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5 Best NFC Tag Apps for Business & Professional Networking

Are you wondering how to easily leverage NFC tag technology for your business without dealing with all the technical nitty-gritty? NFC (near-field communication) tags allow you to digitally store contact information, URLs, or other data that can be read by simply tapping an NFC-enabled phone onto the tag.

While NFC tags are incredibly useful for networking and exchanging digital business cards, setting them up can seem daunting if you’re not well-versed in encoding and file formats. Luckily, there are now several excellent apps that take all the technical work out of using NFC tags to your advantage.

These platforms automatically handle the complex encoding and formatting so all you have to do is enter your details once and you’ll end up with a ready-to-use NFC tag. Whether you want to exchange contacts at a trade show or conference, enable easy payments or information sharing in your office or business, or get creative with new lead generation strategies, the right NFC tag app can make the process stress-free.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best apps for small businesses and professionals that turn your smartphone into a powerful networking tool with a pre-configured tag in one simple tap.

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V1CE Phone Cards

V1CE Phone Cards are some of the best tags you can get for sticking at the back of your mobile device. They allow for easy networking, information sharing, and payments. V1CE also offers several other great NFC-enabled products, including business cards.

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Best NFC Tags for Android and iPhone

Below are the best places to buy NFC tags for your Android or iOS device.

1. V1CE

(Best NFC Tags in General)


V1CE is a well-known digital business card platform that offers a wide variety of accessories. That includes NFC-enabled tags.

V1CE phone cards are tags that you can stick to the back of your smartphone (or its case) and use your device to network. Since you always carry your mobile phone, there’ll be no more forgetting your paper business card at home.

The PVC phone cards are light and come in different colors. You can get a tag in blue, black, white, silver, red, or yellow.

Besides phone cards, VICE NFC Taps are also available in black and pink. These products are round-shaped, almost the size of a cloth button, and are adhesive (besides your phone’s back, also suitable for high-footfall areas)

You can also design it with your branding element, such as a logo. This approach ensures that your phone card matches your style and passes the message you want to convey.

Your phone card connects to a digital profile online on the V1CE app where you can create, edit, and manage your contact info, payment details, and other things you want to share with people.

V1CE NFC Tag Price

V1CE Phone Cards Price

The V1CE Phone Card costs $50.84. V1CE NFC Taps, on the other hand, are priced at $19.07.

2. Popl

(Best Custom NFC Tags)


Next on the list of the best NFC tag apps is Popl. Popl is also popular and a great V1CE alternative for NFC products like business cards.

On Popl’s products section, you’ll find what’s called Popl PhoneCard. It’s quite similar to V1CE’s phone tag, rectangular with rounded edges.

This tag, when tapped, can automatically share your contact info, social media pages, payment apps, music platforms, and more. It also comes with a PoPCode, which is an advanced QR code taht someone can scan to access your info.

The only downside is that the tag is available in black. Also, Popl PhoneCard is best suited for the back bottom of iPhones, and Android users can use Popl Dot instead, which is similar to V1CE NFC Tap (round-shaped).

But there’s another cool thing. Popl PhoneCard is available in a custom option. You can make your black or white Custom Popl PhoneCard pop by adding a logo to it.

Popl NFC Tag Price

Popl PhoneCard™Price

Popl PhoneCard goes for $14.99 for the standard version and $29.99 for the custom one. As for Popl Dot, the price is $19.99, and $29.99 for a Custom Popl Dot.

Popl’s products, including the tags, are also available in bundles for teams. This would mean paying a lesser total price (e.g. $59.99 for a pack of 5 Popl PhoneCards).

3. Dot Card

(Best Color Variety for NFC Tags)

Dot Card

If you need another quality NFC tag provider, Dot Card may interest you. In a separate review, I’ve done a Popl vs Dot Card comparison and covered what either platform can do for you, with examples.

Dot Card offers several products that you can use for networking and generating leads. Besides the metal business cards, phone tags are available too.

Dot Card’s tags are like no other. Two options are listed on their website, which are Dot.Classic and Dot.Thin.

Dot.Classic is dome-shaped with a protective outer layer of clear epoxy. Dot.Thin is the extremely thin version that lays flat on the surface of your phone, something that adds suppleness when networking.

Both tag options come in a variety of colors. These include red, yellow, green, purple, and black.

The only downside of Dot Card tags is that they’re small and won’t be able to hold things like your logo. This also means that there’s no custom option and the product will contain the Dot card logo.

Dot Card NFC Tag Price

dot.classic Price

The price of Dot.Classic and Dot.Thin is $20 each.

4. mTap

(Best NFC Magentic Tags)

mTap Digital Business Card

mTap also stands out among the top NFC tags online. Unlike the other tags I’ve mentioned on this list, mTap offers something interesting.

mTap offers you magnetic tags that you can stick on any metallic surface at your office or business premises. They’re also great for putting at the back of your mobile device when you’re going outside to network, so you can instantly share your business number, product catalog, or anything else.

