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5 Best AI CV Photo Generators Online

AI is everywhere and transforming many industries, including how job applicants can create resumes and CV photos. Many AI-powered tools have emerged, and they can create realistic portrait photos for your CV, LinkedIn profile, or other professional uses.

Most AI resume profile generators save you time and eliminate the hassle of scheduling professional headshot sessions. Still, it’s best to choose a tool that provides the required level of customization, image quality, and features for your specific needs and budget.

This review of the best AI CV photo generators aims to dive deeply into the available options. You’ll learn about each tool’s capabilities, limitations, and pricing.

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Aragon AI

Aragon AI is among the top tools to create AI headshots in minutes. Just upload 6 of your photos, not dozens, and get up to 100 professional photos to choose from for LinkedIn, author bios, portfolios, and more!

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What Is the Best AI CV Photo Generator?

Here are the top AI resume picture generators that you can use to create quality CV photos in minutes or a few hours.

1. Aragon AI

Aragon AI

Among the most realistic AI resume photo generators that you can get is Aragon AI. It’s one of the most popular options with more than 350,000 users worldwide.

Professionals from Disney, Walmart, Harvard University, and other leading organizations trust it. This tool can create headshots that look like you without adding any unnecessary elements or removing anything.

As shared in an Aragon AI review that I wrote, the app removes the need for dressing up to go to the studio and can transform your selfies into professional CV photos. You can get images of yourself wearing suits, coats, and other formal clothing.

Another thing Aragon AI does is give you different backgrounds for your headshot. It could be a plain color, a natural sunny background, an office in the background, and so on.

All you need to do is upload 6 regular pictures or selfies taken at different moments. The AI will use these photos to create professional ones, in less than an hour, that you can use on your CV (with a 30-day refund policy for buyer protection).

Key Features

  • Generates up to 100 professional CV photos
  • 100+ clothing and background styles
  • Takes 30 to 60 minutes
  • Free redo


Aragon AI has the following packages for individuals:

  • Starter: $29/person
  • Basic: $39/person
  • Premium: $69/person

The default package for teams starts at $750 for 25 members (can be reduced to a lower number).

2. ProPhotos


ProPhotos is another tool that can create high-quality CV photos in minutes. Just like Aragon AI, ProPhotos focuses on photorealism, something that has led to it being trusted by more than 30,000 people globally.

Another thing I like about ProPhotos is that it doesn’t consume time. In as little as 30 minutes, you’ll have your CV photos if you choose to use the app.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re seeking work in real estate, sales, or a freelance gig. ProPhotos can deliver headshots with great formal clothing selections, good lighting, and visually appealing backgrounds.

You can have yourself in your favorite coats or jackets for work without actually having to wear them. You can also have a cool skyscraper background or something else without visiting such a location.

Key Features

  • Generates up to 160 CV photos
  • Up to 8 clothing styles and 12 backgrounds
  • Takes 30 to 90 minutes


  • Basic: $25
  • Premium: $55
  • Professional: $155

3. HeadshotPro


Next up is HeadshotPro. This AI CV photo maker can also do some magic turning your selfies into professional headshots.

Although the tool takes around 2 hours to generate, I found that the quality is worth it. More than 44,000 happy customers can attest to that.

HeadshotPro also has unique background options and unique clothing selections for both genders that you can choose. You can create a photo of yourself standing on a street, in a coffee shop, in the yard, and more.

HeadshotPro produces clear and highly resembling images for professional use. Still, the company even offers a 14-day money-back guarantee for unsatisfied users.

Key Features

  • Generates up to 240 CV photos
  • 20+ backdrop options to choose from
  • Takes 2 hours


There’s an option for individuals and teams. For individual users, the prices are below.

  • Small: $29/shoot
  • Normal: $39/shoot
  • Premium: $49/shoot

Team prices start at $39/person.

4. Profile Bakery

Profile Bakery

If you need another AI app for creating photos for job applications, Profile Bakery may interest you. It’s quite an option because even if your selfies are average in quality, the tool can still create good images (although the most suitable selfies give the best results).

With Profile Bakery, you need at least 6 of your own pictures to get started. Once you have selected them, the AI will craft headshots in under 2 hours and send them to your registered email address.

Another thing worth noting about Profile Bakery is that the AI model in use is well-trained. It can produce proper portrait shots regardless of your age or ethnic background.

And, you have the freedom to choose the background you like. Whether you’re an actor, model, or in another career, you’ll surely find a fitting style.

As if that’s not enough, Profile Bakery can do more for your CV. The tool offers simple CV templates, expert CV writing, and even CV editing.

Key Features

  • Generates up to 96 CV photos
  • Up to 12 styles for choosing
  • Takes 3 to 4 hours
  • Free redo available


  • AI Mini: $20
  • AI Regular: $39
  • AI Pro: $69

5. PFPMaker


Last on this list of the top AI CV picture creators is PFPMaker. On the AI platform, you can create hundreds of professional pictures from a couple of your regular photos.

Note that PFPMaker can serve as a free AI CV photo generator. However, the free version is more of a background changer,

It creates beautiful background designs for the original upload. If you need to turn your photo into headshots with various postures and styles, you’ll require the paid version of the tool.

Key Features

  • 120+ CV photos
  • 15 styles and backdrops
  • Takes 1 hour


The Basic plan is $15 while the Premium one costs $25.

What Is an AI CV Photo Generator?

An AI CV photo generator is a tool that utilizes artificial intelligence to automatically create realistic-looking portrait photographs suitable for CVs. Besides CVs and resumes, the generated photos also suit other professional uses, such as LinkedIn profiles, online portfolios, and author bios on websites.

In the past, being a job seeker or professional, you would have to schedule time with a photographer to have formal headshots taken for your professional profiles and documents. The whole thing would involve arranging an appointment, going to a studio, posing for multiple shots, and waiting for the images to be processed and delivered (something that could take weeks).

What AI CV photo generators do is remove the need for an in-person photography session. The tools use advanced models trained using large datasets of human portraits.

To use an AI CV generator, you simply need to provide the tool with a selfie or existing photo. The AI will then work its magic behind the scenes to generate a new and polished headshot that looks like you.

How to Generate a CV Photo Using AI

  • Choose a suitable AI CV photo generator
  • Upload some of your selfies, meeting the minimum required and even adding extras
  • Choose styles and settings if the tool allows for that (some don’t have the choice but still generate various clothing and background results to choose from)
  • Let the AI generate
  • Download your favorite images (depending on the tool, not all will please you)

What Are Factors to Consider When Selecting an AI CV Photo?

  • Number of photos it generates
  • Styles and backgrounds available
  • Pricing (although most are affordable)
  • Availability of money-back guarantee or refund policy (some users aren’t satisfied)
  • The turnaround time (you may have to wait a few hours but some tools produce results in an hour or less)


AI-generated CV photo tools provide a quick and easy solution for job seekers and professionals who need polished headshots but lack the time, budget, or photography skills for traditional options. Whether you’re self-conscious about your appearance in photos, constantly on the go with a busy schedule, or want to save money compared to hiring a photographer, these new AI-powered services are worth considering.

Of the various options reviewed here, I would particularly recommend Aragon AI due to its ability to create highly realistic portraits from even subpar initial photos. Aragon AI prioritizes natural skin textures and lighting to deliver results that don’t look artificially generated.

 It also offers a fast turnaround time once photos are submitted. Additionally, Aragon AI backs the quality of its work with a money-back guarantee, so you can test out the service risk-free.

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