Popl Digital Business Card Alternatives

Popl Alternatives (Top Digital Business Cards)

Numerous reasons may get you looking for alternatives to the Popl digital business card. Maybe you’re an adventurous user who likes to try new products and services or couldn’t find what you’re looking for in Popl. For such reasons, I did some research to provide you with a list of top digital business card apps that are quite similar to Popl.

I have to tell you that Popl is one of the best in the market and I’ve talked about it in my honest Popl card review. But several others measure up to it and don’t fall far behind. Each listed platform has its own uniqueness in terms of features and pricing.

Most of them offer their own NFC products too, just like Popl. By the end of the article, you’ll have found the best alternative solution to boost your networking game.

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What are the Best Popl Digital Business Card Alternatives?

Let’s now explore the best digital business card platforms like Popl that you can use as an individual or with your team.

1. V1CE


First on the list of the top Popl alternatives is V1CE. There are several great features that V1CE and Popl have in common, all highlighted in a V1CE business card review I wrote. But some differences exist too.

Among the top things to like about V1CE is how you get a variety of themes for your digital business card. These include colors like red, green, and blue. You can even select your own brand colors for the background and text of your created profile.

V1CE allows you to use your card for various actions. For one, you can use it to display your contact information to other people. When they access your card, they can save your details and see the option to share theirs with you.

Secondly, you can set your card to act as a direct link. This can be helpful if you’re, for instance, a realtor, seller, or service provider, and want people to see your website, portfolio, or offerings.

V1CE also offers a variety of NFC products to connect to your digital profile and use for in-person networking. These include cards, phone cases, and phone cards (tags attached to the back of the phone).

V1CE bamboo cards are the ones I particularly found interesting. If you don’t want plastic or metal cards, which the platform also offers, you can go for the bamboo options. There’s even the 24k gold V1CE card that is affordable yet a great signifier of your elegance.

Pricing: V1CE is free to use and has a Pro version that costs £5/month. Its products have varying prices, with the V1CE NFC business cards starting at $50.84.

2. Wave Connect

Wave Connect Digital Business Card App

Wave Connect is a digital card solution for networking that enables you to create customized profiles as an individual or for teams.

The service offers a variety of NFC cards to choose from, including metal cards. You can also get yourself a wristband that supports NFC technology from Wave Connect.

When someone accesses your profile through your card, they’ll be able to save your contact in a VCF format. They can also share their details through a form, which includes their name, email address, and phone number.

With Wave Connect’s easy contact management, it becomes easier to follow up with them through a call or email. You won’t get mixed up between your contacts because you can see the dates you interacted with someone right from your account.

Pricing: There’s a free and pro plan of $6.99/month available. Free gives you basic access while Pro adds extras like analytics and integrations.

3. mTap

mTap Digital Business Card

mTap is another great digital business card platform similar to Popl that suits all sorts of professions. It can serve you not only in networking but also in branding and prospecting.

With mTap, you get a profile that has all your professional information. You can implement any of the 5 different themes to your card.

You’re free to set up more than one profile on mTap for a variety of occasions or the industries you’re involved in. What happens is that you set one of them to the default profile that opens up when you share your card.

mTap offers multiple ways to share your card. You can send your custom profile link online, use a QR code, or any of its NFC products. One thing to mention about mTap’s sharing methods is that there’s an offline QR code option. Even when there’s no Internet, recipients are still able to scan your QR code (which you can display on your phone’s home screen) and extract your info.

mTap NFC offerings include cards, key fobs, and something quite interesting – a Google review card. This Google review card is one that allows customers to leave reviews about your brand. My top choice however was mTap’s black card which can be customized as per one’s needs.

Pricing: mTap has a free plan and the paid ones start at $4.99/month (Pro). Its cards begin from $24.99.

4. Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card

Mobilo Card is a great platform where you can create a digital business card for Android and iPhone. It’s quite a popular tool among many teams working in both small and big companies.

Mobilo Card is known for its four modes in one profile. What this means is that you’re able to use your card in four ways without changing any details in it.

One way is to use it to just share your contact details, like a regular business card. Another idea is to lead users to your customized personal landing page.

You can also use the card for lead generation whereby you collect people’s details and send them to your CRM systems. The other way is to link to any URL you need the recipient to visit.

Mobilo also has various NFC business cards for users. There’s the classic (plastic) card, the wood card, and the metal card. I found the wooden option quite intriguing because you can either go with Birch (light) or Sapele (dark).

Pricing: Mobilo’s pricing is a bit different and it has separate options for individuals and teams. The lowest price is $4.99 for the personal Mobilo Branded card, paid once. Additional Mobilo features like CRM integration are also paid for separately.

5. Blinq


Blinq is one of the most established Popl business card alternatives that is known for using NFC technology. With Blinq, you won’t have to worry about security, environmental impact, or even COVID.

Blinq is able to log where you exchanged details with new contacts for easy remembering. You can also add notes so as to ensure you have full information about a lead when you begin following up.

Blinq offers 3 types of cards to facilitate networking. These are Blinq Essential, Blinq Infinite, and Blinq Custom. The differences lie in the amount of details you can add to display on the NFC card.

With Essential, you get a card with the Blinq logo on it. If you choose Infinite, you get the benefit of adding your own logo, name, and other information. Custom is the last option whereby you can request to have a design that looks exactly the way you need.

Pricing: You can use Blinq for free or become a paid user, beginning from $3.99/month for Premium. Blinq’s most affordable card is Essential, which costs $14 plus shipping.

6. Dot Card

Dot Card

Last on the list of alternatives to Popl is Dot Card. This is a digital business card platform I’ve previously talked about. You can check out this Dot Card review where it’s in fact compared with Popl.

Similar to the other platforms I’ve listed, you just need to create a profile and get yourself a Dot Card product to begin networking effectively. You just need one card that will have all your information, including your contact details, social accounts, payment links, and more. The other person can directly download your info to their device once they access your Dot Card profile.

Dot Card offers various cards that come in several colors. You can also opt for its phone tags. Besides the regular-sized phone tags, they’re also available in an ultra-thin design that lays flat at the back of your phone.

Pricing: With Dot Card, you just need to buy an NFC product, starting at $20 for one card.


As you can see, there are various Popl alternatives that you can go for. It doesn’t matter which one you choose as long as you reach your desired networking goals.

You could even pick more than one platform and its products. This allows you to experiment with different digital business cards and benefit from them all.

Be sure to check out more digital business card platforms available online!

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