These rounded tags are available in black, white, and blue colors. What’s more, mTap offers square stickers taht are attachable on any flat and fitting surface, such as your computer, notepad, or phone cover.

mTap NFC Tag Price

mTap Small Circle Price

mTap’s small circle tags are just $4.99, large ones are $19.99, and the square sticker costs $14.99. These are affordable compared to the other NFC tags listed.

5. Mobilo Card

(Best for Cheap NFC Tags)

Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card is another platform known for its top-notch NFC products, including tags. Mobilo Smart Buttons are the tags that the company offers its users.

These smart buttons are round and have the Mobilo “M” logo on them. You can embed the tag at the back of your Android or iPhone to quickly exchange details with others at events.

Mobilo has other products to choose from and the smart buttons are just an addition. If you want a networking tool with your brand logo, name, and other information, you can choose one of Mobilo’s NFC business cards.

Mobilo Card NFC Tag Price

Mobilo Smart Button Price

Mobilo Card Smart Buttons are the cheapest ones on this list, costing $2.50 only. Its NFC key fobs are also priced the same.

What Is an NFC Tag?

An NFC tag is a small chip or sticker that can be programmed to store various types of information and wirelessly transmit that data over short distances using near-field communication (NFC) technology.

The data stored on an NFC tag can include text strings, URLs, contact information, app shortcuts, payment details, and more. Common uses of an NFC tag involve embedding it to the back of your phone and tapping another compatible smartphone to automatically:

  • Exchange contact cards or business profiles
  • Redirect the recipient to a company website
  • Trigger an action like opening a specific app
  • Initiate payments

How Do NFC Tags Work?

NFC tags consist of three main components:

  1. The microchip: This tiny computer chip stores data and includes memory, processing power, and an antenna coil. The chip is programmed to respond when powered by an incoming radio signal.
  2. The antenna: This is an ultra-small coil of wire embedded in the tag. It allows the chip to both receive and transmit electromagnetic radio signals to communicate wirelessly.
  3. The enclosure: Protecting the fragile antenna and chip is a thin, flexible enclosure or label, which can be adhered to surfaces. This lets tags be durably attached to the back of a phone, cards, stickers, and more.

So in basic terms, NFC tags work like this:

  • When an NFC-enabled device such as a smartphone or reader comes near the tag, it emits a low-power radio signal.
  • The tag’s antenna detects this electromagnetic induction field and it powers on the microchip.
  • The chip then transmits the stored data like contact info, URLs, and payment details back to the reading device using radio waves.
  • The device receives this signal and can display the tag’s information or trigger an action automatically, like opening a website.
  • The typical read range is only a few centimeters for security and so, devices don’t interact unintentionally.

The platform you use will direct you on how to create a digital business card profile to share through your NFC tag. It’s quite straightforward and in some cases, the two are linked together automatically for you.

Should You Buy an NFC Tag or NFC Business Card?

It really comes down to what you want to use the NFC technology for. NFC business cards and tags serve similar purposes in sharing your contact or website info digitally, but have some key differences to consider:

NFC business cards are great if networking and exchanging contacts face-to-face is important for your business. They look and feel just like a traditional card, but with the bonus that someone can tap their phone to automatically import all your info. I’d opt for cards at conferences, trade shows, and client meetings – they’re not so different from the paper cards that people are still used to.

However, NFC tags are more versatile in my opinion. As well as being cards, they come in smaller sticker formats that are perfect for the back of your phone, posters, signs, packaging, or other marketing materials.

You’ve got more options for where to place them to be discovered. I’d use tags if you want contact info to be conveniently tapped from any surface or are worried about forgetting your NFC business card at home.

Tags are also cheaper than full-card options. But they don’t have the professional appearance of an NFC business card.

Overall, I’d say start with cards for networking face-to-face, but keep some tags on hand too for unique placement ideas around your office or at events. Used together, they let you maximize the benefits of effortless NFC contact sharing wherever needed most.


It’s really amazing what you can do with such a tiny chip! Being able to easily exchange contacts, access websites, and pay for things with just a tap of your phone is seriously cool.

If you’re in business and do a lot of networking at conferences or events, I’d recommend looking at tags from companies like V1CE and Popl. Not only are they super reliable, but their ability to work with both Android and iPhone means everyone can use them.

The durable designs also make them perfect for sticking on marketing materials like brochures or posters to get your info in more hands.

Whether you need tags for networking, lead generation, promotional uses, or payments, NFC is such a low-effort way to connect with people digitally. And the fact that many tags are cross-compatible with Android and iOS opens you up to the biggest audience possible.

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