Harmony Website

Visit, the official website where you can begin signing up.

Content Harmony

Once there, click on the sign-up button. You’ll be directed to the page about the $10 trial.

Content Harmony $10 Trial

Step 2. Get Started

On the $10 trial page, you’ll see the option to schedule a demo with the relevant Content Harmony team. Other than that, you can activate your trial on the same page.

Just click on the button “Activate My Trial.”

Content Harmony Activate Trial

Step 3. Make Your Payment

Next up on the Content Harmony free trial, you need to pay the $10. The payment is secure through Stripe.

Content Harmony Trial Payment

You just need to enter your card details and click on “Pay” to complete the purchase. You’ll get a payment notification in your email.

Step 4. Start Using the Credits

The last step is to explore Content Harmoney and what it has to offer. Again, you aren’t charged automatically and are the one to initiate any subsequent purchases.

How Much Does Content Harmony Cost?

If you decide to continue using Content Harmony, you can head to the platform’s pricing page and get extra credits. Content Harmony’s pricing is based on how many pieces of content you want to publish monthly.

The lowest selection for the Standard plans is 5, and it costs $50/month. Selecting a higher number would mean paying less.

Content Harmony Pricing

For instance, it’s $99 for 12 pieces of content. The maximum of 200+ pieces, a.k.a the Enterprise plans, have costs starting at $1,000 monthly.

All Content Harmony plans include:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects
  • Rollover credits
  • Team training

What Are the Features of Content Harmony?

Now. let’s see what you can do with Content Harmony.

1. Keyword Reports

Content Harmony’s keyword reports aim to simplify the content creation process by gathering relevant data from search results, tools, and sources into a single report. The reports include sections on search intent, topic analysis, competitor outlines, questions, authoritative sources, competitor analysis, images, and videos.

Content Harmony Keyword Reports - Example

Key highlights from the report can be directly copied over to the content brief template to save time. This integrated workflow helps minimize tedious manual tasks like copying and pasting.

Note that the data is currently available for 9 countries. But Content Harmony promises that they’re growing their database to incorporate more regions.

2. Search Intent

Search Intent is a part of Content Harmony’s Keyword Reports. Content Harmony provides search intent classification and keyword research tools to help SEOs and content creators understand search engine results pages (SERPs) and what types of content are ranking.

Content Harmony Search Intent - Example

Their search intent reports analyze SERPs to determine the search intent, content format ranking, page types, trends, and other factors. This helps you know what to focus on.

The company developed a custom search intent classification system beyond just informational/navigational/transactional to include 8 intent types. These are:

  • Research
  • Answers
  • Local
  • Transactional
  • Video
  • Visual
  • Fresh/News
  • Brand/Entity

In other words, you get more clarity on what results search engines prefer displaying to users. It then becomes easier to select the right intent for your content strategy.

3. Content Briefs

With Content Harmony, marketers can reduce time spent on content briefs from around 90 minutes to just 10-20 minutes, allowing them to focus more on the creative aspects of content generation.

The company spent years trying to solve common problems and issues that arise during the content marketing process. These included writers going off-topic, writers submitting first drafts that were poorly structured and not well-organized, and clients requesting complete rewrites of articles at the last minute.

Content Harmony wanted to optimize the entire content creation process from brief-making to publishing to save time and produce better quality content consistently. These briefs show you the suggested outline, key questions, and important keywords to include.

You can even choose from any of their content brief templates:

Content Harmony Content Brief Templates

The templates are customizable. You can add, remove, or adjust any element as you like.

4. Content Grader

Content Grader is the tool on Content Harmony that allows you to see your score and optimize your text accordingly. You’re able to see the total word count, readability level such as “College,” and a content score, such as “Great.”

Content Harmony Content Grader - Example

There’s also an average of each metric shown, compared to other ranking pages on the Web. You only have to match or surpass those averages to get a good score on Content Harmony.

You may have noticed that most content grading tools encourage you to use all of the phrases they recommend to get the best score. That’s not the case with  Content Harmony.

The tool weighs certain terms in its scoring model more heavily than others, such that the ones that appear on the most established pages are put first. I also found out that Content Harmony encourages achieving a “Good” or “Great” score on their model, depending on how optimized you want your content to be, rather than mandating the use of every phrase.

Alternatives of Content Harmony with Free Trials

There are more content optimization tools that you can try for free to plan, write, and optimize your content.

 Here are some Content Harmony alternative options that do offer free trials:


This AI content optimizer tool is much more affordable than the likes of Surfer SEO. NeuronWriter also has a generous free plan experiment with their automated planning and optimization capabilities.


For exploring AI-assisted topic clustering and outlining, WriterZen could be a worthwhile alternative to consider. It offers a 15-day free trial that gives full access to its tools.


If the focus is specifically on keyword and topic research capabilities, GrowthBar provides a compelling 7-day free trial. Their trial gives access to keyword and topic research tools to identify high-potential topics, related keywords, search volumes, and trends.

All three of these Content Harmony competitors allow you to evaluate their solutions at no cost upfront. The longer trial periods from WriterZen and GrowthBar in particular enable more in-depth feature testing compared to Content Harmony’s $10 trial access.

For those seeking to fully experience an AI content platform risk-free, these alternatives may be better options to consider.

Content Harmony Free Trial FAQs

Is there a Content Harmony free trial without a credit card?

Unfortunately, there is no option to get the Content Harmony free trial without providing a credit card.

As mentioned earlier, Content Harmony does offer a $10 that grants access to their core content creation tools. However, to start the trial, a valid credit or debit card must be entered on the signup page.

The likely reason Content Harmony requires card details is to prevent users from starting multiple unfounded trials. Charging $10 upfront to a card helps ensure those trialing the software are genuinely interested in evaluating it versus just browsing features casually.

Can I use Content Harmony for free?

No, there is no way to use Content Harmony completely for free without any limitations or restrictions. First of all, to even test the tool, you need to purchase credits worth $10.

After the credits are finished, continued use requires purchasing one of their package plans, which starts at $50/month. Occasionally they may offer limited-time promotional discounts, but these would still require a paid subscription (just at a lower monthly rate).

Is there a Content Harmony lifetime deal?

No, Content Harmony does not offer any lifetime deals or subscriptions. They only provide paid plans that come with credits to use their platform.

And so, you need to budget for your usage to continue using the platform long-term. Purchasing as many credits as you can helps reduce the overall costs with time.


In summary, while Content Harmony is a powerful AI writing assistant, the lack of a free long-term option may discourage some users from committing to a paid subscription. For those seeking an extended free trial period without credit card requirements, NeuronWriter is one good alternative to consider.

NeuronWriter offers a generous forever free tier that provides some access to the tool without paying anything. You can create a couple of projects, do keyword research, and optimize your writing.

NeuronWriter also offers lifetime deals that remove all restrictions for good. Check out more information on the official site.

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