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SpyFu Free Trial (2024): Is It Available and How to Get It?

Does SpyFu have a free trial? This is a question that many ask.

SpyFu is a leading keyword research and competitive analysis tool that provides valuable data and insights for digital marketers. The platform has helped professionals optimize their organic and paid search strategies for over a decade.

With its detailed keyword data, website analytics, and competitor tracking, marketers can identify opportunities, trends, and threats to make informed business decisions.

Given the rich features and scope of information available, many interested in leveraging SpyFu’s offerings may wonder about getting hands-on experience with the platform before committing to a paid subscription.

This article seeks to provide an up-to-date overview of SpyFu’s current approach to free trials. I’ll discuss whether trials remain available and, if so, how new users can access them.

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Does SpyFu Offer a Free Trial?

There is no free trial for SpyFu, but there is a free version you can use without any time limits. With the free version, you can see the basic results and how the site works.

The free account doesn’t give you full access. For detailed results, you need a paid premium membership.

As a free user, you can search as many times as you want for as long as you want without time restrictions and worrying about automated billings. The only requirement is that you share your email address with SpyFu.

How to Get Started with SpyFu for Free

Below are the steps to start using SpyFu at no cost.

Step 1: Go to the SpyFu Website

Visit www.spyfu.com/freeaccount and choose the option that says to continue with a free account.

SpyFu Free Trial - No CC Required Unlimited searches

Step 2: Fill out Your Details

Provide your name, email address, and password to register an account.

Step 3: Answer the Onboarding Questions

These include your brand name, the nature of your work, and the number of employees.

Getting Started with SpyFu

Step 4: Provide your URL

You have to provide the URL of your website, the one you need to optimize with the help of SpyFu.

Getting Started with SpyFu 2

Step 5: Add Your Competitors

On your dashboard, you’re able to add competitors. Upon adding your domain address, SpyFu automatically finds other websites that target keywords like yours and you just need to make some selections (you can alternatively enter a competitor site URL).

SpyFu Add Competitors

After that, you’ll have created a project. Here’s what your campaign dashboard will look like:

Campaign Dashboard SpyFu

You’ll be able to access the free account features thereon.

How to Cancel a SpyFu Account

You can also cancel your SpyFu subscription via email. Send a cancellation request to support@spyfu.com including your full name, company name if applicable, and the SpyFu email address associated with the account.

State that you want to cancel your subscription either immediately or at the end of your current billing period. Phone support is also available by calling (US) 888-201-0422 or (Intl) 480-409-0462 during normal business hours and requesting the cancellation.

Representatives can process cancellations over a secure live chat on the SpyFu website as well. While you may try direct messaging SpyFu on social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook, these are not officially supported cancellation channels.

For assurance that your request will be acted on promptly, sticking to email, phone, or live chat through the SpyFu website directly is recommended over social media messages which run a risk of being delayed.

What are the Features of SpyFu?

Below are some of the top SpyFu features.

1. SEO Research

 There are various things SpyFu can show you for SEO research of your own site, including an SEO overview and keyword details:

  • SEO overview: It will give you an overview of your site’s estimated organic traffic from search, top keywords driving that traffic, page authority score, and rank changes over time for important keywords.
  • Most valuable keywords: This identifies the highest volume keywords that are driving the most estimated clicks and traffic to your site each month. Knowing your top-performing keywords is crucial.
  • Newly ranked keywords: You can see what new keywords your site has improved its rankings for over the past month or other periods. This shows positive ranking gains. 
  • Keyword Losses: Conversely, it also identifies keywords where your site’s rankings have decreased or fallen. This highlights areas needing SEO work to recover lost positions and traffic.
SpyFu SEO Research

As seen, SpyFu gives you a powerful self-analysis of your organic performance and helps pinpoint where to focus SEO efforts to maximize traffic and ranking opportunities for your most impactful keywords. It reveals what’s working well and what needs improvement.

2. Keyword Research

SpyFu provides in-depth data and analytics for keyword research. This helps you as a digital marketer identify high-potential keywords to target.

Within the tool, you can enter any keyword and see estimated monthly searches, average monthly clicks, and CPC data from sources like Google Ads. This gives an idea of keyword popularity and competition.

SpyFu Keyword Research Tools For PPC and SEO - home

What’s more, SpyFu analyzes keywords that are similar or related to the searched term. This helps expand the long-tail keyword list with additional ideas to consider targeting.

It also shows related questions or phrases that people commonly search to find information related to the keyword. This provides more context around user intent and search behavior.

To help evaluate difficulty, SpyFu even provides a ranking score for keywords based on current competitiveness. A higher score means it will likely be more challenging to outrank competitors for that term.

3. Backlinks

SpyFu Backlinks

SpyFu allows you to analyze backlinks for your own site or a competitor’s domain. This provides visibility into link profiles and off-site referral traffic.

The tool displays sites that link to the entered URL, showing details like the linking page. Importantly, SpyFu provides estimates of the monthly click-throughs each linking page receives based on traffic data. This gives an idea of how much referral value individual backlinks carry.

It also shows a domain strength score for each linking site on a scale. This metric evaluates the authority and power of domains in terms of link equity and influence.

As you may know, backlinks from high-authority sites that receive significant clicks are more beneficial to the ranking and visibility of the target page or site. It becomes easy to identify opportunities to potentially acquire valuable backlinks.

4. PPC Research

The tool allows you to enter a domain to view detailed PPC metrics and insights. It provides an overview of the top paid keywords being targeted, showing average monthly clicks and estimated budgets at work for those terms.

SpyFu PPC Research

SpyFu also displays the top competitors’ bidding and advertising related to the entered site. In-depth competitor profiles show crucial stats like the organic vs paid traffic, top keywords and pages, and Google Ads history for review.

This research facilitates competitive keyword and account analysis to inform bidding, ad creative testing, and campaign optimization. It becomes possible to achieve strategic PPC planning, management, and competitive intelligence.

5. List Builder

List Builder is an interesting tool that SpyFu offers. With List Builder, you can generate customized lists of domains and keywords based on different ranking factors.

For domains, lists can be filtered by top organic traffic, top paid traffic, top ad spend, and more. Domain lists support finding new potential partners, influencers, or acquisition targets in target industries.

Keyword lists can be sorted by highest CPC, most monthly searches, most clicks, most expensive keywords, and other relevant metrics. The lists provide a starting point for further competitive research and monitoring of high-performing domains and keywords.


In summary, it’s important to note that SpyFu has no time-limited free trial but does offer a permanent free plan. For those wanting more advanced features, paid plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

This allows you to fully trial the paid features risk-free for a month before committing long-term. If the tools don’t meet your needs within that window, your payment is refunded.

Between the free forever option and refund policy on paid tiers, SpyFu aims to remove barriers for customers unsure if the product is right for them long term. You’re able to test drive the platform without worries over unexpected charges.

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