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9 Best Spinbot Alternatives to Create Unique Content

If you are looking for a Spinbot alternative, the good news is that there are several options to choose from.

Spinbot is a great tool to use for paraphrasing at no cost, but it has some limitations, just like many other tools. These alternatives will help you overcome those limitations and create content that is both unique and engaging. Let’s get started!

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What Are the Best Spinbot Alternatives?

Below is a list of the best paraphrasing tools similar to Spinbot but some of which have even more features.

1. QuillBot


QuillBot is a paraphrasing tool that uses AI to generate rewrites for its users. What you do is simply enter the text you need to rephrase into QuillBot’s editor and click on the button that says to paraphrase.

This Spinbot alternative has several modes (covered in this QuillBot paraphrase review) to ensure that the generated rewrite is of a particular voice and style. You can select Standard, Fluency, Formal, Simple, or Creative. Expand and Shorten are the other modes that allow you to increase or reduce the amount of text generated.

Two modes, Standard and Fluency, are free while the rest require paid membership. While the voice may be different, QuillBot doesn’t alter the meaning of your writing.

QuillBot lets you decide how much vocabulary you need to change, either more or less, using its Synonym Slider. You can also check the originality of the text you generate with its plagiarism-checking feature.

QuillBot Features

  • Online paraphraser to improve fluency and vocabulary
  • 7 modes to choose from
  • Integrates with other platforms like Docs and Word
  • Supports various English dialects (US, UK, CA, AU)
  • Grammar and plagiarism checking
  • Summarizer

QuillBot Pricing

Quillbot Pricing
  • Free: $0 for 125 words
  • Premium: Annual at $4.17/month, Semi-Annual at $6.66/month, and Monthly at $9.95/month

2. Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is similar to Spinbot but with some additional interesting functionalities. You can use this Spinbot alternative to rewrite articles one by one or in bulk and save lots of time.

What’s more, the tool has a plugin that can automatically rewrite your old WordPress posts and enable you to republish them as fresh content. In other words, you won’t have to worry about Google lowering the ranking of your outdated posts.

Spin Rewriter has what’s called the Gold membership that provides you with access to a team of SEO specialists. These professionals can send you spun and optimized articles every month if you just give them your desired keyword. Besides rewriting, you can seek SEO consulting services at no extra cost.

Gold membership also offers faster spinning with its priority servers. You’re also able to use the Spin Rewriter app on your Android device or iPhone and rewrite on the go. This Spin Rewriter review has more details.

Spin Rewriter Features

  • Bulk article rewriting
  • Spin Rewriter WordPress plugin for updating old posts
  • Gold membership for advanced features and priority support
  • Mobile apps

Spin Rewriter Pricing

Spin Rewriter Pricing
  • Monthly: $47
  • Yearly: $197
  • Lifetime: $497

3. Jasper

Jasper Paraphrasing Tool

If you need to write content from scratch fast, you may be interested in Jasper. This is an AI text generator that also serves as an online paraphrasing tool. You can use it to generate a document from beginning to end, whether an article or something shorter like a product description.

The Jasper paraphraser works in a simple way. You simply enter the text into its interface and click on the “Re-phrase” button in the editor. Jasper uses advanced AI algorithms to generate rewrites of your text, ensuring an accurate result with minimal effort.

Jasper also allows you to select the tone of your writing. It can be as witty as you like, formal, or something else depending on your preferences. There’s a plagiarism checker too.

Jasper Features

  • AI article writer and copywriting tool
  • Text simplifying abilities with its “Explain it to a 5th grader” feature
  • Integrates with Grammarly, a grammar checker, and other tools
  • Wide variety of tones

Jasper Pricing

Jasper AI Pricing
  • Creator: $49/month
  • Teams: $125/month
  • Business: Custom pricing

4. Grammarly

Grammarly Paraphrasing Tool

Grammarly is known to be among the most accurate grammar-checking tools with rephrasing abilities. Grammarly’s free paraphrasing tool can help reword shorter texts like emails. It has a 500-character limit at the moment.

You can also use Grammarly to ensure that your written content is error-free. When you paste any text into its editor, it highlights all spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes along with suggestions for correcting them.

Grammarly also has a feature that can help you make your sentences clearer. You get suggestions to restructure a sentence or even suggest an entirely new one that is more concise and accurate.

As if that’s not enough, Grammarly can check for plagiarism by comparing your content with many others on the Internet. You’ll be able to know which sections of your writing to change and make it more original.

