Lasso (GetLasso) Review

Lasso (GetLasso) Review: Does It Boost Your Affiliate Income?

If you’re an affiliate marketer or blogger like me, you’re always looking for new ways to optimize your links and improve conversions. While plain text links certainly have their place, there’s a power in visual elements that can catch more of your readers’ eyes.

And that’s where Lasso comes in. This affiliate marketing tool aims to take your standard affiliate links and dress them up with eye-catching displays like tables, lists, and buttons. The goal is to make those links more noticeable and clickable within your blog content.

Intrigued, I decided to put Lasso to the test on my blog. In this Lasso review, you’ll learn about the features, pricing, my experience with it, and most importantly, whether the tool can provide an affiliate income boost.


Lasso is a great tool to help you boost your affiliate conversions and earn more. With Lasso, you won't have to worry about having good site traffic but few affiliate link clicks.

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Lasso Overview

To begin, let’s go through a few general details about Lasso.

What Is Lasso?

Lasso (GetLasso)

Lasso (or GetLasso) is an affiliate marketing plugin that can help you create visually appealing affiliate displays for your content. Lasso was created in 2019 by experienced affiliate marketers Andrew and Laura Fiebert.

After years of running their own hugely successful sites, they came up with the idea for Lasso. The thought was that visually interesting displays would catch people’s attention better than plain old text links.

And they were right – our eyes are drawn to visually silent things, or those that “stick out” to us.

Once you add the Lasso plugin to WordPress, you’ve got options like comparison charts, bulleted lists, rating stars, and call-to-action buttons. With a few quick clicks, you can turn those boring links into something that will make readers stop scrolling. 

The displays really make affiliates stand out on a page. Instead of a wall of words, your promotions become a neat graphic that catches the eye.

Best of all, you don’t need to know any code or design. The plugin does the heavy lifting.

How Does GetLasso Work? How to Get Started with Lasso?

It’s quite simple how Lasso works. Here’s how:

Step 1. Download the Lasso plugin: The plugin is available as a ZIP file on their website.

Step 2. Install the plugin on your WordPress site: Under the plugins section, WordPress will automatically unzip the uploaded file and you just need to activate it.

Step 3. Create or import your affiliate links: You can manually add links or automatically import them from other link management tools like PrettyLinks. The default format for Lasso links is, but you can customize it accordingly.

Step 4. Choose a Lasso display type: On your WordPress editor, you can add a Lasso display if listed among editing elements, or insert a generated shortcode for editors like Classic Editor. Options include singular displays, tables, buttons, and lists to showcase your affiliate products.

How it looks on WordPress:

Step 5. Customize the look and feel: You can tweak the affiliate display designs, colors, texts, and more to match your site’s style.

Step 6. Publish and start tracking results: Monitor clicks, sales, and earnings from the visually enhanced affiliate links.

Who Should Use Lasso?

Below is a list of a few types of people who could especially benefit from using GetLasso:

  • Bloggers: In case you’re a blogger focused on building an audience, you’ll find Lasso displays helpful in monetizing your readership. It’s a low-effort way to promote products your readers will appreciate.
  • Review sites: Do you do product reviews and write about them? Lasso displays make it simple to showcase the options you’re discussing in an eye-catching way. Readers will find it easy to click on the products they want to learn more about.
  • Niche website owners: Sites focused on specific topics like cooking, fitness, or travel can benefit from using Lasso to feature relevant affiliate products throughout their content. Displays tie into the site’s authority on that subject.
  • Digital marketers: If you’re someone who promotes software, services, or other digital products as an affiliate, Lasso is perfect for creating comparison charts or list-based promotions that attract clicks.
  • E-commerce sites: Even shops that sell their own products can benefit from bringing in affiliate revenue. Lasso makes it simple to feature complementary products your customers might be interested in.

In other words, anyone using affiliate marketing as a business model or income stream can see their efforts amplified through the visually engaging promotions that Lasso enables. It’s a handy tool for any content publisher online.

Lasso Features

Next on this GetLasso review are the features it has.

1. Product Displays

The first feature of Lasso, the most important one, is its product displays. These allow you to showcase affiliate products in different formats like tables, lists, buttons, and more right on your site.

Here’s a list of some of the displays that GetLasso provides:


This is a single product display that can show its headline, photo, information, price, and a button with a link. It suits individual product reviews.

