Popl Free vs Pro

Popl Free vs Pro: How They Compare in 2023

Popl is one of the top digital business card apps available today. The platform allows you to network better. All you need to do to share your contact information with other professionals is just tap your NFC tag-embedded phone on theirs.

Because the Popl app has a free and pro version, you may be wondering which one to choose. Both plans will allow you to create a digital business card. But what are the differences then?

You don’t have to worry any longer because this article will provide the information you need to decide on the best Popl version for your brand. In a separate Popl business card review, I’ve gone into details about the whole platform in general, its product offers, and the best features.

For now, let’s look at the comparison between Popl Free and Popl Pro. Keep reading!

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Popl Summary: How It Works


As already mentioned, Popl is a platform that allows you to share your business info with the help of a digital business card. This type of card differs from traditional business cards in that it can be shared in a digital way.

In other words, you can give someone your name, phone, number, and email address without handing them a card. Instead, there are a couple of ways Popl will allow you to share the info virtually, as listed below:

  • NFC: Popl is known for its NFC business card solutions whereby you can transfer data from one device to another by bringing them close together. What happens is that you simply purchase and link a Popl product (e.g. a Popl card, phone tag, or badge) with your profile on Popl and it’ll be able to pass your contacts to any mobile device that you tap it on.
  • QR code: Popl has PopCode, a special dynamic QR code that appears on Popl products. If someone scans it, they’ll access your digital profile on Popl.
  • Sending online: You can as well share your digital business card profile on Popl by just sending it via text, email, or Airdrop.

I highly recommend that you get one or a few Popl products yourself since the facilitate in-person networking. Using the Popl coupon code “MIKE STUZZI” gets you 20 percent off!

Popl Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

 We’re going to explore the pricing of Popl below.

Is Popl Free?

Popl is available for free. You can create an account on Popl and design a new digital business card at zero cost.

You’ll be able to access the basic features of Popl too. If you need more, you’ll need to subscribe to a plan that fits your budget and business needs, either monthly or annually.

How Much Does Popl Cost?

Besides the free plan, Popl offers a Pro version for members interested in having full access to Popl’s services. Below, you’ll see all the paid plans available on Popl:

  • Popl Pro: $7.99/month
  • Popl Pro+: $14.99/month
  • Popl Teams: Dynamic pricing
Popl Pricing

Popl Free vs Pro

Let’s now compare the features of Popl Free and Pro.

Popl Free

Popl free is the first option for users and it has the following features:

  • Maximum of 1 digital business card
  • Basic customizable profiles and QR codes
  • Basic digital card and Popl device management
  • Basic lead collection and management
  • Custom email signatures and virtual backgrounds

Who is Popl Free best for? Popl Free best suits beginners, solopreneurs, and professionals who need a single card.

Popl Pro

Popl Pro is the second option for users and it has the following features:

  • Maximum of 3 digital business cards
  • Advanced customizable profiles and QR codes
  • Basic digital card and Popl device management
  • Basic lead collection and management
  • Custom email signatures and virtual backgrounds
  • Over 5,000 CRM integrations (with Zapier)
  • Business card scanner
  • Analytics to track performance

Who is Popl Pro best for? Popl Pro works well for small teams of up to 3 people as well as individual professionals like marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs who need more flexibility when it comes to the customization of their Popl card.

Popl Pro+

The third option is Popl Pro+ and it has these features:

  • Unlimited digital business cards
  • Advanced customizable profiles and QR codes
  • Advanced digital card and Popl device management
  • Advanced lead collection and management (custom lead capture forms)
  • Custom email signatures and virtual backgrounds
  • Over 5,000 CRM integrations
  • Business card scanner with unlimited paper business card scans
  • Branded push notifications
  • Lifetime insights and analytics

Who is Popl Pro+ best for? Popl Pro+ suits more established business owners and professionals who need to unlock all of Popl’s abilities to build their brand.

Now, Popl Teams is the last option and it’s designed for teams of people working together. As a user of Popl for teams, you access all the Pro features as well as free Popl products. Each member of your team gets one product at no cost.

Why Choose a Paid Tool Over a Free One?

Everyone has their preferences when it comes to spending on specific tools online. However, without specifically referring to Popl, there are a few reasons why paid tools stand out over free ones, as explained below:

  • Features: Most free tools tend to be limited in their features and functionality when compared to their paid counterparts. Safe to say, many free tools can be sufficient for you to accomplish basic tasks. Still, paid ones typically offer more advanced capabilities because the founders put more effort into making them the best options possible.
  • Support: In many cases, paid tools offer better customer support and you can readily receive any technical assistance when stuck. This advantage can be especially useful to businesses and organizations that rely on particular tools for mission-critical processes.
  • Customization: Paid tools allow you to fully customize their platforms as per your needs. You’re able to do more with branding, design, and layout options, as well as being able to create personalized workflows and processes.
  • User interface: Most times, a paid tool is more intuitive and user-friendly than a free one. This can contribute a great deal to user adoption, productivity, and overall satisfaction with the tool.
  • Security: Most free tools don’t focus a lot on user security. You’ll enjoy better security features and protocols when using a paid tool. This is essential for protecting all your sensitive data.

True to say, the choice between free and paid tools comes down to numerous factors, including your needs, the scope of the project, and the available budget. Free tools can be a great starting point but paid ones provide a more comprehensive set of features.

And so, you’ll likely need to invest in a specific business tool to efficiently complete more complex and demanding tasks. Still, you have to carefully evaluate the options and choose a tool that ensures you achieve your business goals without necessarily draining your pocket.

Which Popl Plan Should You Choose?

As you’ve seen, the top difference between Popl Free and Pro is that you just get one card as a free user but can get an unlimited number of them if you’re a paying customer. Also, you only access Popl’s basic features when it comes to lead collection, card management, and customizations on Popl Free. What’s more, you can only remove all Popl branding when using Popl Pro.

Popl Free is a nice option if you’re starting out or don’t have the need to use advanced features like managing your card and collecting leads effectively. If you need to take your networking game to the next level, you’ll likely find Popl Pro to be a useful tool for getting there.

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