Grammarly Features

  • Advanced grammar checker
  • Plagiarism detection and rewrite suggestions
  • Integration with Chrome, Google Docs, and other platforms that allow you to edit text

Grammarly Pricing

Grammarly Pricing
  • Free: $0/month with limits
  • Individual plans: $12/month billed annually, $20/month billed quarterly, $30/month billed monthly, and they all come with premium features
  • Business: $15/month/user with a minimum of 3 users

5. Writesonic

Writesonic Paraphrasing Tool

Writesonic is an AI-powered content creator and paraphrasing tool. This modern writing assistant can help you research topics more quickly and generate new content for your blogs, emails, or social media pages.

It also comes with a unique feature for content optimization, that helps you identify SEO keywords to include in your text.

Writesonic’s paraphrasing tool can crate rewrites for you that are as good and even better than the original. It can work for sentences and paragraphs or entire articles and essays.

It’s a great tool to use when updating content with new information or making it more SEO-focused by adding up-to-date keywords. The resulting text is 100 percent unique because Writesonic focuses on zero plagiarism.

Writesonic Features

  • AI-powered writing tool with a paraphraser
  • Formal and informal tones
  • Unique content with no plagiarism
  • Search engine optimization

Writesonic Pricing

Writesonic Pricing
  • Free Trial: $0/month
  • Unlimited: Starts at $20/month
  • Business: Starts at $19/month
  • Enterprise: Custom packages starting at $1,000/month

6. Rytr

Rytr Text Paraphraser

If you need another AI-based writing assistant that is a good Spinbot alternative, that would be Rytr. This tool can help you create content in just seconds and costs less than hiring a team of writers.

Ryter can help you write emails, blogs, landing pages, story plots, and more from scratch. In case you need to reword text using AI, Rytr can give you as many variations as you need.

What you do is pick the language, choose the tone you like, and enter the text in the editing area. You then need to select the part you need to be paraphrased. When you click on the Rephrase button in the toolbar, you’ll get the output in no time.

Rytr also allows you to shorten your content using its summarizer and shortener tool. It’s perfect for enhancing your content’s readability.

Rtyr Features

  • AI writing assistant for various types of writing
  • Text rewording
  • Text summarizer and shortener

Rytr Pricing

Rytr Pricing
  • Free plan: $0/month
  • Saver plan: $9/month
  • Unlimited plan: $29/month

7. Paraphraser.io


Paraphraser.io is an online paraphrasing tool that’s suitable for rephrasing articles, essays, and other types of texts. This Spinbot alternative will help you rewrite text quickly while keeping the original meaning intact.

The advantage of Paraphraser.io is that it can work on larger chunks of text such as full-length essays and articles. All you need to do is paste in the text, click on the Paraphrase button, and let the AI engine work its magic.

The result will be a unique text that has not been plagiarized and can pass even the most stringent anti-plagiarism checks. Paraphraser.io also allows you to check the originality of your content before you publish. Two modes, Fluency and Standard, are free and you can subscribe to access more of them, Creative, and Smarter.

Paraphraser.io Features

  • Word changer and sentence rephraser
  • Duplicate content remover
  • Retains quality of content

Paraphraser.io Pricing

Paraphraser.io Pricing
  • Free: $0/month for 600 words
  • Pro: $20/month billed monthly and $12.50/month billed annually for 1,500 words and costs $7 for students

8. WordAi


WordAi is another tool similar to Spinbot that can help users rewrite text realistically. It comes with an intuitive interface where you can easily paste your text and instruct it to reword.

You can choose the number of rewrites you need to ensure you get enough of them and go with the best one. Also, there’s the option to create variations that are more conservative, regular, or more adventurous.

If you need to paraphrase lots of documents, there’s a bulk rewriting feature where you just need to upload your files in a ZIP format.

WordAi Features

WordAi Pricing

WordAi Pricing
  • Monthly: $57/month
  • Yearly: $27/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

9. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is a tool that enables you to find, analyze, and rewrite content in a fraction of the time you would need to do it manually. It does several things for you.

This Spinbot alternative can help you find existing pages on the Web in your niche. It then combines the information into a ready-to-publish piece of content with images and videos.

Chimp Rewriter is available to download for Windows. The tool has an API that can be integrated with ChatGPT. This can suit you if your goal is to rewrite as many articles as possible in a short time.

Chimp Rewriter Features

  • API rewriter
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Article idea generator

Chimp Rewriter Pricing

Chimp Rewriter Pricing
  • Monthly: $15
  • Yearly: $99


These are the top Spinbot alternatives that can help you get started with content creation or reword existing text for clarity, originality, and SEO purposes. Each of these tools offers different features and pricing plans so you can choose the one that best fits your needs. You’ll surely save time using a tool that’s similar to Spinbot rather than paraphrasing yourself, especially if a lot of text is involved.

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