Lasso Single Display Example
Lasso Single Display Example


The Grid option displays all the products you’ve included in a set category side by side (eg. two single displays). It’s great for comparison articles.

Lasso Grid Example
Lasso Grid Example


This option is like Grid but what it does is put all items in a category as a list from 1 to whatever number. It would be a great way to create a visually appealing listicle that contains several products.

Lasso List Example
Lasso List Example


The Button display is the common option for creating clickable buttons with a call to action text. You may have done this using other tools available freely, but still, Lasso includes it as another of its displays.

Lasso Button Example
Lasso Button Example

For each display, Lasso gives you design control over things like colors, text, layouts, etc. You can add star ratings to the displays, an affiliate disclaimer, a logo or product photo, pricing, and badge text. This is how Lasso takes your affiliate promotions to the next level versus plain text links.

2. Link Cloaking and Management

One of the really handy things about Lasso is how it lets you organize all your affiliate links. They have a nice clean interface where you can add new links, edit existing ones, or import batches from other programs. 

What’s great is that for each link you enter, Lasso automatically cloaks it for you to keep things clean and discreet. So instead of your readers seeing the long affiliate URLs, they’ll see a shortened version that redirects through your site.

I appreciate how this cloaking works because as a blogger I want my recommendations to seem genuine and easy to remember. With Lasso, the reader’s first impression won’t be that they’re clicking affiliate links (you know, the weird-looking affiliate tracking codes and all in the URL).

What’s more, you can choose to include or exclude the “noreferrer,” “nofollow,” and “sponsored” tags. These tags are recommended particularly for affiliate links.

The link manager is also useful for staying organized. With all links stored in one place, it’s easy to pull them up whenever you need them. Whether you’re putting together a new post or editing an existing one, you can find the products you want to feature with just a few clicks.

Plus if you ever want to switch your links to a different affiliate program, you have everything you need in the Lasso library. You can simply edit the URL destination and maintain the cloaked link version (no disruptions and broken links).

3. Multiple Display Themes

Lasso - Display Themes

Some affiliate tools out there only let you use a single display template, so you’re pretty limited in how you can showcase your product recommendations. But Lasso really stands out with its 8 different themes to choose from.

While I won’t go into specifics about each theme here, let me just say they all look incredibly polished and professional. The designs provide a nice variety of border styles and ways to position important elements like product images, titles, buttons, and more.

Having those options means that you can tweak the theme to best suit whatever type of content you’re featuring. If you’re highlighting gadgets, for instance, one theme might work better than another.

Or if what you need is a clean, minimalist look for health products, a different theme will fit that vibe perfectly. This makes promoting affiliate offers through Lasso feel much more customized than other solutions out there.

4. Finding Extra Affiliate Link Opportunities

Lasso also has another cool feature called Opportunities. This tool scans through your existing blog posts and articles to surface any potential places where you could include affiliate links.

It works by analyzing the text for keywords related to the products you promote. So if you’ve written about a brand or product that Lasso knows has an affiliate program and haven’t included a link yet, the tool will flag that as an opportunity. 

This is kind of genius because how many times have you mentioned a product in passing without linking to it? Maybe you didn’t know an affiliate program for it existed or you weren’t keen at that moment.

The Opportunities feature ensures you don’t leave any money on the table! Lasso highlights all the relevant programs you can start promoting sitewide for extra commission.

It’s such a timesaver compared to manually combing through all your old content – something that could take hours.

5. Amazon Integration

Hello to all Amazon affiliates! Lasso has made linking to Amazon products way more seamless.

Turning a standard Amazon URL into an affiliate link manually can be such a chore. You have to extract all the product details manually, and then go through the process of generating shortlinks.

But with Lasso, all you have to do is copy an Amazon URL straight from the site and paste it in. The tool will instantly pull in the title, image, price, and everything you need for that product.

Even better, it auto-converts it to an affiliate link on the spot and there’ll be no more logging into the Amazon affiliate portal. And get this – it updates the data every 24 hours so your links are always pointing to the most current info.

6. Revenue Tracking

Lasso - Affiliate Revenue Tracking

Another valuable Lasso feature is that it helps you analyze the performance of your content. Through their analytics dashboard, you can measure key metrics like how much revenue each blog post or article generates from affiliate links.

Juggling multiple affiliate networks can mean piecing together stats from different dashboards. Lasso solves this problem by aggregating all your affiliate data into a single reporting portal.

It’s kind of fascinating to see the actual dollar amounts brought in from different pieces you’ve created without switching between tabs to compile the full picture. The analytics give you a true insight into what resonates most with readers.

With Lasso Analytics, you can track crucial stats like the click-through rate for each link. This tells you which products are sparking the most interest.

If a link is underperforming, you’ll know to potentially feature it differently next time. Or, you could feature specific high-converting links above the non-performing ones to maximize conversions.

7. Link Alerts

Last but not least, Lasso features broken link alerts. You probably know that the dreaded “404 page not found” error can affect user experience. And for an affiliate link, it can also mean lower income for you.

Regularly, Lasso will scan all the links across your site and affiliated content. If any are detected as broken or redirecting to the wrong place, you’ll receive a notification right away on your WordPress dashboard.

Broken affiliate links can occur when an affiliate program ceases operations, switches to a different affiliate management platform, or removes a page you were linking to.

GetLasso Pricing

Moving on to the pricing of Lasso.

Is Lasso Free?

No, Lasso isn’t available for free. The tool only has paid plans.

While there’s no free version, Lasso makes your small investment in their tool worth it. They give you amazing product display options, unlimited affiliate links, and continuous customer support.

How Much Does Lasso Cost?

Lasso has 3 pricing plans to choose from: Essential, Advanced, and Enterprise.

  • Essential ($24/month billed annually): This plan allows for 1 site, up to $2k/month in affiliate revenue, and up to 100k monthly page views.
  • Advanced ($63/month billed annually): The Advanced plan allows for 3 sites, up to $10k/month in affiliate revenue, and up to 1M monthly page views.
  • Enterprise (custom pricing): Enterprise, the highest plan, allows for unlimited sites, affiliate revenue, and monthly page views.
Lasso (GetLasso) Pricing

Does GetLasso Offer a Free Trial or Money-Back Guarantee?

While you can’t try the tool for free without payment, there’s still a  14-day money-back guarantee. It’s a way to try the tool before deciding to fully commit to it.

GetLasso Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Lasso as an affiliate marketing tool.

What I Like about Lasso

  • Has a selection of beautiful product displays with different themes to choose from
  • The tool is easy to use even for beginners, all you do is type or select the elements you need in a display
  • Allows you to manage all affiliate links in one place without having to manually edit specific posts to update the links
  • Enables you to boost your income by applying various affiliate revenue maximization techniques (besides displays, there are link opportunities and revenue tracking features)
  • Can detect broken affiliate links and notify you about them so you take action as soon as possible to protect your income

What I Don’t Like about Lasso

  • There’s no free trial for testing the features
  • No free plan or version exists for non-paying users (although they have a different plugin that you can use at no cost)
  • No free link cloaking feature (you may have seen this with other tools, whereby link cloaking by itself is freely available)

My Experience with GetLasso

When I first started using Lasso on my blog, I was impressed by how much it elevated the visual appeal of my posts. Being able to quickly generate high-quality product blocks has made my content so much more engaging and aesthetically pleasing.

Readers can clearly see the products I’m recommending without having to click through. And that leads to more clicks on the links.

I’ve seen a boost in link clicks since implementing Lasso. Just that easy addition of images and formatting does so much to catch people’s eyes as they scroll. It keeps the focus on the recommendations I’m making instead of just plain text links.

The best part is that I’ve seen a direct impact on my affiliate earnings as well. As those click counts go up, so does my commission income. It’s been really exciting to watch that revenue increase month over month and that’s why I recommend Lasso.

GetLasso Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, GetLasso can be a total game-changer for your affiliate marketing business. The time and effort it can save you in link management is invaluable.

I’ve seen my link click-throughs and commissions rise simply by making my recommendations more visually appealing. That alone has made Lasso well worth the investment.

If you’ve been looking for a way to take your affiliate content to the next level, I highly recommend giving GetLasso a try. They make it incredibly easy to do with their 14-day risk-free money-back guarantee. 

For just a couple of weeks, you can experiment with all of Lasso’s affiliate link management and tracking tools. Then if you’re not fully satisfied for any reason, you can request a no-questions-asked refund. 

Personally, I can’t imagine not using Lasso now in my business. But I’m glad they offer the refund policy so others can experience the benefits for themselves with zero financial risk.

So whether you want to save time, boost clicks, or just see what all the hype is about, start your Lasso trial today. See how it could help grow your affiliate income over the long run.

I have a feeling you’ll love it as much as I do!

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